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    Hi - I have all my mix buses 1-6 routed to analog outputs 1-6 and as you can see they work.  Analog 2 has nothing plugged in so makes sense it's not showing anything.  I have mix buses 7 and 8 routed to Aux Outs 1 and 2.  I made sure all settings are similar yet I'm not getting anything coming out of those.  Anything I should check?  Thanks 



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    • Mike7300
      GaryHiggins Routing for aux out 1 and 2 says mixbus 7 and mixbus 8? Postfader maybe with faders down?...check bus masters
      • Tue at 7:34 PM
    • Mike7300

      Seems fixed but it seems like maybe a bug with the software. I muted input 5 and then it randomly started working. I then unmuted input 5 as it was before and still working....I don’t get it.

      • Tue at 7:40 PM
    • Mike7300

      Should I upgrade to the newest version? I think I’m still on the older version.

      • Tue at 7:42 PM
      • Issue with using Aux Out
        GaryHiggins Most times I would say yes, get the latest version and update the mixer as well. That is what I would do however these days it may be not without glitches of its own. Still probably the best idea. You might consider Mixing Station or X32 edit. Both big improvements from my point of view.
        • Wed at 1:01 AM
    • Mike7300
      Mike7300 Something else I noticed; it seems like to get more volume from an input (example a guitar) coming from out of my in ears I have to move that input fader up. But I don’t actually want my guitar coming out the main speakers.....I really only want to turn it up on my in ears monitors. Is there a setting I need to change?
      • Wed at 5:30 AM
    • Mike7300
      GaryHiggins Routing and other operations on the X32 can be very difficult when you first get started. The program you are using is not the most intuitive one imo. You might be better served with one of the others mentioned, esp X32-Edit as the ch and bus info on it is more easily seen and logically followed. You can turn off the send to the mains on any ch of the mixer and it will then only go to the buses you are using for your in ears.
      • Wed at 12:10 PM
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    Hello all,

    I bought a behringer wing mixing console for my local church from thomann and we recieved one with ghoust touches.

    We returned and they sent another brand new one with the same problem.

    We returned again for replacemend and we specified to be tested before sending and we discribed the procedure on how to be tested (install newest firmware version and start console in test mode).

    We recived a "tested" console (the package was resealed with thommand branded tape so for shure they opened the package) and the same problem as before. (the ony difference was the position of the ghoust thouches)

    My question is how to proceed to get a good console? Should I open a ticket here at music tribe?

    Does anyone buyed a good console from thomann?

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    • sergiu46
      GaryHiggins Hello, I would definitely make out a care ticket, something seems completely out of whack with your situation. The odds of getting 3 bad mixers is beyond crazy. The only sure way is to have the screen replaced by a certified repair center (MTASC). Getting a new mixer does not mean the screen it has is ok. It could be good...or not! Get a new screen for yours!
      • May 1
    • sergiu46
      ValeriuM_Trufin The Wing I got for our church was also from Thomann and has 0 issues for now. We are from Romania and got it from Thomann in Germany this January.
      Sorry to hear of your bad luck.
      • May 2
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    The rack ears that came with the XR18 do not fit a standard 19" wide rack. Or did I install them wrong? See pic. Thanks

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    • CoffeeLove
      KevinMaxwell I think you have to remove the existing side panels and the Rack ears go on in place of them.
      • May 1
      • XR18 Stock Rack Ears Don't Fit - Am I Missing Something? - See Pic
        CoffeeLove Awesome, will check that. Thanks
        • May 1
    • CoffeeLove
      Dale_M Hi there Kevin is correct!
      • May 1
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    Hi! One of the things I really like about the Wing is that it supports a range of workflows. One thing that would help me, is if it were possible to use sends on fader to do bus to bus mixing. We have a bus for a livestream mix (I do have a reason to use a bus over a main in this instance!), and using sends on fader works great for everything, except for mixing in the FX (which I am using directly on busses, without return channels).

    Currently, I have to select the FX bus to adjust the send from these to the stream mix (bus 1), which is a bit awkward as it then messes up the sends on fader by selecting the FX. What would be really handy is if I could select sends on fader for bus 1, and have the FX bus faders (bus 13-16) reflect the send to the stream bus (bus 1).

    I realise that it is not something that can be enabled by default, as sends on fader for a bus works both for mixing channels to the bus, and the bus to a main or matrix. There would need to be some definition of which way the bus to bus mixing went.

    This can be solved by adding an option in the setup menu, under the surface tab, to choose to have this off (default), or for the faders to control the sends to the selected bus, or for the faders to control the sends from the selected bus. It could be something like the picture here, to let you enable the feature and choose which direction you want it to work. 

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    • StephenEvans
      KevinMaxwell On the WING there aren’t the usual effects returns. So I am using the Mains 1-4 as my effects sends. I insert the effect onto the Main and then use that main as the input to an aux channel. Then you can send that aux channel to where ever you want thus putting how much reverb you send to the house (matrix) and how much if any to the Mix Bus that you use for each monitor. Or out to a matrix that feeds your broadcast/Streaming feed.

      I use the Matrix outs to feed my house speakers and other things.
      • Apr 30
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    I always love WING and thanks for BEHRINGER.

    and thanks for "+1" function in ROUTE page.

    if possible,

    If users can using BUTTON( attached picture ) for "Auto Next" push button.

    That will be great easy and usefull function for WING users.

    And this will be realized,

    User easly only push one button several times to route sequencely sevral channels.

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    Hello, my name is Mack Gonzales, I am a service tech at BP Lighting Sound & Video. This is one of our Midas M32 boards that had an object dropped on it. As you can see in the attached picture, the clear rectangular plastic cover is cracked. Also one of the small square displays is cracked as well. I would like to get information on replacement parts.

    1 clear plastic window

    1 small display cube


    Thank you for the assistance.

    Mack Gonzales

    Service Tech

    BP Lighting Sound & Video


    [email protected]

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    • BPLSV
      Nigel67 Hi Mack. Both spare parts can be purchased from us by sending in a spares ticket. This can be done by clicking on the support tab at the top of the page. A new window will open. Scroll down and click on the Spare Parts tab and submit a ticket. A colleague will then get back to you with availability and pricing. Many thanks.
      • Apr 23
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    Triber Moderator

    WING Firmware


    Update Version 1.11

    The console 1.11 firmware update offers some functional improvements and new features. Besides new Effects and new Talk, Solo and Listen functions this update also offers the option to send Midi-CC from Custom Controls and Fader Banks


    It is sensible to periodically check for new firmware updates. New features and bug fixes will be released regularly. Our development team is eager to react to customer suggestions and to amaze you with improvements and new features. Visit the WING product page on to download the latest firmware, install the update and enjoy the full potential of your WING.


    This new WING Firmware version contains:

    New Effects

    • Speaker Manager (Multiple Filtertypes + Dynamic EQ + Limiter)

    • Velvet Imager FX (Stereo-Enhancer)

    • Triple Dynamic EQ

    New Features

    • Option to send MIDI CC with Custom Controls and Faders

    • Show gain reduction on monitor limiter meter

    • Global Main/Alt overview + Auto switch page

    • Option to send channel to both SOLO buses in livemode

    • Source-Solo via Listen Channel (CH39 or AUX 7) (SRC SOLO on routing page auto-routes selected source to Listen Channel)

    • Talkback Improvements

    • Talkback indication (frame on the selected channel and during talk)

    • Automatically open talk destination page when pressing SOLO on talk channel

    • New TALK TAGSs to allow soloing or unmuting channels during talk

    • Auto-Customization for Listen- and TB-Channel

    • Support for future Waves Soundgrid Module

    • Buses removed from SIP logic Bug Fixes

    • Pitch correction fix could lead to fx processor reinitialization

    • IP fragmentation fix for long OSC packets

    • Fix for very rare USB audio startup issues


    Update Process:

    1. Connect a USB cable to the rear panel USB port and to your computer.

    2. Either hold the blank button on the main display during power-up or open the SETUP/GENERAL Edit page in order to enable WING OS.

    3. A drive icon will appear on your computer, like connecting a flash drive or external hard drive. Double click the drive to open.

    4. Extract the firmware zip file and drag/copy the new firmware file into the WING OS drive.

    5. After copying is completed, please eject the WING OS drive from your computer.

    6. WING should reboot automatically a few seconds after ejecting the drive. If it doesn’t, please power cycle the console, and verify the correct firmware version on the left of the SETUP/GENERAL screen.


    Alternative Update from USB Stick:

    1. Download any future FW updates from and store it on a FAT formatted USB stick.

    2. Connect the USB stick to the top panel USB port of WING.

    3. Open the SETUP/GENERAL page and tap on the UPDATE icon on the left of the screen.

    4. A file browser will appear on the screen, and you can navigate to where the fw update is located.

    5. Select the correct FW update file and tap on UPDATE.

    6. After installing the update is completed, you will be prompted to reboot the console.

    7. The console can be rebooted by power cycling, or by selecting SETUP/SHUTDOWN and holding the SETUP button while pressing the HOME button.

    8. Verify the update was successful by comparing the firmware version on the left of the SETUP/ GENERAL screen.

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    The firmware update 11742 for FLOW 8 works with remote app FLOW MIX 1.2 and Windows ASIO/WDM driver version 5.0.This new FLOW Firmware version contains:
    • Fix for leveljumps when changing gain on hardware (Hold MAIN)
    • Fix for fader offset when switching layer control sets
    • Optimized brightness control (in line with the IEC 62386 dimming curve)
    • Timeout for flashing TAP button (after 5 sec if not on FX page)
    Update Process:
    To update FLOW 8 to the latest firmware please use the SimplyPUT update tool. SimplyPUT is available for Mac, Windows and Linux and can be downloaded from the FLOW 8 product page at
    1. Please make sure you have installed the latest USB-Driver, which is available on the FLOW 8 product page!
    2. Connect FLOW 8 to your computer using the USB Type B socket
    3. Make sure your computer is connected to the internet
    4. Launch Application SimplyPUT will detect FLOW 8 and search for the latest firmware available on the serverSimplyPUT will always preselect the latest version available
    5. Select UPDATESimplyPUT will start transferring the new firmware to the hardware using the installed USB-DriverAfter a successful update, FLOW 8 will indicate the new Firmware-Version and reboot automatically
    1. Connect FLOW 8 to your computer using the USB Type B socket
    2. Make sure your computer is connected to the internet
    3. To launch application please use rightclick (CTRL+Click) and select Open.Select Open on the upcoming pop up againSimplyPUT will detect FLOW 8 and search for the latest firmware available on the serverSimplyPUT will always preselect the latest version available
    4. Select OPENThis will enable the DFU-Mode on the hardware.Recognisable by a red display on the hardware showing the current installed Firmware-Version.
    5. Select UPDATESimply Put will start flashing the new firmeware to the hardware After a successful update FLOW 8 will indicate the new Firmware-Version and reboot automatically
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    • Behringer
      FreddyG Thanks for that great update and the multifunctional mixer. But please give us a detailed user manual where all these awesome features are described. Maybe even with application examples. That would help many beginners.
      • Apr 20
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    As a super happy WING owner, I sometimes do use the FLOW 8 for streaming & podcast recording. However, there's one major downside: The FLOW 8 only has pre-fader monitor sends.

    Are there any behringer folks around here?

    Can you guys please add an option to the next firmware allowing to switch the monitor sends from pre-fade to post-fade so that when changing a faded of the Main mix, the corresponding monitor level is changed relatively to it. This option should be selectable per channel.

    See pics below. Red: Now. Green: Wish.




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    • ralfrottmann
      Abdelkader Das Feature hätte ich für meinen Flow 8 auch sehr gerne. :)
      • Apr 4
    • ralfrottmann
      NeilMoore Yes please :)
      • Apr 10
    • ralfrottmann

      I also desperately need this feature. Please add soon.

      • Mon at 2:09 PM
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    I have mix buses 1-6 setup and working with wedges and wireless monitors but haven’t yet tried setting up a P16. I’m wanting to assign the P16 to Mixbuses 7 and 8 so it can be in stereo. Is it automatically assigned or do I need to do something ? Also I have all my drum mic’s going to inputs 9-16. But let’s say I want to group some of them to use as one channel on the P16. How would I do that?  And what do I want "tap" to be? Thank you 

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    • Mike7300
      GaryHiggins You need to assign ch’s or busses to p16 ch’s. Any ch that works. I generally use pre eq taps so not to have p16 mixes change if main mix changed. You can set up a few busses to use as drum mixes then assign those as p16 ch’s as well. You need free mix buses to do it but it can easily be done.
      • Apr 3
      • Routing P16 to X32 Rack
        GaryHiggins I realized I didn’t detail very much in my post. To add just a little more info. From the picture above, you have a direct out of ch 1 pre eq set for p16 ch 1. If you wanted buses 7 and 8 as a drum mix just change the category to mix bus and choose 7 for say p16 ch 1 and 8 for the next p16 ch 2. Send your drum ch’s to the linked bus pair to taste on the x32. You could then hard pan (or link on the P16) those ch’s in the P16M. A common scenario with drums and P16M’s is to use 2 ch’s for stereo toms, cymbals and hat and 2 other p16 ch’s for direct out of snare and Kick. This provides decent control for a drum mix and still leaves 12 other P16 ch’s for Vox, grr, bass. Keys and horns etc. Also not uncommon to use other free buses for p16 ch’s to group other like things so as to allow larger ch counts to be well represented on the P16M. It sometimes takes a little experimentation to get the most useful P16 ch set up however really good mixes can achieved with some good planning.
        • Apr 4
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