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  • 2020-10-13

    *Note: Disregard the subcategory as I had to choose one but none of them fit well with the nature of my problem*

    I'm following Music Tribe's Knowledge Base recommendation of putting a video up on the community page, per their statement quoted here:

    "We have encountered a rare anomaly with the GoXLR where there is a slight noise generated on the outputs. This is due to where the GoXLR is positioned on your desk. We would recommend first moving the GoXLR's position to ensure it is not close to your Gaming or Broadcast machines, lights or any other electrical equipment."

    As you can see in the video, I can't separate my GoXLR any further from my desktop or other electronic devices than it's separated now.

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  • 2020-10-07

    Hi, when i switch the speakers on, there are a few ticks and about 8 sec. later follows a awful noise!

    The speakers are about 4-5 years old.

    Is there a chance to repair them?

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    • Oliver Simon
      Leah from Music Tribe Hi @olsi78 ,

      We'll be glad to help you with your speakers! Please start a Care Ticket by clicking the Support link at the top of this page. On the Support page, scroll to the bottom to submit a Technical Support or Service ticket.

      • Oct 7
  • 2020-09-28
    Elmo Karjalainen reviews the Bugera V22 Infinium
    Check it out!

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  • 2020-09-28
    Bernd Bruening tests out the 3rd Dimension BBD-320
    What is your verdict?

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  • 2020-09-28


    Sound Engineer John Delf gives us a tour of Edge Recording Studio and shows us his favourite bits of Midas gear with cameo appearances from Klark Teknik and Behringer. 


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  • 2020-09-28
    #NEW We are pleased to announce the introduction of Lab Gruppen FA Series Energy Star* certified, compact, simplified amplifiers for commercial installations. 2 - Channel amplifiers with Direct Drive Technology, a cost-effective solution ideal for bars, restaurants, corporate environments, retail destinations, hotels, and other applications where background music or PA systems are needed. Lab Gruppen’s Energy Star* Certified design conserves energy and reduces ownership costs.
    They are offered in 2x60W, 2x120W and 2x240W. Low impedance as well as 70 and 100 V on every channel.
    Learn more about the FA Series and the soon to be released FAD series:

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  • 2020-09-22


    I'm having an issue with my Go XLR where it skips the startup sequence and just goes straight to everything blue. None of the faders move nor does it light up in the usual rainbow fashion.

    Its not detected by my PC either which leads me to think its a Power or USB connectivity issue. I do know its an issue with the GO XLR and not my PC. 

    Sometimes when I add power only the 'X' lights up as well.

    Ive uploaded a video to show what happens. 



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    • Adam Vann
      Pedro Rodrigues Hi Adam Vann ,are you connecting the unit directly to your computer via USB 2.0? Are you using the latest version of the GOXLR? Have you updated the GOXLR to the latest firmware? Please follow the link to access all the resources available for your unit
      • Sep 22
      • Go XLR Start Up Sequence
        Pedro Rodrigues Hi Adam can you please send me the case number so I can access what is the stage of this process?
        • Sep 24
      • Go XLR Start Up Sequence
        Adam Vann CAS-140304-H2J3G4
        • Sep 24
      • Go XLR Start Up Sequence
        Pedro Rodrigues Hi Adam, I have the case, all the interaction will be via this case. Thank you
        • Sep 24
  • 2020-09-17
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  • 2020-09-16
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  • 2020-09-07

    Hi I’m in Italy ,and my Tc Helicon voice live 3 began to have some screen glitches, I'm having a hard time finding where to repair it ,can you help me ?  

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    • Leonardo Fontanot
      Nigel Turner Hi, is your unit under warranty? If so, please go to the support tab at the top of the page and submit a service request ticket where one of my colleagues will get back to you and help further. If the unit is not under warranty, then please contact one of our local FASC and they will be able to book your unit in for repair


      Via Enrico Fermi 10


      Italy 14451

      (+)39 02 4884 3268

      [email protected]

      Via Val Gardena, 20

      San Benedetto Del Tronto Ap

      Italy 1801

      +39 0735 757380

      [email protected]
      • Sep 7
    • Leonardo Fontanot
      Leonardo Fontanot Thank you so much ,is no longer under warranty
      • Sep 7
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