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    appreciate our input on following Need and Idea about using 2x Midas HUB4 for connecting 41 channels and 8x stereo IEM
    41 channels on stage, 8 person band, 2xDL16, 1x DL32.
    8x stereo wireless IEM from stage, IEM mix by musician's app and FOH engineer
    3x DL stageboxes connected with AES50 to Midas HUB4, 4x2 analog out (from HUB4) to 4x IEM transmitters
    Second midas HUB4 daisy chained over AES50 with first Midas HUB4, 4x2 analog out (from HUB4) to 4x IEM transmitters
    AES50 frome second Midas HUB4 to FOH: Behringer Wing
    Can Midas HUB4 be daisy chained? or do I need 2x AES50 from FOH?
    Can this idea technically be done?
    Are there better/other ways of implementing "need"?
    See attached simple scetch of the set-up in mind
    Thank you, Arie

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    • MixingLane
      Paul_Vannatto Hi Arie, yes the Hub4 can be daisy chained as you suggested. Just make sure the "Port 1-4 AES50 A1-32" is turned off (unlit) on both units, which will allow all 48 inputs from the DL stageboxes to pass through to the Wing.

      I just had a look at your attachment and there is one thing you will need to change. Instead of having each of the DL stageboxes attached to the second Hub4, you will need to daisy-chain them as well.

      Of course a more "fail-safe" setup would have the dual DP48 connected to the Wing using an AES50 cable and the DL stageboxes connected to the Wing using a second AES50 cable.
      • May 5
      • 2x Midas Hub4?
        MixingLane Thanks Paul_Vannatto. I made a second drawing according your advice. Looks like a great set-up!
        • May 5
    • MixingLane
      Paul_Vannatto Yes, that should work for you Arie.
      • May 5
      • 2x Midas Hub4?
        MixingLane Great! Now I either have to go for the Hub4's or control myself and wait for the Hub8 ?
        • May 5
    • MixingLane
      Paul_Vannatto I'm not aware of any plans for a Hub8. So I would suggest you get the 2 Hub4's
      • May 5
    • MixingLane

      Final question (I hope ;-) ) Can the Hub4 be used without DP48? So simply in a side rack on stage to make the connection with Wireless IEM transmitters, and the IEM mix be done by the FOH (Behringer Wing). According to the documentation, I think: yes but there is some ambiguous tekst that makes me doubt. Thanks!

      • May 10
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    Advanced Routing Question

    My goal is to edit scene called internet so Mains LR are routed to my PC to be an input audio source for Streaming. Both of these scenes were created by support from this forum. Scene Main M32c 1 is sending audio to M32C2 scene internet and is working the way it is intended for streaming. Currently I am using aTEM audio from M32C 2 into OBS again it is working but the gain staging is a pain. The goal is to use Internet M32C 2 as an audio interface that replaces the ATEM audio source. I am close but I can't figure out how to get main LR which has been routed three ways from testing 1/2, 7/8 and 15/16. The challenge also is how I have card routing involved in this setup already. I don't want to mess that up at all. This grop has helped me out in the past, if this is possible I look forward to growing my knowledge more

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    • JsunTyler
      Paul_Vannatto Hey JsunTyler good to see you again. Do I assume that you want to connect the M32C to the PC via USB? If so, OBS wants to see the signal on USB 1/2. To do that with the Internet scene, change the following:

      On Routing, User Out screen assign the following:
      * Output 1 -> Out 7 (Main L)
      * Output 2 -> Out 8 (Main R)

      On Routing, Card screen assign the following:
      * Output 1-8 -> User Out 1-8
      • Feb 9
  • aftermid
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    Hi Paul,

      Here's the attachment of the scene set up.  Let me know if that helps.

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    I have an M32C with a DL32 with a split snake always connected in the rack.  I had my vocalist over to play back the last gig to enhance his sounds of his IEM's because he just bought new molds.  We all run in stereo and It's weird, I all of a sudden can't get Bus 3 to respond to fader moves. I moved him to Bus 11 and it works fine.  Fader moves appear on screen but audibly makes no difference in Bus 3.  Can someone please review my attached scene to see what is possibly wrong?

    We use this setup for FOH with our IEMS and also when a venue has their own PA system we use this rack with our split snake just for IEMS only.  Should I have a different scene for each use case?  Meaning a differnt pre/post settings?

    If anyone sees anything else I should be doing on this scene to improve our experience it would be greatly appreciated.


    Danny K 

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    • DannyKurywchak
      Paul_Vannatto Bus 3/4 stereo pair master faders are all the way down and muted. Bus 11/12 stereo pair master faders are at -.4 and not muted. All routing is correct.
      • September 1, 2021
    • DannyKurywchak
      DannyKurywchak Thanks so much Paul! Sometimes we look for complex problems to simple issues! I obviously missed that one and really appreciate you taking the time to point out the issue.
      • September 1, 2021
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    How to have a good configuration between an HD96/24 and a DL251 ? When I try to connect both together, using the "patching/add new/autodetect" topic in the HD96, I have 2 DL251, both in "active - partial" status. When I use the I/O update manager in the Heritage, I can see that the DL251 is in "HD 0.18.0" version but I don't know what is this version ? When I try to update directly the DL with a PC and MIDAS-IO-Updater-v1to set-up the last firmware "PROXG3.4.6rel-9 " I have a "communication failed" message during the update and no possibility to know the firmware version in the DL. When I connect the DL to a mac with the IP adress, I can only see few information (see in the screenshot linked to this message). Is there someone who can help me to understand what is the problem and if its coming from the HD96 or from the DL251 ? Many thanks for the help
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    • Regie
      ChaseMcKnight Hi Regie,

      Firmware HD 0.18.0 is the correct version for the DL251 to work with the HD96. Are you connecting the two DL251s via the four local AES50 ports or from one of the Snake Ports / DN9680?

      What firmware version is the HD96 on?
      Do you have green lights at the DL251? How about at the HD's AES50 ports?
      Are you able to manually configure the DL251 ports in Patching? (instead of auto detect)

      On the HD, please verify settings in Preferences / Console Configuration / DSP Configuration:

      Clock Options set to Master

      SuperMac redundancy is turned OFF
      HyperMac redundancy is turned OFF

      On DL251, please verify:

      DL251 are on different IDs (1 & 2)
      DL251 front panel settings:
      Clock External

      Sample Rate 96kHz

      Control Mode 1

      If your settings are correct and are still unable to connect, please open a ticket so we can troubleshoot deeper.


      • May 11, 2021
  • DaveMorrison
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    Can we just upload .SCN files randomly or do we need to start a new post to upload a file?

    I tried to post from the "Files" area. FAIL —Wouldn't let me fill in the required catagory boxes.

    I like the text editor when we start a new post. Why can't we have it when we reply? And why can't we reply with an upload? Sorry to complain again, but it's vital to upload X/M32 and X/M-Air files (in a reply) to help the users of digital mixers. It's been missing for over 3 month now and the number of Digital mixer users has plummeted in that time. Where are they getting help? The hostile Facebook group?


    I've attached a (mostly) "Zeroed" .SCN file for test purposes.

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    • DaveMorrison
      AlexLane Hi Dave, The files section is basically a deposit for any files uploaded to discussions. Currently you can just upload any file to the main discussion but this will be improved moving forward. In the meantime for comment uploads I would suggest using wetransfer or another upload site.

      I have forwarded your comments to the dev team also. Hopefully we can improve the comments section soon!

      • September 15, 2020
    • DaveMorrison
      Alone how to download the software for the behringer dx2000 usb
      • September 19, 2020
      • How is the new "Files" area supposed to work?
        PedroRodrigues Hi Jose,this unit uses a USB Type B and allows a Stereo IN/OUT at 48 Khz sample rate.
        To download the drivers please follow the link below:
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        • September 21, 2020