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    I'm trying to get my Konnekt 8 to work on firewire with an iMac running High Sierra. I know I'm not the only one having problems with that - but right now I am hoping that the 3.6.1-driver will help me.

    But - it isn't anywhere on the TC website even though they do mention it at least once in the software release notes...

    HELP me, please... :-)

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  • cubidj
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    Hi there,

    I have a MacBook Pro with El Capitan installed and a software version 3.5.1 f3664 for my Impact Twin.

    The latest Impact Twin driver available is version 3.6.1. Which version of Mac osx does it support the last driver?





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  • dagovitsj
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    Hi, I know that the TC Konnekt 24D is discontinued, so I won't bother support with a lot of questions. But I'm a long time customer of TC Electronics and my trusted TC Konnekt 24D has worked great since 2006 on my win 7 64 bit pro system. Yesterday I installed Win10 Pro (64 bit) on my PC and the 2.4.1 drivers (which I had on an old hard drive). That worked fine. After a while I found the "newest" drivers from 2016 which are called tcaudiointerfacesoftware-x64-361.msi - and installed them 5 minutes ago. But now I get a warning message which I haven't seen before. It says: "Driver version does not match the control panel". How do I solve this issue? Yes, I had to uninstall the 2.4.1. drivers before I installed the tcaudiointerfacesoftware-x64-361.msi - and I turned off the TC Konnekt 24 interface before I uninstalled the drivers and installed the latest ones, and restarted my PC, and then turned on the interface. Can someone help me out here? I love my TC Konnekt 24D and it would be great to have it working on win10 ;-) Thanks in advance. Cheers!
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    • dagovitsj
      dagovitsj Hi, I just uninstalled the drivers and installed it one more time, now it's working as it should, no more warning message. Great!
      • July 3, 2020