• 2020-02-21

    The Heritage-D extensive Beta tours continue into 2020 with UK pop sensation, and recent BRIT Award winner, Mabel. With the Heritage-D on monitors and the Pro2 at FoH, her sold-out shows are guaranteed to have the Midas touch. We caught up with monitor engineer Nat Hopking, a sound engineer who has worked with the likes of Stormzy, Wretch32 and Leanne Rimes, on the Manchester leg of their UK tour, to get his impressions on our new cutting edge console. He talks us through his workflow, favourite effects, sound quality and innovative time-saving features, such as the Manchino workflow, that make his life easier on a busy, high profile tour.


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  • 2020-02-13

    The Development Of The Manchester Series - Turbosounds return to premier live sound reinforcement,

    Designed and manufactured based on extensive feedback and information from industry professionals. In this video, we detail some of the reasoning that inspired the development of the Manchester Series and the technology behind it


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  • 2020-02-03

    The new season of Midas On Tour features conversations with sound engineers and live sound professionals that rely on Midas Consoles to deliver the best sound and service possible. This season will feature even more interesting characters and seasoned professionals, including Midas Consoles staff!

    Coming Soon! 

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  • 2020-01-27

    The Secret History of Klark Teknik

    In the second half of this thoroughly researched presentation, our Quality Specialist Dale Minaker covers our production of the first-ever digital delay units. Mergers, buyouts and takeovers including the acquisition of Midas Consoles. Klark Marine - the brands brief dabble into radar technology (yes radar!), meetings with The Queen and what the future holds for KT, with facilities and investment that the founding Clarke brothers could only have dreamt of.

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  • 2019-12-05

    I'm very keen on a Simmons SDS-V clone. An iconic drum synthesizer released in 1981. It's one of those instruments that defined the sound of the 80's. And is a perfect match along with the other cloned instruments from Behringer.

    The Drum Brain is based on 5 different types of modules.: Bass Drum, Snare, Tom Tom, Hihat and Cymbal. It would make sense to make these in the Eurorack format, including a matching trigger/sequencer module with midi IO, and trigger inputs. And made available as a complete system in a Eurorack case, but also as separate modules.

    Thank you for listening.

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  • 2019-10-24

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  • 2019-09-12

    Another great (hilarious) video from our awesome Tribers! Watch their reactions on your music using Behringer products. Here's five Ulis for you, guys!
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  • 2019-09-11

    The Behringer crew is back on our users' music again!✌️?

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  • 2019-09-03

    I'm using a iPhone 6 with camera connection kit and Garage Band.
    I can listening the GarageBand's piano on my VL3x's phone, but this audio is not working like a input on my loop. My Input Loop is set to ALL.
    I spent all day reading the manual and looking for how to do this and did not locate it.

    How can I recored the Aux Input on a Loop  and sync the GarageBand MET with the VL3x ?

    I recored a video showing it


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    • Gladstone Filho
      Spencer Larsen

      Hey @GladstoneFilho,
      I don't speak Portuguese but I did my best to follow along with your video.  The first thing I noticed in your video is that you have Audio Cue enabled in your looper, and your phone's output is not triggering it to record.  Notice how the looper still says "Cued to Rec" when you're playing piano from your phone, this means the looper is waiting for audio input above your set threshold before it starts recording a loop.  Please go into the "Looper" menu on your VoiceLive, and at the bottom check the "Sensitivity" parameter for your Audio Cue, try turning it down to "Low" and hopefully that improves things.  Also worth noting, the looper cannot record audio from USB, only the inputs listed in the loopers "Util" menu are available as audio inputs into the looper (Vox, Guitar, and Aux).  Cheers!

      • September 10, 2019
    • Gladstone Filho
      Gladstone Filho

      Hi @TCH-Spencer

      I recored a english video.

      What I need is:

      - Use the box effects to voice and guitar

      - Use the loop layer

      - Use the Box Aux input to play the Garageband sounds

      - With MIDI Clock (here is the point).

      Ton Lang is doing exactly what I want in the video below, but he doesn't explain how



      Could you help me, please?

      • October 8, 2019
  • 2019-09-02

    For this week’s video, Ian walks us through the different departments within TREA and tells what they do to serve their customers.



    Directed by: Maz Calma and Jonathan Robiso

    Edited by: Maz Calma

    Written by: Ian Manalo and Rafa Shih

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