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    Introducing the 'Synth Wizards' sound bank for DEEPMIND series Synthesizers.

    Consisting of an entire bank of carefully crafted sounds, inspired by synthesis legends, we are thrilled to provide this free sound bank, bringing a inspiring new palette of iconic sounds to your DEEPMIND.

    Featuring stunning pads packed with motion, electrifying sequences, massive leads, this collection is loaded with textures and sounds that will transform you into the next Synth Wizard!

    Available for free and exclusively for the Music Tribe Community. 

    We Hear You. 

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    • Behringer
      Behringer To download the sound bank, simply click the 'View Attachment' link. We hope you enjoy your new patches!
      • Feb 18
    • Behringer
      domklein Thanks guys !
      • Feb 19
    • Behringer
      JohnSeigman Thanks! Looking forward to hearing how they sound.
      • Feb 19
    • Behringer

      How many patches are supposed to be in the bank?

      • Feb 19
      • Free 'Synth Wizards' Sound Bank for DEEPMIND Series
        Behringer Hi bomarm - There are around 70 new patches in the Synth Wizard Sound Bank. Many thanks - Dan
        • Feb 21
    • Behringer

      Thank you for the free patches!

      • Feb 21