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    ...and preserved his brother’s legacy

    It takes a diverse collection of skills to innovate and create the tools for which TC Electronic is famed. So, it’s only a matter of time before you come across a team member whose talents go far beyond the workplace. And nowhere is that more apparent than in TC Electronic’s Christian G. Frandsen.

    Christian has been our Product Development Engineer and Specialist for 25 years and helps develop our professional studio equipment. But being an engineer, for Christian, doesn’t stop at TC Electronic. You could even say that it runs in the family.

    The Start of a Life-Long Adventure
    Back in 1981, a 10-year-old Christian would listen to cassette tapes of a band called TV-2, a Danish pop rock group that was only just starting at that time. His older brother Anders was a Front-of-House engineer for the band and recorded an early performance of theirs in Holbaek all those years ago. This had a huge impact on Christian as it was not just the music of what would become one of the biggest bands in Denmark that resonated with him, but his brother was also part of something big. Something Christian felt was very special. This engendered a passion for sound and music that would shape Christian’s life and lead to a career in TC Electronic which persists to this day.

    Tragedy and a Renewed Purpose
    Sadly, Anders would pass away suddenly in 2008 leaving behind fond memories and some tapes of early TV-2 recordings, among others which Christian would inherit. Though rough and mixed for live sound, he had in his hands the purest sources of inspiration that set him down the path to where he is now. It deserved a lot more than to just sit in a shelf gathering dust.

    In 2016, as he was remastering his own band’s recordings, Christian decided to dust off those old TV-2 tapes from Anders and remix the recordings now with the power of modern technology that just wasn’t available back in the 80s. With a few test optimizations in hand, Christian got in touch with TV-2 who then agreed to try to remaster the concert.

    With the band’s blessing, the desire to honor his brother’s legacy and to share the recordings with other eager fans, Christian started on an adventure that would last up to five and a half years.

    Renewing a Legacy with Modern Technology
    Restoring the recordings wouldn’t be an easy task though. The mixes were recorded directly from the Front-of-House console and were mixed for live audiences not for listening at home. Distortion from the aging cassette tape plus those from the original equipment themselves had to be cleaned up along with several other anomalies that presented themselves.

    Some of the original vocals were cut out of the original recordings as they were too distorted and unintelligible. This was done with the help of a company based in Los Angeles that specialized in extracting vocals from recordings. New vocals were recorded and gently mixed in, matching the same energy and feel of the original.

    During the remastering process, Christian used several different effects, compressors and metering solutions from TC Electronic

    • The 12-band Midas powered EQ PEQ 3000 was used for all EQ tasks in mix and mastering and fixing the identified issues with the original cassette tape like rather severe stereo, left/right and mid/side spectral imbalances
    • The very flexible MD4 HD multiband compressor was used for mastering, overall dynamics control while the five bands give high spectral resolution and transparency to the delicate compression
    • The high-end true stereo reverb VSS4 HD adds club-like early reflections and stereo width help that are lacking in the original PA console output mix, which was recorded with close mic-ing and reverb tail effects only
    • The BRICKWALL HD master true-peak limiter gives an exceptional view and control of peaks and track loudness to align the project with modern streaming standards
    • The Midas powered DYN 3000 channel compressor was used in the mastering process adding just a tiny punch and was also used on the new vocal recordings where the dynamics and texture were profiled and reproduced
    • The classic delay TC2290 was used for effects on the dubbed sources like parts of the lead vocal. In the original mix there are multiple delay elements and these were profiled and reproduced.
    • The vintage reverb DVR250 was used for important 80s reverb sound on the dubbed sources like parts of the lead vocal in order for them to mix perfectly with the original concert.
    • Throughout the project the Clarity M meter was a great companion for stand-alone (off screen) metering. It adds continuous views on spectral content, center-location, loudness and phase and by using USB/plugin connection to the unit either master out, busses or channels can easily be monitored.
    Further, TC Electronic System 6000, Clarity X, Studio Konnekt 48 was used as well
    Some of the other amazing tools that were used in this project were from: Steinberg, Audionamix, iZotope, Voxengo, Waves, Klevgrand, SSL, RTW, Dynaudio and DPA Microphones.
    The remastered 1981 Holbaek recordings were released in January 2022, 40 years after they were initially committed to tape, and have been made available in many different streaming platforms, cassette tape and vinyl, which received great reviews and even reached no. 1 on the Danish vinyl chart; with TV-2’s early formative performances, and Anders and Christian’s hard work available for everyone to hear.

    “A circle is drawn,” says Christian “and it’s both a huge pleasure and a great challenge to help this concert on its way. I am very grateful that TV-2 has been so obliging and patient in the long process.”

    TV-2's website: TV-2 Website
    The album is available here The Holbaek Recordings 81
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    Early in 2022, I've opened a support ticket CAS-537391-R3X5C4, and I'm now celebrating a 6-month birthday with no response, whatsoever yayyy!!!

    I have a RH750 amp, and my treble knob broke (even inside TC ELECTRONIC expensive bag). The amp didn't fall, or hit anything. I've reported it for the support team. Allegedlly, there were no spare knobs to sell at that moment, so I've waited until now. It has been a long journey, with several emails sent, no response, no support, no cares given.

    Now, there are other knobs about to fall apart aswell, including the Master Knob. There's already a big crack on it, becoming bigger each day. So, sooner than I'd think, I won't be able to use this RH750 amp anymore once and for all <3 Isn't that sweet?

    I'm really done with this disrespectful and outrageous care and support from this company, and I assure I'd never purchase not even a guitar pick from you again.

    Best regards.

    Glauber Costa.





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    • glaubercc01
      PedroRodrigues Hi glaubercc01, thank you for your post, please accept our apologies on this matter I have requested the Service Team to look in to this matter and to contact you via the case number you mentioned to find you a solution for this matter. Thank you
      • Aug 25
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    I've been using a my TC Clarity M via usb for a while and want to switch to using a direct output from my converters, but I've misplaced the other cables that came with the Clarity M. Is there any way to order these cables without having to buy a whole new Clarity M? 

    I searched TC's site and the spare parts link brought me here.



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    • deanreid
      NicJonesMT Hi Dean.
      You have 2 options.

      1 - Submit a Spare Parts ticket. Click Support at the top of the page and scroll down to the spare parts option.
      2 - Contact one of our partners and they should be able to advise you further. You can find a full list of our partners at the following link:
      • Aug 20
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    I used my old SCF yesterday, but today it suddenly has no effect and is only passing the dry signal. The LED still moves to the rate of the Speed knob, and the Input Gain still works. The Intensity still works, too, e.g., when turned fully CW in P.M. mode, it even reduces the dry signal to almost nothing, as it should.


    So the pedal isn't dead. But no chorus, pitch modulation, or flanger effects are being produced. Please help. 

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    • thegil
      NicJonesMT Hi Thegil.
      Your best option would be to send this to one of our Approved service partners for inspection.
      You can find a full list at the following link:

      Due to the Age of the original SCF, the service partners may not have access to parts or be able to repair this. Again if you contact them directly they will be able to advise you further.
      • Aug 2
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    I have a TC Electronic M300 that freezes, becomes unresponsive and shows overload LEDs whenever any inputs or outputs are connected.

    With no inputs/outputs connected it appears to function normally and can change presets, use function buttons, set delay times, etc. As soon as an input or output is connected the overload LEDs go red and the unit becomes unresponsive. Nothing works and no sound is output. Cannot use any functions or change presets, etc.

    When the inputs/outputs are removed it seems to function again.

    Any thoughts as to what might be causing this? 


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    • darkestyugo
      WilliamR Hello, please click on the Support link above and create a tech support ticket. Someone will get in touch with you ASAP.
      • Jul 26
    • darkestyugo

      Hi thanks for your reply. I've already got a ticket open:  CAS-614801-Z9F9M0 . I had one brief response to which I replied and haven't heard anything since. I would really like to find out what is causing it to crash every time something is connected!

      • Jul 27
    • darkestyugo
      PedroRodrigues Hi darkestyugo, in this case I would first suggest doing a complete reset of the M300 and return to factory settings, for that please follow the procedure below:
      • Power down by disconnecting the power cord.
      • Press and hold TAP while reconnecting power. The display will show a flashing “R”.
      • Press Load to reset.
      • Power off - power on.
      The unit is now reset.
      Please be aware that all User presets will be lost when performing a factory reset.
      If his does not resolve the issue you have reported I would then suggest following the guidance WilliamR stated above. Thank you
      • Jul 27
    • darkestyugo

      Hi, I have already reset to factory setting and have an open ticket as mentioned above. I have now tried connecting via digital input/output and have audio output and effects working but only if the tip of the digital connector is inserted. As soon as the ground sleeve of the connector touches the jack it freezes. Very strange!

      • Jul 27
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    I notice that the quick start guides for the Dreamscape, and several other TC Electronic pedals I've got, quote the power input as 9v >100ma.

    Does that mean 100ma is actually OK, or should I really be using a 9v/300ma supply, or even 9v/500ma for optimum performance?


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    • UKSlinger
      WilliamR Anything 100mA or higher should work just fine.
      • Jul 8
      • Power for my Dreamscape
        UKSlinger Thanks for the reply. I've ordered a Mosky ISO-10 power supply, so every pedal on the board will be getting at least 300ma
        • Jul 11
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    I have an Alter Ego X4 with a Subdivision selector Switch that will not move. I would like to get either a replacement switch or possibly the board it is attached to (Includes the Time and Feedback pots).


    Where can I get replacement parts from?



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    • TReese
      Nigel67 Hi TReese. Please contact one of our authorised service centres or if there is not one in the Country that you reside in, contact our local Super Partner. They can be found at this link. Select either Store or Service Center. Many thanks.
      • Jun 28
    • TReese

      I will say I am not happy that I cannot acquire replacement parts and do this myself. This is a pedal that is long out of warranty and the company I purchased it from has long gone out of business.

      • Jun 29
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    My unit works fine as long as I don't engage the dip switch for buffered bypass. 
    When it's in the buffer mode the pedal goes into tuning mode (muted) and the footswitch stops working. No clicking sound when pressing it.

    plus, "Always On" mode doesn't work at all.

    Tried all combimations too. no luck.

    I'm familiar with soldering so if there is something I can do please let me know. I've opened up the plastic cover and somewhere near the dipswitch when I short two connections the pedal turns on. 

    So the problem is that somehow dipswitch is preventing the footswitch from working when engaged. 

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    TC Electronic
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    Learn More:

    Builds on a true Bucket Brigade Device circuitry in order to maintain that delicious retro tone that we simply didn’t find any reason to tamper with. This Special Edition of the revamped SCF pedal has a truly golden appearance that will – quite literally – outshine any other pedal on your board.

    #TCElectronic #SCFGOLDSE #Guitar #Bass #Effects #Pedals

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    It would be great to be able to link certain effects that would turn on or off together.
    For example, the Fx Loop could be linked to the effects that follow it. So you could have a clean sound with a compressor and reverb, and by engaging the Fx loop, you could have your external distortion pedal plus delay and flanger following it.
    So to sum up: the fx loop would be an on/off of the effects that follow it.


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    • oca39
      PedroRodrigues Hi oca39, thank you for your post, I will forward your suggestion to our Dev. Team for analysis, nevertheless you have a workaround where you can toggle pairs of FX at once using MIDI or create sort of scenes for your board. I hope this helps. Thank you
      • May 31
    • oca39
      oca39 Thank you for your reply. I don't use MIDI at all, I'll do some research, but an integrated solution would be great.
      Do you have a video or a midi tutorial?

      A second idea concerning the "on/off links" between effects:
      You can place several loopers on the plethora. Linking 2 loopers would make it possible to use the first normally and to stop it by clicking on the second which could launch directly afterwards (sorry for my Google trad English). It would allow you to switch from one looper to another separately to use different riffs.
      • May 31
    • oca39
      TC-Mike thx for the additional feedback. we filed it as a feature request for consideration. the Looper feature you mention exists on the Ditto X4 looper (serial mode)
      • Jun 1
      • Plethora X5 request
        oca39 Thanks,
        I replaced my Ditto x2 with the plethora. As it has the looper function, it would be great to have it in serial mode.
        • Jun 1
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