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    Getting bad noise out of the mixer, when the FX to main knob is turned up.  Goes away at zero. Is this repairable?

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    • BrettGeary
      Dale_M Hi there please go to the Support tab above and select Technical Service and submit a ticket so that we can assist you.
      • Jul 22
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    Please see video.

    Channel gain trim pot is turned all the way up so the channel is clipping but the signal barely gets to the main mix.

    Tested multiple mics and cables and same result.

    It appears we're missing some kind of routing from the channels to the main mix but we're stumped.

    Any assistance in what we're missing would be greatly appreciated.

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    Good morning/afternoon,

    For the last 8-9 months we have been utilizing the X-USB expansion card in our x32 console to I/O most of our 32 channels through Logic on a Macbook Pro so that we can apply external plugins to said audio signals.  Recently, we began experiencing an odd degredation in the return audio signal that can last anywhere from a couple of seconds on up to a minute.  Resetting the console / laptop doesn't remedy the issue, and it has occurred to us even when there are no active signals being run through (e.g. between practice and the service and nobody is even on stage).

    Attached is an audio sample highlighting the issue, with unaffected audio at the beginning and end for reference.

    The audio clearly affects only those channels being processed in Logic and returned to the board, as the guitars (which are not processed through Logic) remain unaffected.  Also, at no point did Activity Monitor show the CPU being pushed beyond 20% utilization.

    If anybody has a clue what this is I would deeply appreciate any insight.

    Our setup:

    x32 console running latest firmware
    X-USB expansion card (USB 2.0 32 in/32 out)
    15' USB 2.0 cable
    2019 Macbook Pro
     - Catalina 10.15.7
     - 2.3 GHz 8-core i9 (9880H)
     - 16 GB RAM
     - 1TB NVMe
    Logic 10.6.2
     - I/O buffer size 32 samples
     - Processing threads Auto
     - Processor buffer range Medium

    Thank you!

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    • neblackford
      Paul_Vannatto If the USB port on the Mac (that the USB cable from the X-USB) is USB 3.0 (blue), that might be the problem. Make sure you are using USB 2 ports (black).
      • Jun 3
      • Audio degredation running .VST plugins via Logic + X-USB 32 in/32 out
        neblackford Our MBP only has Thunderbolt 3 (Type-C) ports, so we use an Apple Type-C to Type-A adapter that I assume is still USB 3.x. If that is indeed the issue why would it work flawlessly for months?
        • Jun 3
    • neblackford
      Paul_Vannatto Don't know the answer to that, other than a possible update in the Mac OS. The other possibility is that the samplerate (44.1K or 48K) is not the same in the X32 and in Logic.
      • Jun 3
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    Hey I have a Midas Venice F24 and when powering the unit off via the button on the back, it makes a weird sound.

    It doesn't make the sound when turning on via this button. It also doesn't make the noise if if the button is pushed into the off position quickly. 

    I noticed the noise while turning the unit on and off normally. I have attached a quick video where you can hear it.

    Any ideas if this is normal? Have had the mixer for ages and never noticed it before

    Any help is appreciated :)

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    • mikerosen
      Nigel67 Hi, I am sure that is normal. We do not have a Venice F to be able to check this on, but I am 99.5% sure this is what happens when turning it off. You should be switching the unit off a little quicker than you are doing though, don't hold the switch in its middle position where it is neither on or off. The noise you are hearing is probably a little arcing as the internal switch contacts break. You could also try getting in touch with other Venice F users and asking their opinion. There is a Midas FB page called Long Live Midas Analogue Consoles and I have seen Venice F users post on there before. We can take a look at the console though at one of our service centres. You will need to fill out a Service Ticket. This can be done by clicking on the support tab at the top of the page. A new window will open. Scroll down and click on the Service tab and submit a ticket. A colleague will then get back to you with an RMA number and advise the local service centre to you.
      • May 3
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    Condenser mic cant be detected once connected to voicelive play and a constant scratching noise is being heard. 

    I tried to switched the input setting to dynamic, and sound can be heard but it will fade down immediately. 

    I also connected it to mixer and aux and play music and I can also hear a static noise constantly.

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    I have a set of Samson C02 condenser microphones. When I plug one of them into my GoXLR Mini I get this noise.

    I only get it when 48V is on(Condenser duh.) The sound in the file shows itself with 48V on and gain turned up pretty far in the software(60+ dBish.) I get it with both microphones in the set.

    I get it when the GoXLR mini is plugged in the back of my PC, when it's plugged into the front pannel, when it's connected through a powered USB hub and even when it's connected to my wife's laptop. So I'm starting to think it's not my PC.

    I do not get it if I plug in a dynamic microphone, even if I switch on 48V for no reason. 

    I do not get it when I connect a dynamic microphone via a Cloudlifter, despite this device requiring 48V to add the extra gain.

    I do not get this sound with the same microphones but another audio interface that is also bus powered(Roland Quad Capture)

    Eternally greatful for any input anyone may have. At first I thought it was some sort of grounding issue with USB in my computer, but when the issue also cropped up testing with the wife's laptop my suspicions went elsewhere. Unfortunately these two Samson mics are the only condenser mics in the house right now. I tested with two different dynamic mics.

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    • uru
      WilliamR Hello, William from musictribe here. Have you tried a different USB cable yet?
      • Apr 19
    • uru
      uru Yes. Two different cables, both of them with ferrite chokes on the type B end
      • Apr 19
    • uru

      Could you click on the support link above and create a tech support ticket so we can help you further? This may be a hardware issue that needs to be serviced.

      • Apr 19
    • uru

      Thanks I'll do that

      • Apr 20
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    On the Plethora X5, I would like to kick off the echo while having it finish the last decaying echoes versus just a hard stop of sound.  Is this possible via the Toneprint app?  I have tried to find where I would allow echos to ring after turning off effect but can't find anything. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.  Thank you!

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    • gman5920
      PedroRodrigues Hi gman5920 please consider that you just need to set your Plethora to "buffered bypass" to get Delay/reverb spill-over . Set it under : GLOBAL SETTINGS/PRODUKT SETTINGS/BYPASS TYPE) I hope this helps.
      • Apr 8
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    My audio interface was working right...i left the house and came back in its blinking and making noise as it blinks....what should i do? What is the reason?

    Im using it in usb and windows 10

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    • DonShahcapo
      Nigel67 Hi Don. This looks power supply related. You will need to get the unit serviced. This can be done by clicking on the support tab at the top of the page. A new window will open. Scroll down and click on the Service tab and submit a ticket. A colleague will then get back to you with an RMA number and advise the local service centre to you.
      • Mar 27
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    Greetings fellow tribesmen ^^ i own a behringerxr18 for about 7months and now when its on for a while, the fader turns to fly un and down . Mostly around the 13-16&aux channel as well as the bus sends . Has anyone had this experience?? Thanks ahead for your concern 

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    • Kniilant3i
      PedroRodrigues HI Kniilant3i I would suggest to confirm if you are running the latest version of the OSX and if that is the case I would suggest to test the App with an older version of the OSX, if possible, please confirm if you have the latest version of the App .
      • Feb 17
      • Behringerxr18 fader not stable
        Kniilant3i Thanks Pedro for your response. Im currently on the latest app on both android and OSX.. when the faders start to fly, im not able to use them but to use just the buses and even with that, buses 5 and 6 . Luckily for me, im mostly using it inside the studio for band tracking so i mostly get away with basic headphone sends. When the faders starts to fly, on any device thats connected to it you see the flickering ... its a very bad experience for me. I previously had the X18 untill my band drummer was like i like the board so i handed it to him to get the XR18 and now im suffering with flying faders.....
        • Feb 17
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    On my Mac Pro 5,1 2012 w/Mojve 10.14.6, the newest version of the Midas MR 18 is very slow starting up. I've included an .mp4 showing version 1.6 first, then the much faster version 1.5 second.

    Anyone have any toughts on this. It's very annoying and makes no sense to have this happen after a long waited update.


    Thank everyone!

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    • micdim
      KyleJohnson Hello, Kyle here with Music Tribe. I have sent your report along to our software team and will be back in touch with you via email.
      • Feb 14
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