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    Hello people,

    My V55 is making these horrendous popping, thunderous sounds when some volume is applied. Also I can not get any reverb out of it, as well as noticed the Bass, Mid and Treble have very little or no effect. Replaced the Tubes, re-seated the tubes several times, checked for cold solder joints, I have tested both the +15 and +5 Vdc out of the 7815 and 7805 Regulators OK. The amp plays my guitar OK, nice and clean, when it is not going crazy with the horrible popping sounds. I am thinking that maybe my main board has gone bad?  Or could it be the smaller daughter card that runs the reverb, that has gone bad. Any ideas?  I also tested that the problem is there in both Triode and pentode mode. I am going to try to remove, one by one the pre-amp tube, stages to see if the problem appears to be stop. Maybe get lucky and a resistor or cap in that area has gone bad. But at this point I am really stuck. I have opened a ticket with support, but they must be very busy. (have not heard back from anyone yet) My support case # is CAS-488499-W9D1K4. I also am trying to find out the cost of both the main board, an also the smaller daughter card that is attached if it is not included.

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