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    The tip of the external microphone got lost... how can I find a replacement? What are the technical aspects so that I can look for a local replacement? Thks.

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    • Cenk1
      Nigel67 Hi Cenk1. Please contact our Spares team and they will be able to help you further. This can be done by clicking on the support tab at the top of the page. A new window will open. Scroll down and click on the Spare Parts tab and submit a ticket. Many thanks
      • Oct 9
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    Anyone having this problem?

    It is occuring whenever I try to import my song template for mixing. there are about 5 instances of DVR250...but it just crashes instantly.

    IMac 2017, 64 gig ram...

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    • DsMiddleton
      PedroRodrigues Hi DsMiddleton, thank you for your post, please confirm that you have installed the 2.0.02 version present on the link below:
      You will also need the iLok License Manager to be installed on your computer, but you are not required to create an iLok account or activate any license as this will only be required if you have the Native version, so we can deposit the license.
      • Sep 20
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    I encountered a couple of problems and I would appreciate all the help on this.

    Problem #1: My TC Electronic G-Force "shuts down intermittently". 

    Problem #2: The LCD Screen blanks out "intermittently", reboots and turns back on a few minutes. 

    Please help me find a remedy.

    Thank you kindly.

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    Hey Folks,

    I just got my PlethoraX5 yesterday and been having a blast.  I noticed that in the manual that it specified to only use the supplied TC Electronics power supply.  Can I safely use the PlethoraX5 ith a 1Spot Trutone Power Supply?

    Here is a link to the power supply

    Model:  NW1-US
    Input:  100-240V ~ 50/60Hz 0.35A
    Output:  9V --- 1700mA (Max.)

    Juuuuust making sure.  Also, every once-in-a-while, I get the Plethora "lock up" on booting.  Does this happen from time to time?  I'm attaching some pics.

    Also, is there a "clean" way to power the unit off?   Or, just kill power to it.  (Newbie question...)

    THANKS SO MUCH EVERYONE. -- Just want to make sure I don't screw anything up with my new purchase.

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    • wpsellers
      PedroRodrigues Hi wpsellers please consider that you must use the supplied TC Electronics PSU supplied to avoid any issue with your unit. I will leave you below a full process for the "lock up on booting mode " issue you have mentioned, for that please follow the link below: When it comes to any questions for your unit I would suggest to follow the link below to access a great guide for the PLETHORA X5
      • Aug 8
      • 1Spot - Trutone Power Supply w/PlethoraX5
        wpsellers Thanks.... My firmware is at the 1.2.... The document file says its for: "HOTFIX for PLETHORA X5 units with 1.0 firmware stuck in boot mode" ---Also I never used that version of the TonePrint app, detailed in the doc. Just making sure. It doesn't lock up all of the time----and when it does, I power cycle and usually boots right back up. I'd assume that I would apply the patch....then, Update back to 1.2? THANKS SO MUCH....
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        • Aug 8
      • 1Spot - Trutone Power Supply w/PlethoraX5
        wpsellers On the PSU issue... Are there any "approved" 3rd party PSUs? Just curious about what people do who have pedal boards with PSU's mounted under their boards, etc, etc. For me at home, the PSU thing is not an issue; however, if I start gigging-----and build a pedalboard with a nice PSU, would I be OK plugging the Plethora into it? Again, THANKS SO MUCH!
        • Aug 8
    • wpsellers

      Hi wpsellers please consider that we cannot advise any 3rd party PSU noR we have approved any, in this case I would suggest research and caution when testing the PSU's on your unit. In regard to the issue you have reported I would suggest re-installing version 1.2 but please follow the guidance present on the Firmware Release Notes Version 1.2 that you can access by following the link below : Thank you

      • Aug 8
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    I'm looking for a barrell jack for the ac adapter plug, anyone know ehere i can get one ??

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    • CQJR1962
      WilliamR Hello, William from music tribe here. Please click the support link on the top of the page and create a spare parts case. Someone from our parts team can contact you about getting that part ordered for you.
      • Aug 5
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    Hello,   (Seem that I can't find the right category) 

    Not too long ago that I just got the GoXLR Mini and trying to get things perfect but not going the way I wanted it to go. 

    Firstly for OBS, for Broadcast outpoint, I have the volume scroll up to max and yet when gaming, talking and other sounds is only maxing out to (Image)

    When I watch other people, or on YouTube, they have the same setting but they are up in the yellow marker, the only way for me to do so is to go to "advance Audio Properties" and have broadcast set to 250% (8.0 dB) to 300%. My point saying that I do not have to do that? I mean is that right?


    I'm using AT2020, and yeah it's not easy to remove background and also not trying to cut out the voice at the same time. But this is another problem on my hands. When I set up the microphone to be as perfect as I can, my voice sounds a little higher than game sounds, on Discord (Discord setting maxed out) people can't hear me. When adjusting microphone settings again to louder and to get it as perfect as I can, people in Discord can hear me however on OBS the microphone is way too loud. Can't win.

    So what I have done is, setup another channel just for the microphone on OBS and just the volume input on OBS 


    So need tips and help, please? and as I'm typing my microphone is being picked up on OBS and the mic is not even near me. 


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    I'd like to buy a display module for guitar processor GF 00I

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    • Jerzy59
      Dale_M Hi there please go to the Support tab above and select Spares so the team can advise you.
      • Jul 14
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    When I recently tried to update my installation of LM6n on my Mac running macOS 11.4 Big Sur an error dialogue box popped up indicating the installation could not proceed 'because Apple cannot check it for malicious software. The software needs to be updated.'
    I'm guessing the same may apply to my LC6n software, which current is up to date but I would hate to need to reisntall it if it has the same problem with Big Sur.

    When will an updated version of these installers that function with Apple's malicious software check be released?

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    I have a TC Electronic M-ONE XL effects unit that is missing the round rotary encoder (Control) knob/wheel.  The shaft is there and works fine, but I'd like to get another black knob/wheel to slide on to the shaft again.  Any ideas where I can obtain one of those?

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    Learn More:

    We’re very excited to have collaborated with the mighty Paul Gilbert on a specially modified edition of the MOJOMOJO OVERDRIVE pedal. If you’re looking for a huge overdrive sound, you better ally with Mr. Big himself to have the fundamental tone dialed in just right!


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