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    Hi everyone, as a beginner I just bought 1 set of Behringer Europort PPA500BT, so may I ask where should i get a Effect Table as guide to use Klark Teknik Multi-FX Processor preset?

    Sorry for asking, because I can’t find anywhere.

    Here i'm attached pic as example.

    Thank you very much for any help.

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    • saifzack
      Dale_M Thank you for your inquiry, I have checked the QSG documentation and it appears to have been missed, I will see if this can be corrected.
      • Aug 23
    • saifzack
      saifzack Thank you for your where should i get the effect table
      • Aug 27
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    Please share how to connect pair 2 PK115A speakers, output stereo sound,  I get sound from bluetooth.


    FROM Spec: A speakON speaker output connector allows the PK115A to power most passive 8-ohm speakers such as the PK110 or PK112. For a true stereo L/R operation, two PK115As are needed with each to receive independent the left and right signals respectively.

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    SAT Series

    Learn More:

    SAT 1004 BUNDLE

    SAT 1008 SUBA

    SAT 1004

    Ultra-Compact Passive Installed Loudspeakers, Active PA Subwoofers with Built-In Stereo Crossover and Complete PUB Installation Speaker Bundles with Passive PA Speakers, Active PA Subwoofers and More

    From: $59.00 (in stock and immediately shipping from our factory)

    #Behringer #SAT1004BUNDLE #SAT1004 #SAT1008 SUBA #SATSeries #Loudspeakers #SurfaceMountSpeaker #PortablePASpeaker

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    Ciao! Il bluetooth della mia cassa behringer Europort mpa100bt non funziona più . Dove posso trovarlo?

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    Hey guys,

    Am getting an over temp warning on my turbosound siena.

    Any help will be much appreciated 

    Find photo uploaded below.

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    Got the Behringer C210 off of Amazon and according to the Sweetwater webpage it also includes an FM radio. I noticed that when I received the package I got an email notification that my package from Sweetwater had been delivered. I decided to order through Amazon as the return policy is better as they don't require you to pay for return shipping should you find yourself with a defective product.

    I called Sweetwater when I could not find the FM function and was told that they didn't support products not purchased through them. I looked at the return label and saw that the return address was "" and there was an 800 number on the label. I also noted that the return address for GearNuts is exactly the same address as Sweetwater.

    When I called GearNuts, they immediately connected me back to Sweetwater tech support which passed me off to MusicTribe for support. 

    Previous experience tells me that I could be waiting a while for an answer and I could not get any of my phones to link vis Bluetooth and it really isn't covered in the instruction booklet.

    I also noticed on a Behringer video that it touted Studio Grade Echo, but I have yet to find it.

    I am a pro-level user of Behringer, Turbosound and Midas. 

    I think this is the first product that I will be returning from these guys..........FM radio is listed on the Amazon site as well (see pictures below).

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    • CrookStewartIII
      • August 19, 2021
    • CrookStewartIII
      CrookStewartIII Found on Amazon, says FM Radio
      • August 19, 2021
    • CrookStewartIII
      PedroRodrigues Hi CrookStewartIII please consider that I understand that the description available for this product when it comes to the Music PLAYBACK options are not clear on the several partners you have mentioned.
      Nevertheless, the information they were trying to entail is that when in PLAYBACK MODE via Bluetooth the unit allows the integration with external tools such as MP3 Players and Streaming of Online Radio.
      This means that the C210B does not have and integrated MP3 PLAYER or a FM RADIO but offers the option to playback via Bluetooth audio from MP3 Players or form an Online Radio.
      Thank you
      • August 20, 2021
    • CrookStewartIII
      CrookStewartIII Perhaps you could correct all of the marketing materials to make it clear.
      • September 19, 2021
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    TRS plug 1/4 jack place here and the TIP part left inside.. i cant remove im wondering if you have spare part for this red One.


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    • DwayneAdaya
      • July 24, 2021
      • Back Speaker 1/4 female Plug
        Nigel67 Hi DwayneAdaya. Please contact our spare parts team and they will be able to help you further. This can be done by clicking on the support tab at the top of the page. A new window will open. Scroll down and click on the Spare Parts tab and submit a ticket. Many thanks.
        • July 25, 2021
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    I have the Behringer B115D speaker, I am trying to remove the front metal grill but I am unsure as there is no advice online.
    I have removed the front screws but it’s proving to be difficult.
    Could you help me in any way? Do i need to open the back screws and remove the case or something easier?

    Thanks, Myron

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    • myronbrito
      NicJonesMT Hi Myron.
      We don't actually provide any support or assistance for self service repairs.

      What I would recommend is opening a Service ticket (Click support above) and one of the team will be able to advise you further.
      • May 30, 2021
    • myronbrito
      carolynperry that's good
      • May 31, 2021
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    • Alexjurda1414
      Nigel67 Hi Alexjurda1414. Please contact our spares department and they will be able to help you further. This can be done by clicking on the support tab at the top of the page. A new window will open. Scroll down and click on the Spare Parts tab and submit a ticket. A colleague will then get back to you with pricing and availability. Many thanks
      • May 10, 2021
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    Hi. We have an outdoor cinema setup - inflatable screen and rear projection. The AV system feeds out to 4 B210D powered speakers (XLR) - 2 per side in series. I'd like to add a subwoofer in the centre, getting balanced left and right side feeds from the B210Ds on either side. 

    Would the K10S Studio Subwoofer do the job? If not, what would be appropriate? 

    I'd like to keep costs under $500, but might consider going to $1,000. The gear lives in a builder's trailer, so it's subject to a little bit of a rough ride at times and needs to be fairly robust. The B210Ds have performed pretty much without issue for almost 10 years, so  hopefully that suggests we're not rough on the gear. 


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    • NeilW18
      PedroRodrigues Hi NeilW18 please consider that we have several solutions to offer and I would suggest to follow the link below to access it Thank you
      • April 27, 2021
    • NeilW18
      DavidKnighton Hi NeilW18,
      The K10S is going to be better suited for studio use. Outdoors you will probably not hear the effect of the K10S sub unless you're right up on it. You're better off using something like the B1200-D PRO, which is better suited for live use. You also might want to consider at least one sub per side for even coverage.
      • April 27, 2021
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