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  • Naszto
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    This pedal just rocks! But nothing is perfect. It has in two disadvantages for some:

    - huge
    - no battery compartment

    The input stage has a noise gate, where you can set the threshold but not the decay. Not perfect but comes in quite handy.

    You have two knobs for gain and master. The master volume works in a very clean way. The gain knob gives you the gain of a tube stage. From a tiny bit of crunch, a little more saturation to full distortion is there everything.

    The tone control consists of three knobs. Some folks hear some mid scooping, but I don't. You can easily take treble and bass down, if you want even more mids.

    The build quality is very decent. It has a sturdy metal case and the potis feel smooth.

    Best of all the flexibility of the sound. You can use them as booster to drive a tube amp into saturation or dial the tone of it's own real tubestage. And everything in between.

    And you can change the tube. I fine with mine, but you can find on youtube folks changing the tubes, getting something really impressive:

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  • Naszto
    Contributor - Level 2

    I got that Behringer SF300 fuzz pedal for a bass in combination with an octaver.

    This fuzz just does the job. I would have loved an additional blend knob, but the original Boss FZ-2 did not have one so the SF300 does not have one either.

    Steve Reis from "Does It Doom?" compared here both pedals and they are damn close:
    This is a very nice pedal, but it has (as the original) no subtlety. You can't dial in just a little bit effect, as you can do on some overdrives. When this thing is on, you get instant fuzz effect.

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