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  • Danny_Clarke

    Between March 14 and 17 get ready to immerse yourself in the world of synthesizers with our friends at Thomann.


    Sound good? It should do as BEHRINGER will be there!


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  • UliBehringer
    Piano Man

    The Prophet 5 we recently acquired form the famous British band "Tears For Fears" was in bad shape - I mean really bad.
    Watch how the amazing guys from our UK Care center put all their love and care into this restoration.

    What synths would you like to see in our upcoming Synth Museum?



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    • UliBehringer

      @UliBehringer I for one would love to see one of the classic rock organs like the Farfisa or Vox.

      Seeing that you are looking into the DX1, the DX7 isn’t that far away Look at the Native Instruments FM8 for some enhancements.

      The Prophet-5 is a strong contender on my list.

      A Hammond B3 would have been really cool, but that one is a different beast in terms of size and mechanical engineering and is far away from a practical instrument to revive.

      When you resurrect those old iconic synths I’d very much like to see a modern take on them with enhanced capabilities and fx, while still retaining that vintage organic core. Really go outside the box on one or two synths like a Model-D with polyphony and recallable patches and builtin fx engine. I can dream, right?

      • February 22, 2019
    • UliBehringer

      Hi...TFF Emulator 2TFF Emulator 2

      Recently paid the service centre a visit and I would really like to see this machine up and running. The ironic thing is that after my visit I managed to locate the Dave Bascombe EII samples which included TFF samples that were probably played on this very machine. Would be very cool to load them up once this iconic sampler is working again.

      The P5 looked amazing too...

      • May 14, 2020
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