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    I few of my channels to the P16 from the X32 come from busses instead of the channel direct out. The bus channels will not allow the signal to flow to the P16 when I mute the channel being sent to the bus on the FOH x32. All of my direct out channels continue to send the signal to the P16 whether the X32 channel is muted or not. I want my busses to do the same thing.

    What do I need to do differently? Channel sends to bus are post eq. All P16 tap points are also post eq. Scene is attached.

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    • ambard9
      RexBeckett Hi ambard9, that is the way that channel-to-bus sends work on the X32. If you mute the channel, it also mutes the bus send. If you mute via DCAs, and the DCA Groups mute option is off, it does not mute the bus sends.
      • Wed at 8:24 AM
    • ambard9
      ambard9 Thanks for the clarification. I was hoping a different tap point for channel to bus send would fix the problem. I will relay to the rest of my group. Thank you.
      • Wed at 12:22 PM
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    Hope all y'all are safe and healthy


    From an auiophile in New York City

    in 1967 bought two(2) used - and wonderful

    Tannoy Speakers

    about 35"H x 14"D x 24"W


    I hope someone could please help - thank you

    How do I find:

    * The Model #

    * Model Name

    * Serial #

    * Year Manufactured 

    * How many were manufactured

    * Performance Specifications

    Is there anything which needs to be done

         after ten(10)-years of storage

         to ensure everything is perfect ?


    Thanks very much

    Ed Staley


    Please email me:

    [email protected]


    678.444.9896<-Direct Cell

    Thanking everyone for your most kind helping hand





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    Hi guys, im a sound tech in a church and i have a problem, my stage speakers does not have a proper volume (always too low, i have to crank the gain in the compressor to surpass this). Even the headphones needs a boost in the compressor gain because in the headphone amplifier i get a lot of noise if i increase the volume. I will send my scene if anyone can help me (our console is an X32)

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    • jfcjaime
      RexBeckett Hi Jaime, you would get more output level if you increase the Compressor Threshold in the Main LR bus. A threshold of -30dB is quite low.

      Some of your preamp Gains look quite low too. These are best set so that the input meters peak at about -12dBFS at performance levels.
      • November 29, 2020
      • X32 - Mix Outputs with low volume level on speakers
        jfcjaime I do not know how to set a proper gain structure, and my church is a big reverby box. I did some adjustment in the Main LR Bus and it's a little better now. I got a lot of feedback when I increased the preamp gain, and the DCX 2496 (do not know what is the word to describe it in English) is clipping a lot. But my first 4 aux Bus which are my monitors and side fill still are with a low SPL
        • November 29, 2020
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    Our chruch is adding a streaming camera system and I do not want to add a microphone for audio quality.  I have a Behringer SX3242FX Euro Sound Mixer and want to know if I could route the audio from the mixer to the camera software without adding a second mini mixer?  I want to have control.  I am sending the FOH feed to an amplifer and could split the output and adjust with the sofaware.


    Is this fessible?

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      RexBeckett Hi Scott, you could use the main output from your mixer but sometimes the best mix for broadcast is not the same as that for FOH. In this case you could use Post-Fader Aux Sends to create a custom broadcast mix.

      If you don't already have one, you will need an audio interface for the broadcast PC. Something like the Behringer UMC202HD would be suitable.

      Unless the broadcast PC is close to the mixer and running from the same mains power outlet, it may be necessary to isolate the grounds in the cable to avoid hum/buzz. Something like the Behringer MicroHD HD400 would be suitable.
      • November 5, 2020
  • jwsandersjr
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    Can someone explain the difference between the MUTE on a Channel vs the MUTE on a DCA?

    Here's why I ask: I have computer audio set on a pair of L/R channels that are on the second layer (channel 23 & 24). I decided that placing those on a DCA would give me quick access to them from the "top" (first) layer. I was successful in setting those up, but when testing, I noticed that when I muted the DCA, the computer audio was successfully muted from FOH (and other matrix out used for Livestream - I assume) BUT I was still hearing the audio in the vocal monitors (wedges) on stage.

    Is there a way to create this DCA so that the mute will mute both FOH and Busses/Matrixes?


    Thanks, Jim

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    • jwsandersjr
      KyleJohnson HI Jim, Kyle here from Music Tribe. You will run into this if the send point for the contribution from your channel to the bus is pre fader. The DCA and DCA Mute will only adjust a send if the send is set to Post Fader. So you can select the channels in question, open the HOME>SENDS page and change the tap/contribution point to POST FADER and then muting the DCA will also mute the sends.
      • August 14, 2020