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    I've bought a new UCA222 USB Audio Interface to connect the PA system (with Mixer Line-Out) to the computer (USB Line-In) for the purpose of public event.   The audio cables are connected following exactly the application diagram provided in the user manual of UCA222 (page 8).  

    Now, due to the need to give a video music presentation (pre-recorded by the computer) during the public event, I intend to use an additional audio cable to connect the audio output of the computer to the audio input of the Mixer, so that all who are present in the public event could hear the music presentation clearly from the PA system.  At the same time, the video will be shown by the computer through the projector for all to watch.  The whole event will be also shown online through ZOOM by the same computer.

    However, would this additional audio cable connection (as shown in red in the diagram attached) cause the feedback or a loopback problem?

    If it does, how do I resolve this feedback problem?

    Thank you for your kind help.

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    • CalebYeo
      NicJonesMT Hi CalebYeo.
      It is all dependent on what Mixer you are using.
      You would want to remove the output of your UCA from the signal being sent back to the UCA.
      So for example you could send all of the audio that you need for the UCA222 out of a Mixbus, then have the return from the UCA muted to this bus.

      If you could confirm what mixer you are using I can then advise you futher.
      • Mar 9
      • UCA222 to Computer to Mixer to UCA222 causing feedback & loopback problem
        CalebYeo Hi NicJonesMT, or any kind person in the Musictribe community, I need your kind help to resolve the loopback problem. The Mixer I'm using is Martin Roland MT80. As shown in attached file, there is a "Phone" output with knob control for SEND / REPEAT / DELAY / Phone Level, which I supposed is a AUX SEND audio output (analog). However, I can't find AUX RETURN input (analog) on the Mixer. I need to connect the Mixer output to the Computer via UCA222, and then connect the Computer audio output back to the Mixer input. I wonder if I could connect the Mixer Phone analog output (SEND) to UCA222, then connect UCA222 (USB digital output) to Computer, finally connect Computer's analog audio output (line-out 3.5mm port) back to the Mixer Line-In input? If not, how to avoid audio loopback problem? Thanks
        • Apr 6
    • CalebYeo
      CalebYeo Thanks NicJonesMT for your response. I've tried to show you my intended setup configuration in a diagram (attached here) and the info of the Mixer etc, so that you could identify any mistake and to help me to configure a correct setup to avoid the feedback problem. Thanks

      Computer & PA & AV & ZOOM Setup Diagram.pdf
      • Mar 9