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    My Ms-1 worked fine two weeks ago and when I plugged up and powered it on yesterday the led for the power barely lights up and no other led light up.

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    • DTSwayze
      Nigel67 Hi DTSwayze. It looks like a power supply issue that will require repair. Please submit a ticket to our Service Department and they will help you further. This can be done by clicking on the support tab at the top of the page. A new window will open. Scroll down and click on the Service tab and submit a ticket. A colleague will then get back to you with an RMA number and advise the local service centre to you.
      • Aug 4
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    My Ultra-DI DI100 does not power my Shure beta 98HC Mic. When turning it on the light under the In/out button. The red light flashes and does not stay on. 

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    • Olliew3399
      RexBeckett Hello Ollie, the Shure Beta 98H/C requires phantom power. DI boxes do not usually pass phantom power to their inputs so cannot power condenser mics. Normally these mics would be connected directly to a mixer that would supply the phantom power. The flashing In/Out LED indicates that the DI100 is running from battery power.

      If you explain what equipment you are using, we may be able to suggest other solutions.
      • November 23, 2020
    • Olliew3399
      Olliew3399 Hi Rex, thanks for getting back to me. I must have assumed the DIbox would provide phantom power.

      Realistically I want to use my Shure beta mic with a busking battery power amp. I have a Roland mobile cube which has been great and used a cheaper mic with battery pack.

      What do I need to power my mic while busking ?

      Cheers ,
      • November 23, 2020
    • Olliew3399
      RexBeckett Hi Ollie, yes the DI100 does almost exactly the opposite of what you want. You need a battery-operated phantom power supply. There are a few possibilities. The ART Phantom II Pro is probably the most cost-effective solution.
      • November 23, 2020
    • Olliew3399
      RexBeckett Shure used to supply a battery-operated preamp for this type of mic - model MX1BP. They discontinued it but you may find one in the used market.

      For example:
      • November 23, 2020
    • Olliew3399
      Olliew3399 Thank you Rex, I appreciate your time helping me out!
      • November 23, 2020
  • PoloHunter
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    My voicelive extreme strangely started going crazy. As in all the presets started to change up and down on its own. Can someone help me with this isse

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  • Pratomoadhe
    Newcomer - Level 2

    Hello guys,

    i have a very frustrated problem with my VLX3. The screen is just flashing the whole time. I've tried to reinsert the SD Card inside the VLX3, but it change nothing. Please Help me. Thanks a lot!

    I attach the video how its look like.


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    • Pratomoadhe
      KyleJohnson Hi Chris, Kyle here with Music Tribe. Unfortunately it looks like your VL3X needs to be repaired. Please submit a Support ticket by clicking the Support link at the top of the page.
      • August 24, 2020
  • GladstoneFilho
    Contributor - Level 3

    I'm using a iPhone 6 with camera connection kit and Garage Band.
    I can listening the GarageBand's piano on my VL3x's phone, but this audio is not working like a input on my loop. My Input Loop is set to ALL.
    I spent all day reading the manual and looking for how to do this and did not locate it.

    How can I recored the Aux Input on a Loop  and sync the GarageBand MET with the VL3x ?

    I recored a video showing it

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    • GladstoneFilho

      Hey @GladstoneFilho,
      I don't speak Portuguese but I did my best to follow along with your video.  The first thing I noticed in your video is that you have Audio Cue enabled in your looper, and your phone's output is not triggering it to record.  Notice how the looper still says "Cued to Rec" when you're playing piano from your phone, this means the looper is waiting for audio input above your set threshold before it starts recording a loop.  Please go into the "Looper" menu on your VoiceLive, and at the bottom check the "Sensitivity" parameter for your Audio Cue, try turning it down to "Low" and hopefully that improves things.  Also worth noting, the looper cannot record audio from USB, only the inputs listed in the loopers "Util" menu are available as audio inputs into the looper (Vox, Guitar, and Aux).  Cheers!

      • September 10, 2019
    • GladstoneFilho

      Hi @TCH-Spencer

      I recored a english video.

      What I need is:

      - Use the box effects to voice and guitar

      - Use the loop layer

      - Use the Box Aux input to play the Garageband sounds

      - With MIDI Clock (here is the point).

      Ton Lang is doing exactly what I want in the video below, but he doesn't explain how


      Could you help me, please?

      • October 8, 2019
  • David_Hilderman
    Solution Leader

    This shows how the UI works for TC Helicon Perform-VE

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  • David_Hilderman
    Solution Leader

    This video dives deep into how the amp model in VL3 / VL3X works and how to use it to create your own sounds.

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  • David_Hilderman
    Solution Leader
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  • TCH-Morgan
    Triber Alumni

    Jesse Boland of Towers and Trees uses Play Acoustic on stage, and here he gives us a rundown of his setup for playing at The People's Church in Toronto, ON!



    VoiceLive Play Acoustic is a TC Helicon multi-effects pedal with looping, Body Rez for acoustic guitar, and hundreds of vocal effect presets for that perfect sound and killer vocal effects! Some of VoiceLive Play Acoustic's most notable features include:


    • 3-button stompbox combining studio-quality vocals, pristine guitar sounds and creative looping
    • Seven professional vocal effects and tone processing with intuitive control
    • BodyRez filtering, on board EQ, and DI for impeccable acoustic guitar tone
    • VLOOP performance looper with undo/redo and unlimited overdubs
    • More than 200 song and artist-inspired vocal presets
    • High-quality, low-noise mic preamp for pristine vocals
    • USB for streaming audio, preset downloads and firmware updates
    • Compatible with remote Mic Control using the TC HELICON MP-75, MP-76 or Sennheiser* e835 FX microphones
    • Optional SWITCH-3 or SWITCH-6 footswitch for more performance control
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  • Danny_Clarke

    Between March 14 and 17 get ready to immerse yourself in the world of synthesizers with our friends at Thomann.


    Sound good? It should do as BEHRINGER will be there!


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