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  • 2020-01-20

    Check it out here:

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  • OliverM

    Dear all,

    We're pleased to announce the release of our latest X32 Firmware V 3.11.


    The X32 Firmware Update V 3.11 features performance enhancements to the award-winning X32 operating system. 


    The Version 3.11 firmware adds support for these new optional expansion cards:

    • Klark Teknik DN32-LIVE (included in M32-LIVE and M32R-LIVE mixers)

    • Klark Teknik DN32-WSG (optional expansion card) for direct access to SoundGrid processing networks, featuring

      32 channels of lowest latency audio in- and output over IP networks. Please refer to for all plugin, software

      and hardware products offered by WAVES. 


    X-TOUCH remote control is improved and the HA remote control startup issue is fixed. Firmware 3.11 also enables transmission of channel color and name info via AES50.

    Behringer is constantly adding new features and making enhancements to this extremely stable operating system, so that you always experience the best possible performance from your X32. Check out for updates regularly.


    Note: It is recommended that you backup all data (export Show and Libraries to USB) before updating, as a firmware upgrade may erase data currently stored on your X32. Please be aware that firmware 3.09 is required for our new X32-Edit 3.2 on PC / Mac / Linux computers, preferably in wired networks. Connect the X32 to a Wifi router for controlling it wirelessly with X32-Mix 3.1 or higher on Apple iPad (min. iOS 9), or with X/M32-Mixingstation for Android (min. 4.0).



    • Behringer X-TOUCH pressing REC starts 2-channel usb recorder correctly

    • Behringer X-TOUCH send to stereo bus pan can now be reset by pressing the pan encoder

    • Headamp remote startup bugfix


    New features:

    • Support for Klark Teknik DN32-WSG and DN32-LIVE cards

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    • OliverM

      Hello. I just  upgrade the firmware from 3.09 to 3.11. I use 3 X32 linked together via AES50.I'm very interested in the sending the colour and names from one mixer to the rest of the mixers. How do i do that?

      And which mixer is the masterfor the scribble strips?

      The 3.11 firmware  claim's to be able to do exactly what i need. 

      Is that true?

      Thank you very much.

      • May 5, 2019
    • OliverM

      Hi! Where can I find the download link? The latest firmware version on the Downloads page is 3.08.|en)



      • May 6, 2019
    • OliverM

      @OliverM Do you know if anyone has fixed the disaster that is the USB 4.59 drivers update for Win 10? The drivers install easy enough, but in order to run ASIO with them, the Dfu needs to be upgraded too and it is an abysmal failure and refuses to be upgraded. It won't update no matter what, rendering the 4.59 drivers utterly useless.

      • July 18, 2019
  • Michael_Lapke
    Triber Moderator
    Salutations to the Forum Community!

    Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that there will be some service maintenance happening on our servers this weekend which may affect the ability to use our website and community forums. Here's the details:

    Sat, 11 Feb, 1800 - 0200 SGT (Network Downtime: 8 hours)
    Sun, 12 Feb, 1200 - 2000 SGT (Buffer only: 8 hours)

    Sun, 19 Feb, 0900 - 1700 SGT (Network Downtime: 8 hours)

    Sun, 19 Feb, 0900 - 1300 SGT (Network Downtime: 2-4 hours)

    We appreciate everyones patience while this server maintenance is taking place. Thank you for your cooperation and please enjoy the rest of your week!
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  • Michael_Lapke
    Triber Moderator
    Dear All,

    We are excited to announce that we have some Live Broadcasts happening this week from our Music Studios location in Los Angeles. These sessions will consist of a short presentation followed by a live question / answer session where you will have the opportunity to see your questions answered in real-time by our product specialists. The topic schedule for next week is below, all you need to do is click the link at the start time. *Note that you will need to be signed into a YouTube / Google account in order to participate in the Chat.*

    Date / Time:*Monday 1/11 4PM PST
    Topic:*X32 - Remote Control Setup
    Description:*In this live broadcast, we will show you how to setup your X32 Digital Console for wireless remote control via your iPad or PC/Mac/Linux computer. We will also discuss the available remote apps and WiFi “best practices”. There will be a live question / answer period with our product specialists following the presentation.*

    Date / Time:*Tuesday 1/12 4PM PST
    Topic:*X AIR Series Overview
    Description:*In this Live Broadcast, we present the X AIR series of Digital Mixers. We will cover the basic feature sets and differences between the models before opening the floor for a live question and answer session with our product specialists.*

    Date / Time:*Wednesday 1/13 4PM PST
    Topic:*X-TOUCH Overview (Featuring Logic Pro X)*
    Description:*In this Live Broadcast, we present the X-TOUCH Universal DAW Controller. We will cover the basic feature set and operation in the Logic Pro X DAW before opening the floor for a live question and answer session with our product specialists.*

    We hope to see you there!
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  • Michael_Lapke
    Triber Moderator
    Hi everyone,

    Hope everyone is doing great! I'm very happy to announce that starting today we are running a special promotional offer for the U-PHORIA UMC202HD computer audio interface. This opportunity is only available for a limited time to our customers in the USA so be sure to act fast while supplies last.

    If you are interested in participating in this promotional offer then you can follow the link below to purchase one for only $59.99** (Normally a $149.99 Value) and includes FREE Shipping.

    Click here more information:


    The incredible U-PHORIA UMC202HD bridges the gap between your creativity and your fans.

    An ultra-fast USB 2.0 studio in a box, the UMC202HD connects your mics, guitars, keyboards and other instruments to your computer so you can record your next masterpiece in mere minutes. And for editing, mixing and sharing your music, the UMC202HD comes with a free download code* for Tracktion – a world-class professional, fast and easy-to-use Digital Audio Workstation (DAW).

    With the UMC202HD, and your talent – the sky truly is the limit!

    * Free Tracktion download requires product registration at
    ** While quantities last
    ** USA Customers Only
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  • RickMassey
    Contributor - Level 2
    I was under the impression that Behringer on-line sales was restricted. Knowing MAP policy is one thing. But recently noticed sellers on EBay and claiming to be authorized dealers. What is the official policy. I don't expect someone to type it out but maybe point someone to where it can be looked at. Thanks.
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  • JohnDiNicola
    Contributor - Level 2
    Dear All,
    We are happy to announce the release a new firmware for X AIR XR12 and XR16 Digital Mixers, version 1.10. You can find the update available for free download on the XR12 / XR16 product pages here at This update addresses the following:

    - linking of line input gains fixed
    - correct indication of 0 dB fader position
    - XR12 ch 1-4, 10-12 phase fix
    - XR16 ch 1-8, 14-16 phase fix
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    • JohnDiNicola
      MelLyon After 3 years of use suddenly today my XR12 Is Not Connecting To The Mixer Software on my Laptop... Could it be windows or Macfee blocking?
      I have tried 3 different laptops and the the mixer is not generating a SSID signal during rescan. So no connection is happening. I am having problems connecting XR12 To software laptop. Purchased June 5 2017 and the unit has had minimum hours of use in my home studio. Watch the video and Any solutions offered would be appreciated.
      • December 23, 2020
  • JohnDiNicola
    Contributor - Level 2
    Dear All,
    We are happy to announce the release a new firmware for X32 Digital Consoles (2.14), along with a new X32-Edit (2.4). You can find these updates available for free download on all X32 product pages here at Here are the release notes from the updates:

    X32 Firmware 2.14:

    2.14 (2015-07-22)
    - X-USB and DN32-USB were reporting wrong sample rate after changing sample rate without reboot

    2.13 (2015-07-06)
    - fixed an issue where iQ speaker settings were not recalled correctly when linked
    - iQ setup now also accessible via layer buttons
    - fixed an issue where inserts were not activated when usb was very busy during startup
    - correct preamp indication on DL152..DL155, output SRC disabled on DL155
    - fixed an issue where midi messages were duplicated when assigned to more than one assignable
    button/encoder simultaneously

    V 2.4 now offers new graphics routines with automatic or manual scaling of the editor window to any size between 1000 and 2000 pixels width, for matching your physical display size. It also features the revised Setup structure of recent X32 firmware updates up to 2.14, and the console remote initialization is improved. The firmware DCA-Mute and Hard-Mute options are now also remote controllable from X32-EDIT 2.4. The application surface offers two Talkback buttons for direct accessibility and a new Fine mode for sensitive fader movements.
    For friends of the Raspberry Pi2, we also compiled X32-EDIT V2.4 for this extremely cost-efficient platform. We successfully tested on a RPi2 Model B 1GB running on Rasbian (Debian) Linux, and you can find a corresponding archive on the BEHRINGER X32 downloads page.

    New Features:
    - Automatic or manual scaling of the editor window
    - Revised Setup/config and Setup/global structure
    - DCA Mute and Hard Mute options supported
    - RTA peak hold and decay adjustments
    - Talkback buttons available at the fader section
    - New Fine mode for smooth fader movements
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  • Roblof
    Volunteer Moderator
    Apple is about to release their next update to their iOS very soon - iOS 8.4.

    It is advised not to update your current iOS version until compatibility tests has been made on the iOS 8.4 release for the current apps if you are dependent on your iPad/iPhone for your x32/m32 and x-air.
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  • ZachariasZachar
    Newcomer - Level 1

    I'm thinking of upgrading to Win10 from Win7 in July. Will the current drivers for both USB & Firewire be compatible with the new operating system? Will there be a new driver for win10?

    Just want to be reassured that's all.

    Thank you,

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