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    Hey guys,


    I'm having a very strange issue with my XR18 recording. I was wondering if some of you have encountered this or experienced it, so here it goes:


    I was recording a long format interview (1 hour) with 3 lavalier mics and 2 shotguns for backup. The first half went just fine, no issues. The second half however, monitored perfectly fine, but upon editing review of the audio, I noticed that ALL the tracks had what sounded like a sample rate change (fast forwarding effect) intermittently dispersed through the whole rest of the session. They seem to be permanently baked into the tracks.


    Has anyone else experienced this, and maybe know some solutions to fix it and prevent it from happening again?


    Thanks for your time. I uploaded the clip to showcase what happened.




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    • AlexMorrison
      RexBeckett Hi Alex, what software did you use for the recording? It is possible that the PC could not keep up with the recording due to other activities. It may help to quit other foreground and background programs when recording.
      • Mar 17