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    Hello Everybody! 

    I have an issue. I want to connect my Soundblaster Z to the Go XLR Mini, in order to have the quality sound of the DAC and manage the sound volume with the Go XLR.


    I tried to connect the SBZ Line Out 1 to the Line IN of the GOXLR, but not sound gone throught the channel, then in my speakers/headset.


    I cannot connect the optical line because the metal wing that stop the connector is broken, and it unplug constantly, it's not a safe connection.


    Then i'm here to understand WHY i doesn't hear the sound. It's a Windows sound setting wrong? It's a connection mistake?

    Please help.


    I just want the DAC quality sound, and the comfort to manage the sound level and the other channels in case i want to make some streaming. 

    Attached a fast draw of what i did. 


    Regards and thank you!



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