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    Hello i bought a used macbook pro m1 2021 and i was wondering is there

    a way to connect my Behringer UMC204HD to this laptop ?



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    • sabbarth
      ChrisEdwards1 Hi sabbarth, as newer Macs only have USB C style ports you will need a USB C - USB A adapter. Unfortunately we are not able to confirm compatibility of a specific adapter this is due to there being many different products/software’s on the market and them changing/updating so frequently we simply do not have the resources to test them all, however, we do recommend where possible using official adapters.
      • Jul 28
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    Hello everyone..

    Im in desperate need of help.. i have the ditto mike looper which has a fault.

    The pedal itself works fine if the switches on the box itself are used by foot/ hand... when i use my mp75 mic it will not operate the looper at all.  It is ( not )  the mic or the lead as i have plugged them into my friends identical ditto looper and they work fine..  i have also done the sequences of pressing the switches when powering up or in the other reverse way but still nothing..

    If anyone can help i will be very  grearfull.

    Thanks ..

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    • Dixiedean
      NicJonesMT Hi DixieDean.
      Please click support at the top of the page and submit a technical support ticket.
      • Jul 27
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    I've recently started using a Beat Buddy midi sync with my VLX3 on stage.  I've followed what instructions I've been able to find relating to midi sync and looping in Quantized.  75% of the time it's pretty seemless and works very well.  I utiize a switch 6 pedal on stage and have the first three buttons mapped to LRecPlay, LStopErase, and Erase all; buttons 4-6 are guitar related.  

    When the looping function seems to have a hiccup; I've noticed the display screen flashes Q Rec A; then REC A.  This causes an issue with the timing of the loop.  I can't find anywhere what Q Rec A means.  It seems to put a short pause in the beginning of the loop, which throws the timing of the loop completely off.  Any help is much appreciated.  


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    Hi Tribe,

    There is a [shift] and fine tune of control macros in daws that have an inability to be saved internally
    via automation recording, that can be of great use in the module hardware environment

    Hardware modules using ethernet based software control in a DAW, to fine tune presets that can be saved in the module via cv,
    which when saved and re-selected in the module, will tweek all of the control sources (KNOBS) into place, so that the
    preset would not be lost,

    this presents a great oppertuninity to be able to find presets that where unable to be found via commen practice.

    it does however presetnt a problem, these presets can only be static so thats the limitation.

    finding a way for the internal software to recieve the cv recordigs of the control and implimenting it
    via the software as the static starting point creating a lock that can be adjusted may be the solution.

    hence no need for elaborate screens in the module just a small screen of insight.

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    • Gravitymike
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      • Jul 10
    • Gravitymike
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      • Jul 10
      • Hardware Modules And Synths Using Ethernet Software Control
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        • Jul 10
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    I'm looking at buying a guitar amp with an effects loop that does not have any controls to adjust send or return signal levels and sends the output signal at "line" levels rather than "instrument" levels. Intended for rack effects rather than guitar pedals.

    Will the X5 take a hot "line" level signal without clipping in the A/D/A conversion processes? 

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    Sent my speaker in for repair Agust 2021 and been trying to reach out to them via phone and email but no response, Its cowardly unprofessional

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    • vahidtaba
      ChrisEdwards1 Hi vahibtaba, I'm sorry to see you have had no response on your case. I will go ahead and escalate this to the correct team for you.
      • Jul 7
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    Hi, my umc22 has stopped working. I've reset and reinstalled drivers but instrument channel doesn't work at all. Umc is now showing as a USB microphone input. I believe this relates to the last Windows 10 updates, any ideas? 

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    I recently got a new iPad. Loaded TonePrint app. And the app does not recognize any of your user made TonePrints. 

    what can I do to get this to recognize the TonePrints so I can edit them?

    thanks in advance.


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    • rdenker
      ChrisEdwards1 Hi rdenker, If you have previously created your custom TonePrints via the editor on another device than what youare experiencing is correct. The TonePrint editor is not capable of transferring/recognizing custom TonePrints that have been made on another device.

      For example if I made a custom TonePrint on my iPhone stored it into the Plethora and then connected the Plethora to my PC I would not be able to recall that TonePrint.
      At this moment in time the only way around this would be to create multiple versions of your custom TonePrint across all devices.

      Being able to recall custom TonePrints on multiple devices is a feature request already on the Dev teams list and they are looking into this, however, I cannot confirm if or when this will be implemented.
      • Jun 29
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    Hi , I can't get the internal Metronome to work with the Backingtrack .

    It is possibile ? Or it only works with the Looper ?

    I've seen in the User manual this :

    Under Output setting :Backing Track setting With the Backing Track setting, Backing Tracks are routed to the guitar outs. If both outputs are connected, the signal is in stereo. If one is connected, the signal is summed to mono. This mode allows you to have a two-component Backing Track where “the click” is sent to one ¼” output and “the track” to the other. These signals can then be independently routed wherever you Setup VL3X – Reference manual (updated 2015-10-20) 161 wish. Usually, you will have “the track” go to the front-of-house mixer and “the click” to a stage/ monitor mix (or the drummer). If you’re listening to Backing Tracks over your headphones, you’ll hear hear the split tracks as described here, with “the click” on one side and “the track” in the other. 

    Thanks for the Answer

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    Hi, I know how to record live performances but I can't find any method of replaying the recordings? Any idea anyone? If I take the thumb drive to another device, the audio level is very low, any particular reason?


    Cheers, Paul

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