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    When I recently tried to update my installation of LM6n on my Mac running macOS 11.4 Big Sur an error dialogue box popped up indicating the installation could not proceed 'because Apple cannot check it for malicious software. The software needs to be updated.'
    I'm guessing the same may apply to my LC6n software, which current is up to date but I would hate to need to reisntall it if it has the same problem with Big Sur.

    When will an updated version of these installers that function with Apple's malicious software check be released?

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    I bought tc8210 native in this site without login.

    And I didn't receive the mail after the purchase.



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    • sdj9113
      Dale_M Can you advise your email address please?
      • May 28
    • sdj9113
      • I didn't receive the mail after the purchase.
        NicJonesMT Hi SDJ9113
        Sometimes the Activation email is sent to your Spam/Junk folder.

        If the Email is not here then please submit a technical support ticket and provide your iLok user ID in the Ticket. We can then manually deposit this to your account.
        • May 30
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    Dear All,

    Wonder if anyone can help.

    TC Near (3.61) is not recognising my Studio Konnekt 48 on Mojave (10.14.6), running on a Mac Mini i7 3.2Ghz

    i'm connecting the SK48 into the Mac Mini Thunderboilt 3 port, using an Apple FW to TB2 adapter and an Apple TB2 to TB3 adapter.

    The Mac OS is recognising the SK48 as connected to the TB3 port, however the TC Near Control Panel is showing:

    "No device found ... looking for devices..."

    i downloaded what i believe is the latest driver from here:

    TCAudioInterfaceSoftware 3.6.1f34

    There don't appear to be any issues with the SK48 itself, still working on Mavericks via FW/TB2 

    Any ideas on how i can resolve this would be greatly apreciated


    Best regards,


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    • Valas
      PedroRodrigues Hi Valas please consider that the unit is a legacy unit and we have stopped releasing any updated form this unit for some time now, therefor will only work on legacy, the unit must be connected directly to a USB 2.0 port and the use of any adaptors will create issues when interfacing with the drivers. Thank you
      • Mar 9
      • TC Near Not Recognising Studio Konnekt 48 on Mojave (10.14.6)
        Valas Thanks Pedro, but the SK48 is FireWire not USB. Unfortunately I cannot connect the SK48 to the Mac Mini without an adapter. Are you saying connecting FireWire to TB3 via an Apple adapter will be causing the issue?
        • Jul 17
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    I just purchased the Icon Series Legacy Native Bundle. Unfortunately the confirmation mail and activation codes went to a wrong id which is no more valid. 
    How do I get these codes sent to my current id which is 

    [email protected]

    my order number is 89003 Purchase on 29th November 2020

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    • shantanu
      shantanu Please someone reply.... this is urgent
      • November 29, 2020
    • shantanu
      john0121 Hi Shantanu, it would be better to submit a technical support ticket in this case so the team can resolve directly with you over email. Click support at the top of the page then tech support and fill out the form. Feel free to put FAO John Matthews as the subject so I can pick this up with a colleague.
      • November 29, 2020
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    We've bought a TC electronics VSS3 stereo source Reverb TDM a few years ago and would like to update id to the new version of the VSS3.

    Please indicate me what's the best solution to do this.

    And excuse my english!

    Best regards


    Studio Honolulu

    What do you want to do ?
    New mail
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    • Ziart
      PedroRodrigues Hi, Honolulu Lecoeur to acquire or upgrade any license please follow the link below to access our Webstore
      • November 1, 2020
    • Ziart
      sseymour7 To be clear, do I have to "upgrade" if I already own VSS3 from 2018 and just want to update it (if necessary) to ensure compliance with Mac OS X Catalina (10.15.7)?
      • November 2, 2020
      • TC electronics VSS3 up to date
        PedroRodrigues Hi Stan if you have a VSS3 TDM you will have to follow the link above to update to a VSS3 NATIVE as this is the only version available for Catalina as the TDM version as been discontinued for some time now
        • November 3, 2020
  • simonbadao
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    Hi, I bought the VSS3 Native plugin, and didn't receive any confirmation e-mail for iLok registration.

    PayPal receipt number:0884-8296-3972-3934

    ilok account : [email protected]

    Order number: 86835

    Ticket Number :CAS-129332-J8C6W9

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    • simonbadao
      PedroRodrigues Hi simonbadao I have confirm and the VSS3 license is present on your ILOK account pending user activation, please log in your ILOK account and activate your VSS3 license. Thank you
      • August 13, 2020
      • VSS3 Native purchased
        simney Hi Pedro. Can you help me? I am interested in the VSS3 Native plugin but don't see a link anywhere on the TC Electronic product page to order it. Can you send me a link where to order it? Thank you.
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        • August 15, 2020
      • VSS3 Native purchased
        TC-Claus Hi simney ... if You scroll a bit down, You'll find it on the store page :-) all the best and stay safe from Claus
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        • August 16, 2020
    • simonbadao
      humanbeing I have the same problem can you help me? My open ticket: CAS-396028-X9F1G3
      • November 30, 2020
      • VSS3 Native purchased
        PedroRodrigues Hi Matthew my colleague Kyle is managing this case, please activate your license directly on to your ILOK account
        • December 1, 2020