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Classic High Gain Distortion Pedal with Fat Mids, Treble Filter Control and 3 Clipping Modes

List Price: $59

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    Your perfect beach buddy. Designed around superb studio-grade algorithms, SKYSURFER MINI REVERB provides all the lush, transparent reverb sounds you could ever dream of – without compromising your original tone.
    List Price: $39

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    Just bought a Plethora X5. I installed the latest firmware and I'm hooking it with the 4 cable method, the correct way just like explained in the following video :

    Now, when I change boards or when I switch pedals positions or when I assign toneprints, the volume goes EXTREMELY loud for a second. 

    I've seen other thread about this here but no valuable answer. This needs to be fixed as it could lead to serious hearing damage.
    I'm scared it could also damage my amp.

    I absolutely need to run this unit with the 4 cable method because some effects need to be in front of the amp while others need to be in the amp fx loop.

    I'm attaching an image of the waveform of a recording I made with my phone next to the amp. You can see the middle part where the volume jumps up is when I switch board.

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    • MitchConnely
      WilliamR Hello, William here from music tribe. This issue has just been brought to our attention recently. This has been passed to our engineers and they are looking into it.
      • Mar 10
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    Hi guys,

    Just bought Ditto X2 Looper to use with my Line 6 Helix LT

    The ditto has both mono and stereo inputs/outputs.

    I want to use on the FX loop of my Helix LT, which has 2 sends and 2 returns.

    The Helix LT is stereo.

    Not sure which output on Ditto goes to which port on send return of helix.

    So I have 2 sends and 2 returns on helix and 2 mono and 2 stereo ports on ditto  anyone no how I connect and to what ports on helix please 

    Also will ts cables be ok or does it need to be trs for all 4 connections?


    Many thanks


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    • Chainsawcharlie
      PedroRodrigues Hi Chainsawcharlie ,Please consider that this pedal has two standard ¼" jack TS inputs and two standard ¼" jack TS outputs for stereo operation. If your signal source is mono like a regular guitar or a mono effect pedal, connect it to the MONO input, if your signal source or next device on the signal chain is stereo please use both ¼" jack TS on the input and on the output.
      • Mar 7
    • Chainsawcharlie
      Chainsawcharlie Many thanks for your kind reply
      • Mar 7
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    Hi togehther,


    I bought a ND-1 and the last ownder did not tell me that it has some issues... 


    Issue 1: Freezing after bootig.. I guess it has to do with the EPROM wich seems to be faulty in a lot of cases on this units - I raised a Ticket for that to get a new one.

    Issue 2: I realized that 2 SMD Caps (one is C16 and onebelow the R35) on the back are broken (really broken) and the one Cap C151 next to the DSP is missing. Is there someone who can tell me the values of the missing parts?

    Is there a schematic for this device and or a service manual?

    A unit wich is below 200€ and years old is nothing I send to a repair shop as I am an electrician.

    So I hope someone cloud help me to bring this lovely piece of gear back on stage.


    Greetings from Germany



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    • LukasLange
      Dale_M Many thanks for your post but I am afraid we cannot share schematics or service documentation with non partners, we advise organising a non warranty repair with PMS in Germany.
      • Feb 21
      • Nova Delay ND-1 Servicemanual / Spareparts
        LukasLange Thanks for the reply.. but I said that a repair is uneconomic in this price range - I would appreciate I you could tell me only the values of the missing parts. that would really help me. You can send them via PM. Thank you.
        • Feb 22
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    Hello !
    I have a Flashback 2 and want to update it for use the stereo with tap tempo.
    I connect the pedal in usb to my PC (windows10) , then I press/hold the switch and i insert the DC plug. The LED turn on green and I ear the sound of device connecting on my computer, perfect.
    So i run the firmware update executable, the pedal is recognize and I press Update. (1)
    But it fail: after ~10% the LED starts flashing. And in 60% the progress stop, back to 0%, the LED off and Windows make the sound of disconnection and reconnection.(2) The status is "Firmware upgrade successful" but no, the features is not operational on the pedal. 
    I want to see the firmware version on my pedal, but she is not recognize in TonePrint (3) (so i can't make a tonePrint too). My Hall of Fame 2 is not recognize too.
    I've try dozens of times, with differents cable and usb port
    Someone had the same problem and/or know how fixed it ?
    Thanks you !
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    • galabix
      TC-Marcus Hi galabix!

      Even though the updater stops at 60% it should be done, I see the same thing here on my FB2. So I think your pedal actually is updated. Especially if you can still get a delay FX out of it.

      I assume you are running the TonePrint app through windows 10 too, if that is the case, try redownloading it (currently latest version is 4.4.03 as of writing this.). You can get it here

      Here my FB2 turns up just fine as highlighted by the app (see attached). I used the windows 10 64-bit version of the app and connected via the same cable as I used for the firmware update.

      If you can get that far, just follow this video for instructions on how to enable the built in tap tempo feature.

      Let me know how it turns out.
      • Feb 4
    • galabix
      galabix Hi Marcus ! Thanks you for your fast answer ! Indeed, I had miss the last version. So I have download this, but unfortunately for the same result :/ (run in normal and administrator mode)
      My flashback2 is still not recognize (my HoF2 neither), so i can't be sure if my pedal is updated

      If I correctly read the changelog, the update (of flashback2) fix the small bug regarding stereo output (in fact this is the main reason for me to do the update, more than tap tempo integrated). And that not working, so I supposed my device is not updated :(

      Do you have any other idea ?
      Thank you again and good evening !


      (btw my appologies for my english, is not my native language !)
      • Feb 4
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    salut je suis en train de me monter un beau pedalboard Tc et je me demandais si vous pouviez me donner un coup de main avec l'achat de ma prochaine pedale , la quintessence!! un code promo pour un super rabais au canada ?? vos produits sont incroyable!! merci

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    • Psychework666
      PedroRodrigues Merci pour votre contact.
      S'il vous plaît noter que tout processus de vente est exclusivement liée aux partenaires et revendeurs que nous ne vendons pas d'équipement directement aux clients finaux.
      Dans cet esprit et en réponse à votre question, nous n'avons aucun type de réduction ou d'accès à des réductions car ce processus est directement géré par les partenaires.
      S'il vous plaît contactez un de nos partenaires ci-dessous.

      • Feb 3
  • New
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    The main reason why I bought tc pedal, was the ability to see dynamic response graphs (based on internet images). But the current software version doesnot show them, only knob range. Where can I find the old software version showing GAIN and DYNAMIC RESPONSE graphs? It's not on tc site anymore

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    Hi good day. I have a problem in my flashback 2x4. I bought it last dec. And suddenly the first footswtich which is bank A is broke. The magnet in the footswitch is divided into three pieces :( Now the problem is, it is not activating/triggering the switch when i step on it because it's stuck. Is there any replacement for it? And where i can buy it?

    Hope there's a replacement parts for it :(

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    • RenRen1
      Nigel67 Hi. If you purchased the unit brand new last December, then it will still be under warranty and you should send us a service ticket by going to the Support tab at the top of the page and in the new window that opens scroll down to the Service tab and submit a ticket. If you have opened the unit, then unfortunately this has voided the warranty. You can still send the unit in for non warranty repair, or you could purchase spares by clicking on the spares tab instead of the service tab in the support page.
      • Jan 17
      • Flashback 2x4 footswitch
        RenRen1 Hi. I already send a ticket. How can I purchase the spare parts?
        • Jan 17
      • Flashback 2x4 footswitch
        Nigel67 If you submitted a spares ticket, then one of my colleagues will get back to you with pricing and availability so that you can purchase the part.
        • Jan 18
      • Flashback 2x4 footswitch
        RenRen1 Ok thank you sir. Waiting for their reply because I badly need it..
        • Jan 18
      • Flashback 2x4 footswitch
        Nigel67 what is the ticket number and I can check where it is in the queue.
        • Jan 18
  • New
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    Hi recently I found out that my tc electronic t2 guitar pedal is not working. Do you know if the service is for free and to whom should I write to? thank you


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    • davidmachac11
      WilliamR Hello David, Please contact us by submitting a Care Ticket. Click on the Support link at the top of this page. On the Support page, scroll down to the bottom and click on Technical Support to get started.
      • Jan 5
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