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    I just purchased this mixer for Zoom online lessons. What I discovered after the set up, is when I connect the microphone and the headphones, when i connect on Zoom, either I can listen to my student or myself, but not both of us together. There has to be a  way where I can hear both of us in headphones, it should be so simple but I could not find it. Anyone who knows a way around it? The audio inputs and outputs in Zoom are USB AUDIO CODEC.

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      RexBeckett Hi mvsounds, there is a way around this. Connect both 2-Track Out to 2-Track In with a pair of short RCA/RCA cables. Press the USB/2TR To Phones/CTRL Rm button. Now you should hear both Zoom sound and your local mix through the Phones output. You may need to use the PC's output level control to adjust the mix.
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