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    Hello all,

    At our rehearsal studio we have a x32 with S16 all works perfectly except for the recording on the SDCard.  It will playback old files just fine but won't record new tracks.  We did have to make a change a while back to allow the S16 to work properly and I think that routing change disabled the recording capability.  I have attached a scene, any help would be much appreciated.



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    • DannyKurywchak
      RexBeckett Hi Danny, yes Routing -> Card configuration in your scene is not correct - it is set to record from the Card inputs rather than the normal analogue console and S16 ones. The most likely setup for your scene is to set the Card output routing the same as the Input routing. See X32-Edit screenshot below.

      In your scene, Routing -> Inputs has got some Aux In Remap set for for AES50-A 1/2 (Record) and Card 1-4 (Play). As the Aux channels do not appear to be used for anything, I have ignored this in the Card routing.
      • March 14, 2021