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    Im trying to test some midi commands for muting mute groups over midi. As i dont have the M32 at home i'm trying to test everything in the edit software. But i cant get m32 edit to responde to anything.


    im following this sheet


    i'm sending from ableton live to "network session" cc80 on channel 2 to turne ON/OFF mute group 1, but it does not work.

    i have also tried with a midi foot controller, but m32 edit i not responding to anything.


    so does midi only work if i have the console ? 



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    • MadsHyldahl
      Paul_Vannatto The M32-Edit is a client app that requires the OSC server that is built into the M32. Midi commands received by the M32 is converted to the OSC equivalent and changes the appropriate setting. When that happens, the M32 senses the changes and adjusts its screens accordingly. Therefore you need an M32 or X32 connected to both the M32-Edit and the computer (with Ableton).
      • Jul 24
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    The text on M32 User Manual p22 does not seem to follow the image shown of the Dyn page in the user interface.

    Specifically, I'm interested in the function of the Mix (0-100%) knob shown. I cannot find where it is described. I'm guessing it will implement parallel compression by adjusting the wet/dry ratio, but am confounded by the lack of description. When set to 100% does that mean there is no dry signal passed?

    Is there another source of info on this product? I'm familiar with digital consoles in general, but each implementation is different and I cannot find the detail I'm seeking in many areas. I've read through all the M32 threads in this forum, downloaded all the documentation and searched in vain for a help file or more specific information. I really don't want to burden this board with continual questions about control function, location and detail, considering most of the questions here are of a more advanced nature.

    Thanks in advance for your helpful replies.


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    • BrotherBruce
      Paul_Vannatto Yes that is correct. 100% mix results in 100% wet signal (0% dry). The reason the user manual does not describe it is because the manual is based on firmware 2.0 and the mix function was added in a later firmware update to provide functionality primarily for parallel compression application.
      • Jul 12
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    Midas m32 flip fadar not working

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    • RajatBanerjee
      Dale_M Have you performed a factory reset or software update -can you advise if the console is now working? if not it may be best to go to the support tab and raise a Technical ticket with us.
      • Jun 29
      • Midas m32 flip fadar not working
        RajatBanerjee Firmware updated but fader flip not working
        • Jun 30
      • Midas m32 flip fadar not working
        KevinMaxwell What is the purpose of the picture of the M32 in this thread? If it is to show that the fader flip isn’t working it is only showing that the mixer isn’t set in a mode where you would see any faders flipped. Channel 1 is selected and DCA masters are selected. Fader flip doesn’t flip anything to the DCAs so you will never see anything flipped in that mode. It only flips the Mix Bus.
        • Jul 5
    • RajatBanerjee
      GaryHiggins Try finding and loading version 3.07, it has fader bank speed updates, then update to newer version. It has fixed similar situations, can’t hurt it any more if it’s hardware related. Might work. Worth a try. I have it if you can’t locate it.
      • Jun 30
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    Here is a product all M32 FOH engineers could use. A 2x16 inputs to 1x16 outputs switch to switch from house console to touring console.

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    The other day while doing other work behind my Midas, I unfortunately bumped a speaker and it fell and broke off the Master and Mono Master Faders. In the attached pic, you can see what I'm left with. It was a pretty clean break, but there is nothing in the faders now to control them, although they still work and pass audio. I have 2 questions...

    -Do I really need to take apart the entire console to re attach the faders?

    -The metal port that the fader attaches to might be bent, what parts might I need to re attach them?


    Thanks so much for any help at all.

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    • CPMixing
      Nigel67 Hi CPMixing. I think that you will do very well if you can attach the shafts back on the faders. You will more than likely have to replace them. The faders are soldered on to the pcb, so yes, you will have to take out the fader pcb to desolder and replace the faders, or you can purchase a replacement fader pcb. If you know how to solder, then its a more time consuming job than being difficult. To access the pcbs, you need to take the bottom panel off the console. For availability of faders or fader pcb, please contact our spares team. This can be done by clicking on the support tab at the top of the page. A new window will open. Scroll down and click on the Spare Parts tab and submit a ticket. A colleague will then get back to you with part numbers, availability and pricing.
      • Jun 19
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    Hello, I am helping someone who just got an old Midas TR console. 36 inputs 8 Goups and 8 Matrix.
    It is fitted with patchbays wired to EDAC connecors. The EDAC's look to be the 120 pin variety.
    There are 6 EDACs. Two under the bay, three under the channels, and one under the group matrix.

    Would anyone happen to have, or know what the pinout is for these?
    Or any info on what the EDACS might be wired to in the bays? Looking for a place to start figuring out what these patch points are.

    Thank you!


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    Hi, I have this interface with the USB XMOS IC shorted. But I couldn't find the correct component code to order. Anyway, after a lot of research and help from some very supportive people, I found out that it's XMOS XS1-U8A-64FB96-C5, but it doesn't come with recorded firmware. I found a firmware on the Behringer website (picture attached) but I was wondering if I can burn the new and "virgin" IC by USB. Thanks.

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    Hello, I am looking for the part number for bus send encoders for the Midas M32. Something got dropped on the encoder knobs and I would like to get a replacement. They still work but when turned they spin funky.  If I need to replace the whole section that would be great too. Can anyone tell me if these are available and price? Thank you

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    • Midas76
      WilliamR Hello, William from musictribe here. If you could click on the support link above and open a parts ticket, someone can get the process started for you asap.
      • May 26
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    Hi, my Mic Gain dual encoder from a Stereo Channel is broken, or rather the middle shaft has broken off. Attached is a picture to clarify which one I'm referring to.

    Could you let me which encoder is a suitable replacement so I can fix it? Part number? Are they Alps?

    Many thanks






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    • Alvaro73
      Dale_M Hi there, I would advise going to the support tab above and selecting spares, we may still have some but the team can advise on price and availability for you.
      • May 5
  • seanmd1
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    hi, I install my new brant MIDAS 32 R on my pc, I have correctly connect the USB cable and parameters as well. In cubase 11 and studio one when i want changed pilote asio to DN 32 i have the message " no device is connect to pc. It work with Windows 10 recent upgrade. I cannot work with my daw.

    Thanks you for your support . Regards Dan


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    • seanmd1
      RexBeckett Hi Dan, did you install the correct driver on your PC? The DN32-USB and DN32-Live cards use different drivers. If so, try a different USB cable and/or PC USB port. If possible, use a USB 2.0 port and connect directly, not through a USB hub.
      • Mar 22
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