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    Whenever I start goXLR, it tries to check for updates.  Takes a long time and comes back with unable to connect referencing a 404 message.  Checked.  My software is up to date.

    How can I change it so that it connects?

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    I had to buy my GoXLR from a amazon UK store. problem is im in AUSTRALIA. not easy to send back if issue.
    I have setup my GoXLR correctly from what I can tell.

    I watched youtubes and a google and followed every step.

    However for some reason the broadcast stream mix is dead. Nothing is hearable in Streamlabs OBS or OBS.


    so a quick run down.


    Routing table setup

    Windows audio default devices and music app setup

    Windows audio selection

    OBS & Streamlabs OBS audio setup

    GoXLR audio & mic setup (SHURE SM7B DYNAMIC MIC, Headphones Astro A50)


    I have tried everything i can thinnk of but NO sound comes thru the BORADCAST STREAM MIX. in obs u can see and audio visual thru on the bars. so i tried added the mic manual in there an i can see the bars move when i talk. so its not the mic its something to do with the GoXLR broacast Stream MIX....

    NOTE: the other things i have installed are (STREAMDECK, & VOICEMOD) I thought voicemod might be an issued so i completely shut it down and still issue.


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    Hello Everybody! 

    I have an issue. I want to connect my Soundblaster Z to the Go XLR Mini, in order to have the quality sound of the DAC and manage the sound volume with the Go XLR.


    I tried to connect the SBZ Line Out 1 to the Line IN of the GOXLR, but not sound gone throught the channel, then in my speakers/headset.


    I cannot connect the optical line because the metal wing that stop the connector is broken, and it unplug constantly, it's not a safe connection.


    Then i'm here to understand WHY i doesn't hear the sound. It's a Windows sound setting wrong? It's a connection mistake?

    Please help.


    I just want the DAC quality sound, and the comfort to manage the sound level and the other channels in case i want to make some streaming. 

    Attached a fast draw of what i did. 


    Regards and thank you!



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    Three of the Four Backlights for the Mixer Channel faders top label displays are working just fine. Working being that they're full bright and there isn't any negative lighting occuring. One, on the other hand, is permanently stuck on super dim if not off entirely and only receiving light from the display next to it. I've gone through the software to try and remedy this, but it's just permanently stuck this way, even in other colors, and I don't know if I am missing something or if it's defective? Has anyone had this issue or how to solve this? Picture doesn't do it much justive, but with my eyeballs, the left side image is really dark.

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    • Benji821
      WilliamR Hello, William from musictribe here. Please click on the support link above and open a tech support ticket and someone will get this sorted out for you asap. If you could send a quick video clip with the case, this would be very helpful.
      • Jun 8
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    Hey, so randomly what would happen when i would be on my computer the app would stop working and the sound for my computer would stop. I cant talk on my mic, nothing. when i switch to the app, the app loads for a second, then closes. When i tey to reopen the app to get my sounds back, i get an error message of the app being timedout. I try running it in administrator and says the same message. The only way i fix it is having to restart my whole computer, and i find it really annoying that is the only way to get my sound back. I will show you the message it shows me when it crashes and me trying to relaunch it. I would love if anyone can tell me why this happens, because i feel like i wastyed $500 on this device. Thanks!

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    I upgraded from a goxlr mini to the normal goxlr today. I don't see any input from my mic when trying to set it up. I do hear my mic through my headphones when monitoring my mic though. I also don't hear anything else through my headphones except for my mic monitoring. I have selected everything correctly as default devices.

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    • CameronPG
      CameronPG Here are other screen shots
      • May 31
    • CameronPG
      NicJonesMT Hi CameronPg
      The best option now would be to submit a tech support ticket and we can look into this for you.
      Just click Support at the top of the page and you can scroll down to the Tech Support Option.

      We can then go through your settings ETC and try and figure out whats going on :)
      • Jun 1
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    hi, I buy GoXLR but I don't know how to download the software, I visit the website and it gives me a download error

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    Die GoXLR Serie ist nicht nur für die Broadcast Szene interessant. Auch für die Gaming-Szene öffnen sich ganz neue Möglichkeiten.

    Beispielsweis meine beiden Söhne, sehr PC affin in unterschiedlichen Richtungen sind, waren auf der Suche nach einen kleinen Mixer. Er sollte eine einfache Anbindung am PC haben, die verschiedenen Audioquellen verwalten können in Richtng Mikrofon, Kopfhörer, Lautsprecherboxen, Subwoofer. Er sollte klein sein, typische Feature´s in Sachen Klaneistellungen haben und ein bisschen was für Auge bieten.

    All dies bietet der GoXLR mini.

    Nach längeren Arbeiten damit fiel jedoch auf, dass noch ein paar Möglichkeiten fehlen, um das Ganze abzurunden. All die Leute aus der PC-Gaming-Szene, die damit gearbeitet haben sagen übereinstimmend:

    - Mind. noch 2 Fader/Kanäle mehr

    - 1 separater Lautstärke Poti vorne neben dem Kopfhörer-Ausgang nur für den Kopfhörer

    - 1 zusätzlicher Lineout für den Anschluss eines Subwoofers

    - Alle Audio-Ausgänge mit einen EQ versehen, wie der für den Mic-Eingang

    - Software Schnittstelle zur Einbindung eines USB-wireless Headset, um beispielsweise den Kopfhörerausgang auf das Headset zu routen

    - eventuell eine Bluetooth Anbindung an Smartphones/Tables


    Sollten diese Ereweiterungen nach Vorgabe des GoXLR mini vorhanden sein, wäre dies der perfekte Mixer für die Gaming Szene und würde wohl einen regelrechten Boom auslösen. 

    Das Mangament / Entwickler-Team von TC-Helicon sollten diese Gedanken mal aufnehmen. Der Erfolg wäre garantiert. Viele der Gamer warten sehnsüchtig auf die Innovation...

    Hier mal ein Beispiel für die Gestaltung.

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