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    Dock, power and connect TC Electronic ICON Series hardware controllers such as TC2290-DT, DVR 250-DT, Master X HD-DT and PEQ 3000-DT in one flexible unit with a small footprint.

    List Price: $179

    #TCElectronic #TCICONDOCK #ComputerAudio #DesktopController #ICONSeries

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    • TC Electronic
      yann_ Waiting for a vid of this it kind of looks cool but doesn't seem like they've put a lot of thought in it there's more icon tools than u can fit in this... what will I have to do with the other ones it should fit them all... the 2290, 8210, 1210 Dvr250, master X hddt, brickwall, hddt, peq3000 and dyn3000. Let's hope Tc electronic is smart enough to offer different sizes...
      • Feb 19
      • TC Electronic New Product Release: TC ICON DOCK
        PedroRodrigues Hi Yann please consider that for now this is the only size we will offer and please consider that this dock must share the space on a studio with other units therefor we have selected this size to allow just that. Thank you
        • Feb 24
  • IanKlausing
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    After a little over a year of my ditto being an absolute staple on my board, today it just didnt want to work. I used it last night, went to record a loop this morning, red light came on, hit the playback button, it turned green but no playback. I unplugged the power source and checked all the cables and such, now it's just strobing green and red nonstop! This is devastating to me cause I love it so much I was just wondering if theres anything i can do? Are these serviceable? I'd have no clue where to start on diagnosing the issue. I have a hard time believing it's just broken, I'm hoping its something stupid like some kind of reset or maybe theres a way of reading a fault code via the USB,  idk I'm probably just SOL but still. This pedal has not given me any problems using it almost every day for a year and it just doesnt make sense for it to overnight just crap out when it isnt even on. 

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    • IanKlausing
      john0121 Sorry for the problem with your Ditto pedal, please click the submit button at the top of the page and fill out the service request form. A member of the team will be able to help then with some troubleshooting and a repair if needs be.
      • September 10, 2020