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  • 2020-05-19

    Hi Everyone!

    The domain is currently undergoing maintenance which is scheduled to wrap by the end of this week (2020-05-22). During this time the website may be unavailable.

    This shouldn't affect the general operation of the GoXLR App or VoiceSupport 2, only their ability to check for the latest firmware updates.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Please report any issues in the support channels. Thanks for your patience!

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  • 2020-01-24

    Hi friends! We're working on the next Voicelive product, and we're wondering what you all want in it! What did you love about the VL3, VL3x, or the Voicelive Play series? What features do you want in our next Voicelive and what features did you never use in our previous ones? Do you use our looper a lot? Do you use steps and the hit button? Do you like the 3 page effect configuration on VL3/VL3x or would you prefer guitar and vocal effects to all be mixed on the same page? 

    Let us know what you want, because making something that works for you, our customers, is our top priority. Smiley Happy  

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    • Robert Deacon

      How about a built in expression pedal?  

      • Jan 24
    • Robert Deacon
      Bjørn Kurseth

      A little difficult to use looper and get the rythm 100percent so I almost dont use it. Probable its me the problem is. My biggest issue with vl3x is the sound quality. When i use sharpness 50 that is recomended. I get a crispy sound that have whey to much trebble... I normaly just turn the whole thing off. Use the tc helicon mic also. It was a little better then my nta1. Shimmer effext for guitar is also welcome. And better gain control on the outs

      • Jan 24
    • Robert Deacon
      Clayton Vetter


      features that we're missing from the vl3 were cc messages to control the looper externally. 

      cc message to clear all loops. 

      hope the feedback helps



      • Jan 24
    • Robert Deacon
      Robert Deacon

      @terryx that's an awesome idea, and something that we've been thinking about. We'd love to hear what more users think about having a built in expression/volume pedal... it would add a lot of size to the overall footprint of the product but if it's something you guys really want we'd consider adding it. 

      • Jan 24
    • Robert Deacon
      Steve Gould

      We use my VL3X to control the vocal delays and guitar patches live on click tracks (with count ins), using the built-in automation. However, we'd love if we could tack on a midi track, or something similar, that could send midi note changes to run our sequenced lights, instead of a computer. I scoured the web to see if VL3X could do it, but never saw anything clear.

      That way, VLX3 is a live vocal, guitar, and lighting engineer.

      • Jan 24
  • 2019-09-14

    Keep it simple for your at-home and on-the-go recording and performance setup! Go Guitar Pro and Guitar Rack for iOs are the ultimate guitar player's companion. Guitar Rack for iOS puts your pedalboard & amp preferences into action without any additional gear on hand. All you need is an interface to connect your guitar to your iOS device and GO Guitar Pro is the perfect fit.

    GO Guitar Pro works seamlessly with Guitar Rack to deliver high-quality audio & unrivaled guitar effects. When you plug GO Guitar Pro into Guitar Rack, you'll gain instant access to the entire collection of effects, amps, speakers, monitors, mics, and cabinets available in the app! With GO Guitar Pro, your line-in instrument can be connected to a multitude of devices, both for inputs and outputs. That means your GO Guitar Pro will send an audio signal through USB as well as the 3.5mm output for functional versatility. Plus, GO Guitar Pro has both headphone and a 1/4" output for monitoring through a speaker.

    Guitar Rack for iOS:

    Go Guitar Pro In Stores:

    Robbie - GGP - GR.jpg
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    • Morgan Hillis
      C Kaar

      Hoped that Guitar rack would work with the basic "Go Guitar"( as promissed in the TC-Helicon adverdtisements) but it does NOT.

      Guitar Rack does not recognize the basic "Go Guitar"and all amp's and efffects remain locked because of this regretably.

      I do not understand whu amp's and effects are blocked anyway, but especially why it does not recognize the TC-Helicon's "Go Guitar" device at all..

      • September 23, 2019
  • 2019-08-16

    TC Helicon is proud to introduce the ultimate all-in-one iOS app for guitar players, Guitar Rack! Guitar Rack for iOS is a virtual pedalboard and amplifier for guitar, packed with iconic effects, a built-in recording interface, and endless combinations of your favorite sounds.

    With Guitar Rack, you can build your effects, practice, record, and play all in one place on your mobile device! Featuring over 60 masterful recreations of the industry's most iconic effects, all ready to use. Just plug in and play!

    Guitar Rack for iOS is available now on the iOS App Store. Full features can be unlocked with the purchase and connection of select TC Helicon products ➡️ 


    • Select your combination of features manually from:
      • 9 Guitar Amps
      • 12 cabinets
      • 8 microphones
      • 30 effects 
    • Choose from an extensive library of custom preset signal chains and racks or create your own
    • Tune with the TC Electronic Polyphonic Tuner


    • Practice and monitor in real-time using GO GUITAR PRO
    • Import backing tracks and play along
    • Metronome & Tuner in-app
    • Map effects to your MIDI or Bluetooth connected footswitch


    • Loop & record right in the app
    • Load backing tracks, or create them yourself
    • Connect to a DAW for recording, or record and export your recording right in Guitar Rack!

    --- --- --- --- ---

    Go Guitar:

    Go Guitar Pro:

    Go Vocal:

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    • Morgan Hillis
      Tc Mike

      Nice, just tried it without a Go guitar interface....

      Really like the graphical interface interface. 

      is the polyphonic tuning feature only available with the Go Guitar interface ? Works only chromatic when using the app with an iRig interface.(tuner is set to "Poly" in settings)



      • August 18, 2019
    • Morgan Hillis
      Spencer Larsen

      Hey @TC-Mike,
      The polyphonic tuner actually isn't accessible with Go Guitar.  The polyphonic tuner is locked by default along with the majority of pedals and amp sims and other elements.  Unfortunately with Go Guitar being an analog device, it isn't able to unlock Guitar Rack.  Go Guitar Pro however does unlock Guitar Rack and would give access to the polyphonic tuner.  There is a Knowledge Base article here listing all the gear that is capable of unlocking Guitar Rack.  Cheers!

      • September 26, 2019
  • 2018-12-21
    Hi folks, less than a year later, here we are again!
    Coming up in January, our forum will be migrating to a new home. Music Tribe is compiling the forums for each of its brands into one super-site that will also include new aspects like courses and lessons. I've been told that existing user profiles will be carried over, but you'll be prompted to create a new password, and if your username is longer than 12 characters it will likely need to be shortened.

    Beginning on February 10th, will be set to read-only mode. The new community platform will be launching on 15th February 2019, on that date all existing forums will be migrated to the new community

    Thanks to everyone for all your participation in keeping this forum alive and proactive! I've already spent some time in the new forum and am very excited for everyone to get to see its additions and improvements in the new year. Cheers for now everyone, happy holidays!
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    • Spencer Larsen
      Per Øyvind Heldal

      Please bring back the old forum, or at least a forum of some sort. With 30+ years in the IT-industry I totally get the need for unified solution across Music Group brands, but this isn't it. I haven't come across this particular software solution before, thankfully, but I can hardly remember seeing anything less fit for purpose. A good user-forum can be a great asset to manufacturer, resellers and customers ... virtually a stairway to heaven. This I'm afraid, is more like the highway to hell 

      • March 1, 2019
    • Spencer Larsen
      Boris Siomin

      Please new forum link........

      • April 20, 2019
    • Spencer Larsen
      Sam Slough

      Good morning,

      My name is Sam Slough. I’ve had issues concerning warranty on Turbosound monitor and no reply from the community manager, coving specific subject on my Pro 6. This is pathetic how your service, knowledge base, search engine on the web site works and how you are treating YOUR CUSTOMERS to say the least. So, as in the email sent to Turbosound in England, and since I can’t get a response on my case #00961154 nor information of service centers which service my Pro 6, in 2 days, your not going to like the, in full, international video. I’m going to post of the destruction of the worthless monitor, which is NOT being properly handled under warranty. 2 days after that, your really not going to enjoy, a backhoe destroying a MIDAS PRO 6. If anyone, can not get information, with some ease, and surly not going to from your company, information of valuable, expensive equipment and this places the CUSTOMER, which owns the equipment, unable to use or service equipment, then lets put it on the international public stage.


      Thank you for your time

      Sam Slough


      • May 15, 2019
    • Spencer Larsen
      BenPearce I'm lost, where do I post VoiceLive 3 questions?
      • Aug 18
  • 2017-02-24
    Dear customers,

    Welcome to the new home of the TC Helicon forum!

    As previously announced, we've moved our forum onto this new one, featuring a lot of the other MUSIC brands.

    You should receive a welcome email within the next few days, with all the details to on-board you onto to the integrated experience. We request you to reset your password that will open door to a wealth of information related to all MUSIC brands and collaborate with a broader group of MUSIC customers.

    At the moment some links appear as text, but we are working to resolve that at the moment.

    Warmest regards
    Your TC Helicon team
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  • 2016-09-09

    Hi All!

    First, sorry for being afk for a bit. I was at some training and then took a bit of a holiday. Should have let you know Smiley Happy

    Second, we'll be making some changes to the forums and the staff in the next several months.

    The forum MAY be moved again as we integrate with the Music Group support (CARE) system. I'm hoping that will be a good thing if it happens, since we all know the weird deficiencies of this particular forum. Maybe you'll even be able to edit your own posts! Miracle! Smiley Wink

    If and when we decide to to a move of the forums, I'll give as much warning as I possibly can.

    I will also be stepping back from the forum as the day-to-day problem solver/helper guy and Spencer (who's already been posting a bit here) will take over that responsibility. I'm finding that my new Product Manager role is demanding me put my efforts into other areas, so I need to free up some time.

    That doesn't mean I'll be gone though. It's that I'll be running more of the "VoiceLive 4" type threads where we talk about future products and ideas, rather than me doing the "how do I do X with Y" type responses. Spencer is awesome and can totally take care of everyone on that front.

    Spencer will start doing the tech responses pretty much right away.


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    • Craig Fraser
      Welcome Spencer!

      Floyd Otis
      • December 2, 2016
    • Craig Fraser
      Daniel Graves
      Spencer, are you still monitoring this Community Forum? I'm new and just poking around seeing lots of unanswered questions in posts.

      Are we on the wrong forum? Did you move to a Music Group forum?
      • February 1, 2017
    • Craig Fraser
      Spencer Larsen Hey, uh.. Email,
      Yep I'm still here! There are plans to change over the forum eventually but I can't speak as to when that'll happen, higher powers and all that. I come on here between projects here in the office and answer posts on a FIFO basis. Posts have been getting about a month to stew and get answered by other users before I get to them, not really by choice but because my queue of unanswered posts hit an asymptote of about a month. fortunately the majority of folks who need immediate help tend to hit up our Facebook page and support team (troubleshooting, warranties, availability, etc.). I'm grateful there are very capable users here in the user forum that often help out newbies and share tech tips. As you've noticed I haven't been able to get to every post, it's not really possible for me given my responsibilities here in the office. But rest assured I do keep a queue going and many of the unanswered posts you're referring to are either already answered on another medium (Facebook or Support) or are on my list. Thanks for poking around though, I genuinely appreciate people care about getting each other help here :]
      • February 1, 2017
    • Craig Fraser

      Could you please tell me how I can get the harmony sound of the Everly Brothers on my TC Helecom 3.

      Many thanks and kind regards Colin.
      • February 5, 2017
    • Craig Fraser
      Spencer Larsen
      Hey Colin, you'll have better luck if you create a new post in the VoiceLive 3 community rather than commenting here. Preset requests don't always get a response, but sometimes they do, and you'll have more people seeing your request if it's in its own thread.
      • February 9, 2017