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    Hi guys, has anyone here tried to order spare parts from this website? How long did it take before you received yours? Thanks 

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    Hi! the voicesolo Fx150 is sold out in all stores and e-commerce. Are you going to manufacture more units of this fantastic product?

    I wish another! Thanks!!!
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    • pablogoparra
      DavidKnighton Hello Pablo,
      As far as I know, the product lifecycle is still in the production phase, meaning it's not been discontinued and probably won't be anytime soon. There is high demand for all musical products during these times, due to many people being on lockdown. This means the product is selling out faster than distributors can acquire it. Best thing to do is to place a back order with your distributor so you get priority shipment once the product becomes available.
      • Feb 25
      • Voicesolo Fx150
        pablogoparra Thanks! This is great, I was afraid it was discontinued. Best regards!
        • Feb 26