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    It was my recollection that the Lab Gruppen amps of that time had a 7 year factory warranty, whereas the new ones today have a 5 year. Can you confirm the legacy Warranty status?


    2015 PO attached.

    Serial numbers: 10397752V12/18, 10383590V35/15, 10383634V35/15


    Kevin Forsyth

    [email protected]


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    • ForsythConsult
      KyleJohnson Hello, Kyle here with Music Tribe. For all warranty related inquiries please contact our Service team directly by submitting a ticket. Click on Support and then Care/Service to submit a ticket.
      • Feb 7
    • ForsythConsult

      Can you provide a number I can call to confirm warranty? I have already provide you with the information needed to make the determination. Also do you offer a refurbish program for a flat rate on these amplifiers if I would like to do this if they fall outside the warranty time frame? Don't know what the latest service policies are since I have not used them in years.

      • Feb 7
      • 2015 C20:8X
        KyleJohnson No, we do not offer phone support for warranty validation. Warranties are subject to the terms and conditions laid out at the time of the purchase. For any further information please submit a ticket to the Service team.
        • Feb 7