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  • 2019-11-21

    Hey, everybody!

    This is just a heads up that we've released a firmware update for Perform-VE.  If you connect your Perform-VE to VoiceSupport 2, you'll be prompted to update to the new firmware version 2.0 build 76.

    Here's the update's video:

    And here's what's new in more detail:


    Feature Updates:


    Auxiliary input routed through looper:
    The auxiliary input is now recorded into the looper along with the vocal signal. Once recorded into a loop, the auxiliary signal can be removed from a loop in the same fashion as vocals - hold the "Set" button and press the "loop" corner of the "Looper" button.


    Moved drum sample triggers to MIDI notes:
    Instead of using the previous MIDI CC's to trigger the drum samples, now particular MIDI notes sent on MIDI Channel 10 will trigger the drum samples. They are as follows:
    MIDI Note 36 = C2 = Bass Drum
    MIDI Note 38 = D2 = Snare Drum
    MIDI Note 42 = F#2 = Hi Hat


    Variable Gender Morphing:
    The first Style on the Morph button (blue ring) now has a full ring of variable gender from constant to full keyboard mapping before going through 9 analog synth vocoder waveforms.  This gives a nice gradient between formant-preserved and fully-instrumental.


    Added the ability to ignore incoming MIDI CC's, PC's, and MIDI clock:
    Hold the "Set" button while powering on your Perform-VE to ignore incoming MIDI Control Change, Program Change, and clock data. MIDI notes are still accepted in this mode. This is a volatile setting, so rebooting your Perform-VE will re-allow all MIDI data.


    Enhanced behaviour of the XFX effect's Stutter style 1:
    No more double-click, no pause/resume function, removed energy detection.  Now it's much easier to create stutter effects.


    MIDI/Lead mix stored in preset:
    This used to be a global setting shared by all presets.  Now, the MIDI voice level (blue) and LEAD voice level (green) are now stored per-preset.



    Bug Fixes:


    The Morph effect's Gender parameter is no longer applied to the Double effect

    Fixed a bug where clipping an MP-75 or MCA100 could lock up the UI

    More reliable detection of Switch-3 and Switch-6 on power-up

    • The Double effect was tweaked to sound active when Hardtune is enabled
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    • Spencer Larsen

      Hello, how to remap mp-76 buttons? And sample triggers only on channel 10?

      • Mar 9
    • Spencer Larsen
      Robert Deacon

      Hi @inkie ,

      Drum triggers are usually set to channel 10. Most midi controllers with pads may even work by default with the VK notes. You can find all the details on how to edit the MP-76 buttons on page 8 of the Perform VE user manual, but in short, once you're in "MP-76" mode (hold set and press "3" until set turns yellow) you can simply hold down the button you want to map on the MP-76, hold down the effect button on the VE you want to toggle, and then release both buttons. 

      • Mar 10
    • Spencer Larsen

      I setted my launchpad pro mk3 to channel 10, and nothing happens after i trigger drums, even no midi indication on VE. ! And i figured out that Atack and Release are not saving in preset in firmware 2.0. That's very annoying to tweak it every time i switch the preset. Also, there is only a quick guide to download on the support page for PerformVE. And after i assigned the mp-76 button i don't understand how to clear the assignment, because i mapped it XFX instead of SAMPLE REC

      • Mar 24
    • Spencer Larsen
      Robert Deacon

      Hi @inkie ,

      We were having some issues with our website, but the manuals should be back on the website now! That should help with the MP-76 button mapping. 


      Which notes are you playing on the midi controller? Is it the same 3 that trigger the drums?

      • Mar 30
    • Spencer Larsen

      Yes I'm using this

      Channel 10

      MIDI Note 36 = C2 = Bass Drum
      MIDI Note 38 = D2 = Snare Drum
      MIDI Note 42 = F#2 = Hi-Hat

      Аннотация 2020-04-02 131502.png

      And what about Evenlope Attack\Release settings that are not saving into the preset?

      • Apr 1