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    I am running 2 behringer b210d PA speakers thrugh the mackie to the macbook and using logic pro X. I cannot seem to get any of the effects or the guitar sounds that come pre instaled or plug in with logic. It just sounds like a clean guitar? what am I doing wrong here.

    please help I am going batty trying to find the cure> heres the set up (photos)

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    • Shea
      Nigel67 Hi Shea, I am sorry, but I think that you have contacted the wrong company for support on your logic pro x software or mackie mixer. We only support the Behringer B210D speakers, and if they are outputting audio, then they are working. Your FX from logic pro x are mixed into the audio on the mackie so you need to contact one of those two companies for advice. I am unsure why you have the mic and line input connected at the same time, but the Quick Start Guide does advise you do not.

      (7) XLR INPUT Connect a microphone, balanced mixer output, or the
      LINK OUTPUT from another speaker using a balanced cable with a
      female XLR plug.
      WARNING: Never use the ¼" and XLR inputs at the same time.
      • May 16, 2021
    • Shea
      Paul_Vannatto The photo provided is of the B210D speaker back panel. Shea, to get the Mackie built-in FX to the mix, follow the instructions in the Mackie manual (page 14).
      • May 17, 2021
    • Shea

      Thank you for the info. I’ve read the manuals but clearly not well enough. I don’t want the effects from mackie I want the guitar plug ins from logic (or garage band or any saws).

      Sorry if this was the wrong place because . Yes, the speakers work. So that’s good!

      • May 17, 2021