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    Some one Help me plz I need firmware of Play acoustic I Need it back :(

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    • poptechanon9
      thisisjust9 I have the same problem. Have you find any solution? My unit now is bricked/useless. Connecting the unit to VoiceSupport 2 (Mac version) shows the unit is now Blue (VoiceLive Play) not the actual Black one (VoiceLive Play Acoustic).

      And, one more thing, I wonder whether this MusicTribe forum really represents TC Helicon? This forum has the lowest and slowest response, and not even from TC Helicon Tech team. Such a disappointment for a big name such as TC Helicon.

      Anyway, I certainly hope, anyone here can help us to solve this VoiceLive Play weird problem.

      Thank you.
      • December 26, 2021
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    I have a bit of an elaborate karaoke basement. As part of the set up I have:

    • 2 Perform V 
    • ZOOM LiveTrac 8 mixer
    • Mac for playing backtracks from KaraFun (great service)


    The mixer has the capabilities to have custom outputs for each of the 6 or so headset jacks. These could have just the backtrack output with no vocals


    My Question:

    The Perform V can use room sense to use for the harmony, but with the PA speakers, multiple singers, background noise, I am wondering if the aux in is a option as described and would this even work.

    The Perform V is a great piece of equipment!!

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    • ShawnBrown
      PedroRodrigues Hi ShawnBrown, thank you for your post, for the RoomSense to correctly perform chord detection you will need to have a chorded instrument near the RoomSense mic otherwise the unit will not be able to accurate detect the harmony. As you have described “with the PA speakers, multiple singers, background noise” that will definitely be an issue for the RoomSense mic chord detection.
      The Aux In can be used to determine key/scale for Perform-V’s Harmony or HardTune effects when you connect a music player or a smartphone.
      But for live sound as you have described unfortunately it will not work as the audio from the AUX input is slightly delayed from input to output to improve chord detection, the delay won’t have any effect on music you’re singing along with but it does mean this input is not designed to support instruments that you will be playing live as you will feel them strangely “laggy”.
      • November 17, 2021
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    I want to use the FX150 simply as a monitor but not sure how to connect for this purpose.

    I'm currently going out of the VL3X mono output into a Bose L1, headphone jack to FX150 for Backing tracks, guitar out to Bose L1.

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      PedroRodrigues Hi JOHNRYAN,in your case the best option will be to use a Mixing desk that will manage the Monitor signal and will send that signal to the Monitor Input on your VL3X via Aux Send so you can have that same signal being outputted via Monitor Thru to feed it to any monitor you would like.
      • September 21, 2021
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    Hello I'am looking for the TC helicon Voicelive Rack MIDI System exclusive.

    I cannot find the codes of the Sysex for Voivelive Rack



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    Last year I created a ticket about the issue I'm facing with my TC-Helicon VoiceLive play. Until now no answer from the support.

    I have performed all kinds of reset to the device explained in the manual (full reset etc....)  , installed the latest firmware etc... nothing solved .

    The issue is the LCD screen display the information of the patch goes reverse and can not be readable from time to time, power off the unit and power up again solve the issue until after a few minutes (30m or 1h or so ) the LCD display goes reverse again.

    Can someone help me on that ?  Anyone had this issue? 

    In attach a picture of the issue.

    Thanks for the support

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    • LuisFerreira
      DavidKnighton Hello LuisFerreira,
      Sorry to hear you haven't been in touch. Quite often if you don't hear from us, it's because your email server spammed our reply. Always check spam/junk inbox when expecting a reply. I would say this issue likely needs to be examined. Go ahead and click the SUPPORT tab and submit a TECH SUPPORT inquiry. Once submitted, you should get an automatic reply with a case number that begins with CAS-xxxxxx-xxxxxx. Provide me with that case number and I'll see to it that someone responds.
      • May 4, 2021
    • LuisFerreira
      LuisFerreira Hi David , thanks for your reply, I have create a new ticket "Ticket Number: CAS-450888-X7V5L3". Sometime was not correct on my last ticket request as this time. I get a message with ticket number that I did not happen on the other request. Thanks for your support. Regards - Luis
      • May 5, 2021
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    Hi guys, has anyone here tried to order spare parts from this website? How long did it take before you received yours? Thanks 

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    The BLUE TC Helicon C1 Pitch Correction pedal

    I just bought 3 of these for my 4-pc rock band. My guitar goes through all of the pedals for pitch correction to my guitar. While playing live all the voices sound SUPER processed and doubled. I'm not looking for 'hard tune' or gender. I'm just looking for some subtle pitch correction for our 3 hour shows, which are very physically taxing. I have the correction knob up about 20% to keep some pitch correction, but it still sounds WAY too processed and double for a live rock band (KISS Tribute). Does anyone have suggestions? If it can't be tweaked, I might have to return them...

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    • bongnp
      WilliamR Could you click on the support link above and create a tech support ticket? You can put attention to William Reichling. If you can provide an audio clip of the tone that would be helpful too.
      • April 19, 2021
    • bongnp
      kiskadar69 1. "I'm just looking for some subtle pitch correction": I think the guitar signal should not go through the C1s and the C1s should be set to CH mode.

      2. If the problem is not solved, the Cs1 knobs should be calibrated:
      • April 20, 2021
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    I can't get vocal or guitar to work?


    What software settings do I need to do and which socket should I plug into my fishman loudbox performer?

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    • Muso2
      PedroRodrigues Hi Muso to be possible to assist you with more resources please follow the link below and submit a assistance case directly with our support team .
      • April 9, 2021
    • Muso2
      Muso2 Hi,

      I’m confused how to set up VL3extreme. The equipment I currently have is Taylor 714ce acoustic electric guitar, shure 57beta mic, VL3E and Fishman loudbox performer.

      I want to be able to play mic and guitar through the vl3e. Is it possible to run it all through my fishman amp or do I need to buy a mixer and speakers? Where do I connect it through fishman if this is possible.

       What gear would you recommend I get if fishman option not possible. I want to get voice and guitar working for VL3Extreme, 

      Thanks in advance
      • April 9, 2021
    • Muso2
      PetGerbil Can you plug acoustic guitar and mic into vl3, take the main XLR outputs from Vl3 into the mic and guitar inputs on the Fishman amp and set the Vl3 to "Dual Mono" outputs.? (making sure there's no "phantom power" on the Fishmans inputs.)
      • April 9, 2021
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    The connected software shows that the device is GTX, and it shows "it is in use" and the firmware cannot be upgraded. Could you please give me a copy of the firmware of the machine?

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    I was at rehearsal last week and decided to plug in my phone to the aux jack to run through a song. Seemed to work fine but now the unit seems to have an j thermal mic issue or something. If nothing is plugged into the aux jack(even just a cable with nothing in the other end) then the unit picks up every sound ( pressing buttons, touching the machine at all) very loud and clearly with a slight delay. The k my way I have found to remedy this is to just leave an 1/8" cable plugged into the aux port. This seems like a very strange issue, I'm wondering if anyone else has come across it. Thanks! Cory

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    • CoryDumont
      PedroRodrigues Hi CoryDumont this may be related to the RoomSense being active, as this tool controls the two onboard microphones on the unit and in some cases can cause similar issues as the ones you just mention. Can you please press MIX and turn the ROOMSENSE level all the way OFF and see if the issue is still present?
      If the steps above, do not resolve this matter have you tried to perform a factory reset to your unit?
      To perform a factory reset hold down “Store” and “Back” during power up.
      Thank you
      • March 14, 2021
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