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    I'm looking for a barrell jack for the ac adapter plug, anyone know ehere i can get one ??

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    • CQJR1962
      WilliamR Hello, William from music tribe here. Please click the support link on the top of the page and create a spare parts case. Someone from our parts team can contact you about getting that part ordered for you.
      • Aug 5
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    Any idea how I can purchase a replacement nut and bolt hinge for my polytuner clip?

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    • Witnot
      Dale_M Hi there I would advise going to the Support Tab above and submitting a SPARES ticket to see if they can advise you.
      • May 1
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    TC Electronic
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    [13:12] Aidan Belizaire

    Introducing UniTune Clip Noir

    We have elevated our trusty UniTune Clip headstock tuner to the highest level of coolness by giving it the fabled Noir makeover. UNITUNE CLIP NOIR offers uncompromised tuning quality, a scorchingly bright LED display and versatile tuning options with an elegant and sturdy design.

    The Power Couple of Tuning Modes

    UNITUNE CLIP NOIR features a light-speed chromatic tuning mode, gives you an instant readout with a bright needle display to an accuracy of ± 0.05 cent. Need total fine-tuning accuracy? Strobe tuning mode literally gets within two cents of your note with an incredible ± 0.02 cent of tuning accuracy.

    Built To Last

    UNITUNE CLIP NOIR is made from a special resin designed specifically to provide the kind quality and feel you would expect from a TC Electronic product. The tough stainless steel clip provides safe grip with a tight industrial grade spring and extra-grippy rubber pads to safely perch your tuner on your guitars headstock.

    Does it come in black?

    Now available in a sleek black housing with complimentary red buttons, ultra-precise strobe and chromatic modes, UNITUNE CLIP NOIR is the low-key master of no-frills headstock tuning.

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  • MrZurkon
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    Hi, I have a polytune 2 mini that I got on the used market, it seems to work ok but when you click the footswitch it says BATT every 30 seconds or so, should I be worried?

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    • MrZurkon
      Nigel67 Hi, have never come across this fault before. As there is no battery inside, I am wondering whether the power supply is on the edge of working and not. I can only think that the software was copied over from its big brother and the batt message was not removed. Do you have another psu that you can try. it needs to be 9volts 100mA or more centre negative. Let me know how you get on.
      • September 14, 2020
      • Polytune2 mini BATT warning?
        MrZurkon Hi Nigel, thanks, I changed the power cable out and that seems to have cleared it.
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        • September 14, 2020