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    My X18 is not connecting to any network. No activity light showed at the ethernet port when connected to a router or switch. I'm trying to find the part number for the PCB board. Any help?

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      KyleJohnson Hello, Kyle here with Music Tribe. Please contact our parts team by clicking Support and then Spare Parts.
      • Oct 5
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    hello all, hoping someone can help.

    we currently tried to update our x32 firmware. the update failed so we continued with our work but after switching off and back on again, a bootloader failure message appeared in the screen and the only lights on the desk are the menu buttons. we have tried inserting the USB and holding the view button (amongst other things) but we're getting no response from the desk at all.

    see pic

    I'd really apreciate any feedback, in hope it's an easy fix...

    many thanks CB

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    • SLUK100
      KevinMaxwell This is a copy and paste from the update directions. Did you follow these directions? Make sure you download the firmware again, your download might have gotten corrupted. that happened to me one time.

      Alternative Update:
      1. Download the new console firmware from the X32 product page at onto the
      root directory of a FAT32 formatted USB thumb drive.
      2. Plug the USB thumb drive into the top panel USB connector while the console is turned off.
      3. Hold the USB View button pressed while switching the console on. While booting, the X32 will
      run a fully automatic firmware update, which will take 2-3 minutes longer than the regular boot
      4. When no update file is available on the USB drive, or when it is corrupted, the update mode will
      remain active, preventing the X32 from booting regularly. Switch the console off and back on
      without holding the USB View button to boot the console with the existing firmware.
      Note: Behringer recommends to create a console backup before installing the update.
      This backup can be restored in case of data loss during the firmware update.
      • Sep 24
      • Behringerx32 bootloader fail
        SLUK100 thanks for that, we've followed these instructions but the desk doesn't respond, nothing is working on the desk
        • Sep 24
    • SLUK100
      KevinMaxwell Did you try an older firmware update following those procedures? Just to see if anything will work?
      • Sep 24
    • SLUK100
      GaryHiggins Try it again but make sure no other firmware file is in the root directory, as a matter of fact, try it on a drive if you can, that only has the exact firmware file desired on it. Even if you temporarily copy everything else somewhere while you do. It has been a while since we have been able to update with multiple firmware files on a usb stick and choose which one we want BUT it is well worth trying it the “old” way….with only a single firmware file in the root directory. Less chance for corruption. Edit: btw I was once there in firmware limbo and thought I had bricked my mixer, I was able to recover eventually. I also recall a different usb stick and the above got me home again. This is also worth a try. A different usb stick formatted Fat32 .
      • Sep 24
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    Hello, looking for help bypassing the WiFi and hooking up my X18 directly from iPad (lightning connector) to ethernet port on rear of my mixer. I have the lightning to ethernet cable hooked up already, need to know what settings under Ethernet menu to toggle. Static? DHCP? or DHCPS?

    Thanks in advance

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    • johnd73
      PedroRodrigues Hi johnd73 I understand the type of implementation you are trying to achieve but please consider that the lightning to Ethernet cable will preset issues and might not connect and I would advise to use an external modem on your XR18 on ETHERNET MODE and connect your IPAD via WIFI, I understand that is exactly what you would like to bypass but effectively in this case this may be the best solution.
      • Sep 14
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    WING has so plenty plugins.

    But lacking one thing is users can't see several plugins interface.

    So.... I image this.

    In upcoming WING-EDIT application like X32-edit,

    eager to see this plugin page.

    first vertical row is selected channel's plugin view,

    and last two vertical row is custom pined view which user want to see every show time.


    Thanks for your reading.

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    • pilgrims1
      Nigel67 Hi pilgrims1. Many thanks for your Wing customer enhancement request. I will pass this on to the design team for further discussion.
      • Sep 5
      • [WING] I eager to see this page one upcoming WING-EDIT application.
        pilgrims1 Thanks Nigel67
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        • Sep 6
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    Thanks more to Behringer Development team for 1.12.4 update.

    and now I know that there are only behringer update their digital console frequently and constantly.


    I have one another idea for key source.

    When operator using these technic for gating drum, users spend two channels for one source.

    so this... If user using this tech for ever drums ( kick snare tom1,2,3 ), have to using 10 channels totaly for this.



    If users can using not only 40 input channels but also could assign every connected inputs ( not yet assigned input ch ),

    Users could save 5 channels, and could using that for other sources.


    Thanks for your reading.

    Best regard.

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    Hi can someone help me with this?

    Is it possible to add a fader to control the left and right main volumes separately?


    Something like the atached image (it's edited).



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    • MNissola
      Paul_Vannatto Unfortunately it is not possible to add separate L and R faders to the main fader for this reason. Every app communicates to the X-Air console using OSC commands. There is only one OSC command (/lr/mix/fader) for the stereo main fader. What you can do though, is adjust the Main LR pan to the left or right to get the desired results.
      • Sep 1
      • XAir X18 LR Volume Control
        MNissola Ok, thanks for the fast reply!
        • Sep 2
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    I'm having problems with my fix 24 bit dual engine dsp. Upon turning xenger x1832 usb mixer on the numbers show up and 2 lines appear causing me not to succeed on. Please help. I hooked up equipment but never used it. I finally have a engagement this Saturday and I need help!!!

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    • Excel321
      DavidKnighton Hello Excel321,
      The manual does not describe any manual reset for the fx. I would suggest try holding the PARAM encoder pushed in and/or the TAP button while powering the unit ON to see if either combination triggers an FX reset. If not, then your device may have a faulty FX processor. If then, please submit a tech support or service request inquiry via the SUPPORT tab at the top of the page.
      • Aug 4
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    I am having difficulty in finding a way to hearing the built in effects when selecting a channel solo.

    In the Monitor settings I have selected LR AFL but I can only hear the dry signal... no matter what I select.


    Can someome please guide me on how to solve this problem?

    Using Firmware V 1.7

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    • IeSugnu
      DavidKnighton Hello leSugnu,
      AFL stands for AFTER FADER LISTEN. This means when you solo a channel, you are listening to the signal "after" or "post" the fader level position. If you solo a channel and do not hear effects, it is most likely because the effect is not present on that channel, or the fader is turned all the way down. When using the built in effects in a send/return configuration, you will need to solo the FX RETURN channels in order to hear the output of the rack effect. If the FX RETURN channel fader is all the way down, you will not hear any effect in the Main L/R mix.
      • Jul 9
      • XR18 - Using Solo and hearing AFL
        IeSugnu Thank You For Replying. I couldn't select the effects together with the dry signal, because in the "GUI Pref", Exclusive Solo was selected. Unticking it solved the problem.
        • Jul 10
      • XR18 - Using Solo and hearing AFL
        IeSugnu Is there a Comprehensive, in depth, user manual for the XR18? That would help me allot!
        • Jul 10
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    hola como puedo comprar una tarjesta usb para una rx18 behriger

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    • AlexisLedesma
      • behriher
        Nigel67 Hi Alexis, you can purchase a replacement pcb through our spares department. They can be contacted by clicking on the support tab at the top of the page. A new window will open. Scroll down and click on the Spare Parts tab and submit a ticket. A colleague will then get back to you with pricing and availability. Many thanks
        • Jul 4
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    I've got an X32.  In the group bus section, bus 4 text and icon has disappeared.  The light is on and the bus functions, but no text.

    The firmware is the latest, and I've done a factory reset.  No luck.

    Anybody got any ideas

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    • Zappy4223
      NicJonesMT Hi Zappy4223.
      If you manually change the name or image for this Bus is it still blank?
      Does this happen across all scenes or just a specific one?

      If manually changing the image and text does not resolve the issue then could you please submit a technical support ticket and a member of the team will be able to assist you further.
      • Jul 3
    • Zappy4223
      KlausMock What about changing the layer? If the same occors on all layers, then this might is a sign that there is something wrong with the display. If this only happens on that particular layer I guess this has something to do with the bus channel config.
      • Jul 3
    • Zappy4223

      Thanks all. It's the lcd. I've done all the above. Luckily the vendor (sweetwater) is sending a replacement, considering it's less than 3 months old. Gotta love those guys

      • Jul 3
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