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    I have an perfectly working one of XR18 mixer and after switching power ON - the "LD2" LED flashing some seconds and "LD1" LED lights up. On not working XR18 mixer the "LD2" LED is flashing but "LD1" LED doesn't power up. And not working mixer doesn't shows up on my computer connected via Wi-Fi or Ethernet or USB. I think it is a problem with Firmware but I can't update it or doing something else because mixer can't be connected to the computer. What i have to do in this case to fix this problem?

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    • Snayp
      WilliamR Hello,

      Please click the support link above and create a tech support ticket. Someone will contact you to help you out ASAP.
      • October 29, 2021
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    I recently bought two SD8 and a SD16 to use as XLR boxes in my studio and be able to conect the mics in several places of the recording room via one CAT5 cable to the control room. The thing is I can easily use one of them but can't get to record using the three on cascade.
    I have the AES50 A input conected to the A input on a SD8. The B of that SD8 conected to the A of the SD16 and the B of the SD16 to the A of a SD8. I entered the routing page and it detects the three boxes as in A mode (or channel or whatever). I then set the inputs as follows:
    1-8 to AES50 A9-16 (the SD16)

    9-16 to AES50 A-17-24 (the SD16)

    17-24 to AES50 A1-8 (the first SD8)

    25-32 toAES50 25-32 /the second SD8)


    It's so I have the first 16 inputs in the SD16 where my drums are.


    In the X32 you can see the input signals correcly but when going to record in my MAC through the usb connection it all seems messed up and it only recognices some inputs...


    Noting that I have 32 inputs enabled and have recorded them before using the XLR inputs of the X32. I use Ableton Live 10 on a MAC.

    As always, thanks a lot for your time and support.

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    • JuanDahmen
      Paul_Vannatto That screen is meant to assign the inputs to the X32. To assign signals from the X32 to the Card, you have to use the Routing, Card screen.
      • October 4, 2021
      • Routing SD8 + SD16 + SD8 for recorging on MAC
        JuanDahmen Thanks for replying. As far as I see my CARD tab in the routing menu has only "expansion card outputs". Is that what you mean?
        I use version 4.06 in my X32
        • October 4, 2021
      • Routing SD8 + SD16 + SD8 for recorging on MAC
        JuanDahmen Aaaaaand despite saying card outputs and not inputs, it works now like a charm. Thank you a lot. Cheers :*
        • October 4, 2021
      • Routing SD8 + SD16 + SD8 for recorging on MAC
        ValeriuM_Trufin Because you select what signals the consoles outputs trough the card.
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        • October 4, 2021