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    *Note: Disregard the subcategory as I had to choose one but none of them fit well with the nature of my problem*

    I'm following Music Tribe's Knowledge Base recommendation of putting a video up on the community page, per their statement quoted here:

    "We have encountered a rare anomaly with the GoXLR where there is a slight noise generated on the outputs. This is due to where the GoXLR is positioned on your desk. We would recommend first moving the GoXLR's position to ensure it is not close to your Gaming or Broadcast machines, lights or any other electrical equipment."

    As you can see in the video, I can't separate my GoXLR any further from my desktop or other electronic devices than it's separated now.

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      argolytics Case number CAS-147117-G4W8V0
      • October 13, 2020
    • argolytics
      WilliamR Hello Jason, I just grabbed your case. I will help you troubleshoot this.
      • October 13, 2020