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    I am in need of repair parts for a Behringer K900FX amplifier.

    Might someone have a link to a parts supplier that they would care to share?

    Specifically, I need SW1 (DSP selector), VR8 and VR9 EQ slide pots, and new knobs for all 3 controls.

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  • hoangbaokhoa
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    I am a shop who is selling quite a lot Pdx3000 EU version to local market but many of them has problem with power supply, return ratio is about 1/10 (selling 10, return 1). Please take a look on attached photos (my technician rounds) and advise

    Thanks a lot.

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    • hoangbaokhoa
      john0121 Hi Diem, in this case you should fill out the service request from via the support button at the top of the page. This way the issue is reported direct to our service team who can investigate and follow process with you to determine the root cause.
      • October 14, 2020
      • PDX3000 power supply
        hoangbaokhoa Many thanks. I have created ticket and waiting for solution.
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        • October 29, 2020
  • snakemaster
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    Hi, I got a problem with ipd2400, I configure its IP address in Network Configuration page, at the end of this page, there has an Open Interface, after I choose Enable, I can not find this amplifier anymore. I can not PING it, and the network interface on the rear panel is off, no LED on. Is there any other way I can find this amplifier, or Disable that Open Interface option, or recovery this amplifier. Please let me know, thank you very much.

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  • MrGTO
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    On the spec sheets it states that the NX6000D has the following modes:  

    • BRIDGE, DUAL (Dual Mono), STEREO, BIAMP1 or BIAMP2.

    I connected to the amp via NXEdit, and the only modes that are being shown is: DUAL (Dual Mono), STEREO, BIAMP1 or BIAMP2.

    I went thru the front display and even there the option for Bridge is not shown.

    So my question, how do I set this amp in Bridge mode?

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    • MrGTO
      john0121 Hi MrGTO, the NX6000D doesn't feature a bridge mode. This is covered in the user manual and no bridge power is specified in the QSG here:

      Could you let me know the document you have read there is Bridge Mode for the NX6000D in case there is an error?
      • September 13, 2020
      • NX6000D Bridge mode???
        MrGTO Hi John, this is a big issue, the link attached above is for the user manual correct? This is a screen shot from that manual... #6: so I ask, how do I access Bridge mode on this $600 amp I just purchased?
        • September 14, 2020
    • MrGTO
      MrGTO This was one of the selling points for the setup I built. Very misleading. Listed as mono bridge being available on the nx6000d on Sweetwater and parts express.
      • September 14, 2020
    • MrGTO
      john0121 Sorry this would seem to be an error in the product description, and I agree it could be made clearer in the QSG that Bridge mode does not apply to the NX6000D. I will report this to the relevant team at once so it can be updated to avoid this error in future. In the meantime it would be best to contact your Sweetwater rep for assistance in sourcing an amp suitable for your setup and returning this one. If you need more help with this then plesae submit a tech support case via the support button and a member of our team in your region will be able to assist.
      • September 14, 2020