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    2600 BLUE MARVIN

    Learn More:

    A limited edition, ultra-affordable and even more feature-packed homage to the iconic ARP 2600 synthesizer. Conjure up virtually any sound imaginable with incredible finesse and ease. The pure analog signal path is based on the authentic ARP 2600 circuitry from the 70s with matched transistors and JFETs. Owning a BLUE MARVIN is like having your piece of history enabling you to re-create timeless classics or forge your own musical path.

    List Price: $699

    #Behringer #2600 #BLUEMARVIN #Synthesizer #SpecialEdition #SemiModular #Analog #Synth #RackMount

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    • Behringer
      SamD007 On MIDI mapping: How are the Midi CC functions routed - specifically volume, breath, and expression?

      Are they converted into control voltages at some point? If so that would be super useful.


      • April 13, 2021
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    2600 GRAY MEANIE 

    Learn more:

    A limited edition, ultra-affordable and even more feature-packed homage to the iconic ARP 2600 synthesizer. Features a mechanical spring reverb, hand-picked components, uni-color LEDs on each fader plus a super slick paint job that’ll make your setup pop!

    List Price: $699

    #Behringer #2600 #GRAYMEANIE #Synthesizer #SpecialEdition #SemiModular #Analog #Synth #RackMount

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    I bought the original 112 oscillator and had one of the first ones. It went out of tune easily and there are some YouTube videos on this subject of how bad it was.

    So I sent it back to Behringer and it has been MONTHS with no oscillator sent to me.

    Meanwhile I noticed that Thomann got a shipment of them but still I didn't get one. 

    This is horrible treatment of the customer.

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    • PM
      Nigel67 Hi, I am very sorry that you haven't received your unit back from us. If you could tell me the RMA number or case number then I will find out what has gone wrong in the process as it shouldn't have taken more than 1-2 weeks to have your unit repaired and sent back to you. Many thanks
      • January 31, 2021
      • 112 Dual VCO
        PM CAS-145326-M5W6M7 - CRM:0049800002382
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        • February 1, 2021
      • 112 Dual VCO
        PM RMA Number: 376111
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        • February 1, 2021
      • 112 Dual VCO
        Nigel67 I have asked the Service Manager to look at the case and reply to you. I can only apologise for the inconvenience that this has caused.
        • February 1, 2021
      • 112 Dual VCO
        PM Still don't have it!!! After 6 months. And Thomann has them. Just buy one and send it to me. What an awful company you are. Terrible treatment of me.
        • February 17, 2021
      • 112 Dual VCO
        Nigel67 Hi. I have checked your case and saw that the last correspondence to you was on the 5th Feb. I am really sorry about this situation, although I am sure apologies are probably not what you want to hear at the present time, you just want your unit back. I have again reached out to the Service Manager and asked him to contact you today. Unfortunately I am not able to view the repair state of your unit. Please let me know if you do not receive a reply today and I will escalate this further.
        • February 18, 2021
    • PM
      PM Still don't have it.
      • February 25, 2021
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    Hello everyone, if you have a Behringer 2600 and you need a blank book to write down your patches I have created a patch book blank like the original ARP 2600 did. Feel free to use it. Enjoy ;)

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    i am going bananas  not being able to disable the sequencer from auto syncing with any given source (ableton/TR707/etc), i also own a Crave and in the crave software there is an option called exactly that sequencer auto sync which gives two options activated and deactivated and this prevents the sequencer from playing as soon as i press play in the daw or my drum machine, but i do not see anything that allows me to deactivate the sequencer autosync, is there a different way to do this on this Synth or is this feature going to be added to the software hopefully soon?


    I added a pic that shows the crave menu and the option i mention above.


    Thank you

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    • Meborrh
      JoeRivers96 Hi Meborrh, could you try installing the latest version of SynthTribe? I don't currently have access to a Poly D to check if this option is available, however I will forward this on as a suggestion to implement.
      • January 22, 2021
      • Poly D Sequencer Auto Sync
        Meborrh Hi Joe thank you for your time, i do have the latest Synth Tribe 2.4.6, Id appreciate it this will be a good feature to have hopefully soon!! thank you so much!!!
        • January 22, 2021
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    Features discrete transistor circuitry to add vintage character and is equipped with coarse and fine frequency controls, frequency range switch, on/off switch, pulse width control, 3 modulation attenuators and best of all it features 3-position toggle switches for each waveform which can be set to inverted/off/non-inverted, all the enabled waveforms are mixed together to create complex waveform shapes and amazing sounds.

    List Price: $99

    #Behringer #OSCILLATORMODULE1004 #2500Series #Keys #Synthesizers #Keyboard

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    A classic analog sample and hold module. The 1036 features discrete transistor circuitry to add vintage character and is equipped with onboard clock frequency controls, frequency range switches, clock on/off switches, trigger/gate select switches, manual sample switches, internal random signal level controls, external signal input attenuators and clock frequency modulation attenuators to create amazing sounds.

    The best part? It’s at a very affordable list price of $99. :)

    #Behringer #2500Series #classic #analog #sample #holdmodule #Synthesizer #Keyboards #Synths #Eurorack

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    A classic analog sample and hold module. The 1036 features discrete transistor circuitry to add vintage character and is equipped with onboard clock frequency controls, frequency range switches, clock on/off switches, trigger/gate select switches, manual sample switches, internal random signal level controls, external signal input attenuators and clock frequency modulation attenuators to create amazing sounds.

    The best part? It’s at a very affordable list price of $99. :)


    #Behringer #2500Series #classic #analog #sample #holdmodule #Synthesizer #Keyboards #Synths #Eurorack

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    Hi, this is Paul from Music Tribe. We have been recently made aware that people have been questioning Uli Behringer’s promise to donate 1,000 synthesizers to Children in Need around the world.

    I am personally in charge of this project, as it is not only very dear to my heart but also incredibly important to Uli. We have been diligently working on this project for months, and will absolutely deliver on our promise to provide synthesizers to children’s charities and foundations. We have even increased the amount from 1,000 to 1,500 synthesizers to serve all of the many organizations below.

    Selecting the right organizations together with our global partners and going through proper due diligence, whilst overcoming the challenges of Covid this year, hasn’t been a simple task. This project has taken longer than we would have liked, but I can assure you that we have been very carefully selecting and approving charity organizations, which I am more than happy to share with you.

    We’re currently working directly with over 100 organizations around the world, many of which I have listed below. Given the nature of the charities and their commitment not to engage in any commercial activities, whilst also protecting the identities of the children they support, we did not want this to be turned into a marketing exercise, hence it all happened quietly in the background and without any publicity.

    I am personally saddened that this has now been turned into a public event. In order to verify any of my statements, please feel free to directly contact any of these organizations about our partnership. I am also very happy to facilitate any communication should you wish to: [email protected]

    Music Tribe Charity Partners: 

    • Nordoff robins
    • Playing For Change Foundation
    • Soundabout
    • Banardos
    • Hope for children
    • Music for all
    • Songwriting charity
    • Scholas ocurrentes (fundacion papa francisco) capital federal
    • Scholas ocurrentes (fundacion papa francisco) rosario (pcia de sta fe)
    • Scholas ocurrentes (fundacion papa francisco) cordoba
    • Orquesta escuela papa francisco
    • Escuela de musica de buenos aires (emba) 3 escuelas
    • Fundacion cultural “la escuelita” cordoba
    • Escuela de musica “la colmena”
    • Escuela de musica de la ciudad de bs as publicas y gratuitas
    • Escuela provincial de musica de santa fe
    • Instituto superior de musica del litoral
    • Escuela municipal de musica “j b  massa”rosario santa fe
    • Fundacion “el aula de musica” de corrientes pcia de corrientes
    • Taller de musica y arte “del yesso”en corrientes, pcia de corrientes
    • Escuela de musica orfeo  Mendoza pcia de mendoza
    • Escuela de musica “el faro”mendoza pcia de mendoza
    • Centro de expresion artistica “pinkanta” pcia de san juan
    • Fundacion “fundartis”pcia de salta
    • Fundacion musicarte  Pcia de salta
    • Escuela de musica “el puente” santa rosa pcia de la pampa
    • Academia de musica “los sonidos” santa rosa  pcia de la pampa
    • Fundacion crecer con musica y sonidos neuquen pcia de neuquen
    • Escuela superior de musica de neuquen pcia de neuquen
    • Fundacion luminis escuela de musica neuquen pcia de neuquen
    • Escuela de musica “alturas”rio gallegos pcia de santa cruz
    • Escuela municipal de musica rio grande tierra del fuego
    • Escuela urbana de musica y artes ,ushuaia tierra del fuego
    • Fundacion “nep”escuela de musica en ushuaia, tierra del fuego
    • Escuela de musica “ ulp” san luis pcia de san luis
    • Escuela municipal de arte la rioja, pcia de la rioja
    • Instituto superior de musica en san miguel pcia de tucuman
    • Projeto som + eu (two schools)
    • Projeto guri
    • Projeto praticatatum
    • Asmb – ação social pela música do brasil
    • Grupo cultural afroreggae
    • Projeto música para todos
    • Sabra – sociedade artística brasileira
    • Aasjn – associação ação social jesus de nazaré
    • Projeto som do morro
    • Comunidade católica servos e servas da santíssima trindade
    • Projeto sol maior
    • Projeto música & cidadania
    • Orquestra de guaraci
    • Projeto visão mundial
    • Projeto música encantada
    • Projeto educando com arte
    • Projeto tonekids
    • Projeto som e vida
    • Projeto orquestra criança cidadã
    • Projeto ateliê dj
    • Reciclando sons
    • Associação musical alegro
    • Projeto social show de bola
    • Projeto cidadão do futuro
    • Instituto anelo
    • Projeto conviver
    • Prima – programa de inclusão através da música e das artes
    • Projeto acorde
    • Projeto escola harpa de davi
    • Instituto santa cecília
    • Projeto música e cidadania
    • Samba para todos
    • Projeto favela brass
    • Ação musical
    • Arte do protagonismo
    • Notas & canções
    • Amigos da orquestra
    • Música e cidadania
    • Projeto candango musical
    • Construindo música
    • Potências sonoras
    • Instituto cultural grão de areia
    • Projeto cultural waldir azevedo
    • A música salva
    • Sons de um resgate
    • Sonoro despertar
    • Uma nota musical
    • Projeto acordes mágicos
    • Bem me quer paquetá
    • Orquestra jovem paquetá
    • Amor e esperança
    • Scar – música para todos
    • Scar – orquestra jovem
    • Instituto água viva
    • Tocando a vida
    • Projeto música vital – multiplicando talentos
    • Pracatum – escola de música
    • Música em ação
    • Projeto social dentro da música
    • Projeto social a música do lixo
    • Comunidade musical
    • Instituto baccarelli
    • Harmonicanto
    • Ong atitude social
    • Programa guri
    • Projeto locomotiva
    • Projeto novos sonhos
    • Aacamus
    • Aebas
    • Ipdae
    • Orquestra jovem do rio grande do sul - ojrs
    • Projeto ser criança - cpcd
    • Violão solidário
    • Ong instituto árvore da vida
    • Quabales
    • Asafe
    • Poc – pequenos obreiros de curuçá
    • Ong aldeia da fraternidade – educando com arte
    • Neojiba
    • Acelera jovem
    • Afrape
    • Projeto renascer
    • Incase – instituto canarinhos de sergipe
    • Iasa – instituto amigos de santo andré / projeto ambiente musical
    • Projeto santo antônio
    • Projeto educarte – lar das crianças
    • Projeto casa verde - osses
    • Projeto melodia em movimento
    • Favela mundo
    • Projeto viva música
    • Projeto missão criança
    • Projeto primavera social
    • Projeto musical
    • Ong verde vida
    • Escola nazarena de música
    • Alma de batera
    • Sementes musicais
    • Ilha de música
    • Geração da chico
    • Orquestra maré do amanhã
    • Projeto banda escola
    • El tejano
    • Taita
    • Quelavi
    • Escuela nacional del folklore jose maria arguedas
    • Centro de educacion especial luis braille
    • Sinfonia por el peru " nucleo manchay"
    • Centro social musical barrios altos
    • Conservatorio nacional de musica
    • Estimada amiga te pase la relación de las instituciones que se destinaría los productos/controladores a donar
    • San jose esposo
    • San isidro
    • Fundacion guadelupe
    • Hogar albino luis
    • San jose
    • Santa elena
    • Aldeas infantiles sos
    • Adra paraguay
    • Hogar de ninos
    • Hogar de ninas el puente
    • Lourdes xiomara garcia
    • Yessie angelina godoy figueroa,
    • Fundadela
    • Fundación remar
    • Fundación adentro
    • Creamusica
    • Street kids direct
    • Gama music
    • Fundación de sistemas de orquestas de guatemala
    • fundacion de creadores de música
    • fundación jesús castillo love e iglesia vida real
    • Fundación red educativa arquidiocesana rea
    • Fundación nueva vida, de la arquidiócesis de guayaquil
    • Centro de terapia los robles, villa alemana
    • Escuela: “juan segel” comuna de freire 9° región
    • Clases de música gratuita “proyecto de formación musical papageno”
    • La academia de música el centro
    • Establecimientos comuna de freire 2020
    • Ong intermundos, caribe ( santa marta, palomino y taganga)
    • Fundacion cultural arca, bogotá
    • Fundación cantares, sincelejo
    • Fundacion vivat, medellin
    • Fundacion arte y parte, cali
    • Fundacion de los planetas, bucaramanga
    • Fundacion bambarabanda arte movil, pasto
    • Fundación batuta, cobertura nacional
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    MonoPoly Product Videos:

    It includes true-to-the-original analog circuitry, 4 VCOs and incredibly flexible key modes for monophonic, duophonic and 4-voice polyphonic playstyles. It features 37 semi-weighted keys with velocity functionality. Pitch can be raised or lowered using the Bend wheel, while modulation depth is controlled with the MG1 wheel. For those who want the numbers, the MONOPOLY has 62 knobs and buttons, laid out on a tiltable front panel in a highly intuitive format that puts the joy back into your music creation.

    We have managed to offer the MonoPoly for US$ 699!

    #Behringer #MonoPoly #Analog #Synthesizers #Keyboards #Synth #Keys #Polyphonic

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