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    XLR Input 7 on my Midas M32R is suddenly showing a constant signal with nothing connected, pic attached. I updated to the latest firmware, did a factory reset, tried reseating the USB card, cleared every routing, etc. etc. Does anyone know what might be causing it and whether it's possible for me to fix it? Maybe opening the unit and cleaning it? Unfortunately it's out of warranty at this point. Any help greatly appreciated. 

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    • rhialto11
      Paul_Vannatto What source (on config screen) is assigned to Channel 7?
      • Feb 5
      • Midas M32R - one XLR input shows signal with nothing connected
        rhialto11 Xlr input 7. It's just the default factory routing. I also just discovered that a low cut filter removes the signal, but the meters still show the spurious signal pre-eq. And I tested a mic and the input is still working, it's just got that weird low frequency noise on it.
        • Feb 5
    • rhialto11
      Paul_Vannatto I had that happen on a couple of inputs of my MR18. I blew the XLR jacks out with compressed air and that seemed to do the trick. Try it.
      • Feb 5