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    j'ai un voice live 2, que j'aimerais controller avec un midi controller.

    je souahiterais changer de step avec une pedale midi (Live Logic custom usb midi control) par exemple dans le preset 1, appuyer sur le footswitch midi canal 1 pour aller au preset 1 step 2 , et si j'appuie de nouveau : preset 1 step 1.


    merci de votre aide.


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    Hi Guys & Girls,

    I have had my TD3 for over a year now & i have it running in Logic & Ableton but how do you record Cutoff resonance envolope etc.

    When i create a pattern the only way i have found to record what i am doing live is to create a seperate audio track, is this the only way to do so, i see lots of videos on you you tube & everyone is jamming & i cannot find anyone actually recording to a DAW.



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    How do you sync an rd6 and a pro 1 for tempo.

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    Hi there,


    I bought the TC 2290 software plugin but did not receive an authorization code from MusicTribe.

    Just a paypal invoice. Any idea where to get the code so I can register with my Ilok account.


    Any kind of information would be highly appreciated.


    Warmest regards,




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    • dnra42
      PedroRodrigues Hi dnra42, thank you for your post, the TC2290 licence was remotely deposited on you ILOK ACCOUNT, from what I could see you have activated your licence on the 31/10/2021. Thank you
      • November 1, 2021
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    My display on my deepmind 12 is fading.

    Is anybody else having this problem?

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    • EchoKraft
      RobbyWingfield HI EchoKraft, this sounds like it could be a hardware fault. Please open a support ticket with a video of the issue so we can determine if your Deepmind needs repair.
      • September 18, 2021
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    I have a behringer umc 404hd.   sonic cell module whit midi and a keyboard with usb

    how conect this three elements using behringer..


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    • SantosAvila
      RobbyWingfield Hi SantosAvila, this is Robby with Music Tribe. The Roland Sonic Cell is an interface and synthesizer module. In order to use your UMC404HD at the same time you would need to select the UMC404HD as your default audio device. You would then come out of the audio outputs of the Sonic Cell into the UMC404HD. You would then have to have your Sonic Cell as a MIDI device in your DAW in order to send MIDI to it via USB. Lastly, your MIDI keyboard would then be added as a MIDI controller in your DAW. If you require more support please submit a support ticket at the link above, thanks!
      • September 18, 2021
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    I have been loving my Neutron but today I turned it on and it would not respond to MIDI controls from my keystep pro. I tried several different midi channels. It will pass a very low pitched sound if I turn the VCA bias up but it seems unable to receive midi. I also tried a basic CV patch (pitch to osc1+2, gate to env 1) and it had slightly better results but still far short of a performable level of control. I attempted the reset process I found online to no avail. Please help! 

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    • Elttut
      ChrisEdwards1 Hi Elttut, I can see you have also submitted a technical support ticket for this issue. Upon checking the ticket I can see a response was sent on 08/09/2021 and is awaiting further follow-up.
      If you do not see this response in your main inbox could you please check your spam/junk folder as we have seen our responses route to these locations on occasion if you are unable to find it please let me know and I will have it resent.
      • September 10, 2021
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    If I want to connect my Flow 8 with PC (Windows 10) I gett the message "No Device Connected".
    What is wrong?
    The same problem is whe I use Notebook.
    I changed USB-Cable already, nothing!
    How I come to "Firmware Update Modus" ?

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    • Petrus1945
      DavidKnighton Hello Petrus,
      Make sure you first install the driver for Windows. Go to FLOW8 product page, click the SOFTWARE tab and download/install the driver.
      • September 7, 2021
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    Hi, I m about to buy a deepmind12, à read on many review that some control are not on the front panel and need to go in menu screen that s OK, I was thinking if behringer is working to build an midi, USB extension with fader and/or knob for the screen controls and maybe had oscillators and audio input....? Thank u


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    • Davexiez33
      ChrisEdwards1 Hi Davexiez33, Unfortunately, we are not able to provide any information on potential future products until there official release announcement.

      I will, however, pass this on as a feature request to our Dev team.
      • August 29, 2021
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    Behringer MS-1 and Roland TR8 doesn't seem to be syncing with each other.. whenever I'd hit start/stop button on the TR8, both devices do start playing however, it's not in sync

    Below are some details


    - Connected via MIDI cable

    -MIDI OUT from TR8 > MIDI IN of MS-1

    -MS-1 MIDI channel is set to channel 1

    -TR8 MIDI channel is set to channel 10


    Does anyone else have the same issue?

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    • dkusuhara
      DavidKnighton Hello there,
      I would suspect that if the two are only slightly off sync, then it could be that your envelope on the MS-1 is too slow. Try it out with a fast attach and see if they come together.
      • August 31, 2021
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