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    I am having trouble getting my Odessey, Neutron, and 2600 hooked up so that they are getting sounds out of all three. I have plenty of patch cords and midi cords. Just no sound.

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    Please help. 

    I have a sequence of notes on my TD3 I wish to send them from the midi out into the midi in of the Behringer crave.

    Ideally, I would like the crave to hear them and transpose them down an octave. Is this something that is easy to achieve?

    So the end result would be two audio outputs an octave away from each other. one from the TD3 and the other from the crave.

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    Hello Behringer team,

    since the Model D came up I own quite a lot of your equipment, which you can see on the pic.

    I admire Uli's philosophy to make music and instruments available for everyone.

    My project is Triangle Cross and could be found on or Journey to Space Borders (electronic music / Berlin school) - YouTube.

    From the few available information yet, I guess the upcoming Edge might fit perfectly to my equipment. Just one question, will the Edge have the same  (or similar) ratchet function like the Crave?

    And whenever you need somebody to test new upcoming equipment, just let me know...;-)

    Thanks and take care


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    I'm a keyboard is MindFree, playing around Los Angeles, and we just released our debut album.

    I'm also a blogger at, where I recently reviewed the virtual synths from Cherry Audio.

    I'm super interested in playing and reviewing Behringer modular synths, including the Crave, Neutron and Model D, as well as the upcoming Edge. I wish Deepmind 6 , a TD-3 and KH 45O amp and the build quality and sounds are amazing.

    I would love to review Behringer synths and make music with them, but need a break on the price.

    How can I get ahold of artist relations? I've only found several outdated contacts on the web.


    Keith Walsh





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    • Synthbeat88
      Nigel67 "Hi Synthbeat88, we appreciate you reaching out to us. If you could please email [email protected] and include links to your social channels, website, example content and a proposal. Should we want to discuss this further, we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you very much!
      • October 28, 2021
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