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  • joscarrol
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    Hi! I just purchased a Behringer X32 Rack as a monitor mixer for our band. We are lots of musicians, so I was hoping we could use all XLR ouputs as well as the Aux Out outputs to have a custom mix for every one of us.

    The documentation says that all 6 Aux Outs on the X32 rack are balanced TRS connections. However, when I plug some headphones (TRS connector) to any of this Aux Outs I would get sound ONLY ON THE LEFT EAR. Does that mean that this Aux Outs are not really balanced? If they really were balanced I would get sound on both ears, like I do when using the XLR Outs. What's going on here?

    Thanks for your help!

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    • joscarrol
      Paul_Vannatto Hi Jose, you are mixing up balanced TRS configuration with stereo TRS configuration. The X32 Aux Out jacks are indeed balanced mono outputs (tip=hot+, ring=hot-, sleeve=shield). Headphones require stereo outputs (tip=left, ring=right, sleeve=shield). You will need to use a headphone amp (eg. Behringer P1) that receives 2 balanced inputs and converts it to stereo headphone output.
      • September 22, 2020
      • X32/M32 Aux Outs. Not balanced?!?!
        RexBeckett The question about the effect of anti-phase signals in headphones has come up before. I setup a system where I could switch the phase of one ear to hear the difference. It was very noticable. You may have got used to the sound but, to me, it is strange and lacks a sense of position.

        Even if the sound is loud enough when driving headphones directly from the XLR outputs, IMO it is not a good thing to do. The XLR outputs are designed to drive loads >= 600 Ohms. If the load is a lower impedance than this, there is a chance that the output drivers could degrade in time due to excessive current and heat. YMMV but I find that the PowerPlay P2 gives a much better sound and the local volume control is very handy.
        • September 22, 2020
  • DaveMorrison
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    Can we just upload .SCN files randomly or do we need to start a new post to upload a file?

    I tried to post from the "Files" area. FAIL —Wouldn't let me fill in the required catagory boxes.

    I like the text editor when we start a new post. Why can't we have it when we reply? And why can't we reply with an upload? Sorry to complain again, but it's vital to upload X/M32 and X/M-Air files (in a reply) to help the users of digital mixers. It's been missing for over 3 month now and the number of Digital mixer users has plummeted in that time. Where are they getting help? The hostile Facebook group?


    I've attached a (mostly) "Zeroed" .SCN file for test purposes.

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    • DaveMorrison
      AlexLane Hi Dave, The files section is basically a deposit for any files uploaded to discussions. Currently you can just upload any file to the main discussion but this will be improved moving forward. In the meantime for comment uploads I would suggest using wetransfer or another upload site.

      I have forwarded your comments to the dev team also. Hopefully we can improve the comments section soon!

      • September 15, 2020
    • DaveMorrison
      Alone how to download the software for the behringer dx2000 usb
      • September 19, 2020
      • How is the new "Files" area supposed to work?
        PedroRodrigues Hi Jose,this unit uses a USB Type B and allows a Stereo IN/OUT at 48 Khz sample rate.
        To download the drivers please follow the link below:
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        • September 21, 2020
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