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    I have a set of Samson C02 condenser microphones. When I plug one of them into my GoXLR Mini I get this noise.

    I only get it when 48V is on(Condenser duh.) The sound in the file shows itself with 48V on and gain turned up pretty far in the software(60+ dBish.) I get it with both microphones in the set.

    I get it when the GoXLR mini is plugged in the back of my PC, when it's plugged into the front pannel, when it's connected through a powered USB hub and even when it's connected to my wife's laptop. So I'm starting to think it's not my PC.

    I do not get it if I plug in a dynamic microphone, even if I switch on 48V for no reason. 

    I do not get it when I connect a dynamic microphone via a Cloudlifter, despite this device requiring 48V to add the extra gain.

    I do not get this sound with the same microphones but another audio interface that is also bus powered(Roland Quad Capture)

    Eternally greatful for any input anyone may have. At first I thought it was some sort of grounding issue with USB in my computer, but when the issue also cropped up testing with the wife's laptop my suspicions went elsewhere. Unfortunately these two Samson mics are the only condenser mics in the house right now. I tested with two different dynamic mics.

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    • uru
      WilliamR Hello, William from musictribe here. Have you tried a different USB cable yet?
      • Apr 19
    • uru
      uru Yes. Two different cables, both of them with ferrite chokes on the type B end
      • Apr 19
    • uru

      Could you click on the support link above and create a tech support ticket so we can help you further? This may be a hardware issue that needs to be serviced.

      • Apr 19
    • uru

      Thanks I'll do that

      • Apr 20