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    Hi there,


    i have the problem that the RIMSHOT is a tiny little bit louder than the other instruments of my RD-8.

    How can i solve this?





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    • Scape
      ChrisEdwards1 Hi Scape, unfortunately, this is something that will need further inspection/repair at an authorized service center.

      With this in mind please submit a service request ticket by going to support at the top of the page. Please note if your unit is less than 30 days old your first port of call should be with your place of purchase.
      • March 3, 2021
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    Hi, I just bought a deepmind 12, and I have already Cubase elements 10.5 

    for both I am super fresh still :(

    My question is, how I can use the deepmind sound into DAW-Cubase, to start record from the internal sound of deepmind

    direct to Cubase, please help a tips. :)

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    • Abusaif
      miswest1 If your going to record it in as samples and not have the sounds triggered by cubase midi into to your new synth, then some of the track in Cubase need to be audio channels rather than midi channels. Both ways require you hit the record button to achieve it. Not that I'm an expert of course. Its only a beginners tip I'm offering you.
      • March 2, 2021
    • Abusaif
      Abusaif Dear Miswest, thank you so much for sharing your assistance, I will do and search for what you said, to figure out how to start record the melodies in DAW. :)
      • March 3, 2021
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    I recently got hold of a Neutron, made sure it was updated to the latest firmware and when connected directly to my Keystep37 via midi all seems fine.

    However when I plug it into my laptop via USB it gets stuck with the blue range buttons flashing and seemingly no way to break out of this mode?

    Has anyone had this issue before and know of a fix?

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    I just want to know what the Sys-Ex string is for a 2600 pitchbend range message?

    Of course it would also be useful to have the spec for 2600 Sys-Ex messages in general...

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    Can't submit any tickets to support, as the Brand dropdown doesn't populate - need my Voicelive screen replaced and can't find a way to do it

    Any ideas?

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    • GHRoberts
      Nigel67 Hi GHRoberts. I am sorry that you are unable to submit a ticket. I will communicate with the web team and see if they are able to investigate the issue. In the meantime, I will open a case for you. Please check for an e-mail from me. It may go in your SPAM so please check there as well. Many thanks
      • February 26, 2021
      • Anyone tried to submit a ticket recently?
        GHRoberts Thanks Nigel - have replied to the e-mail
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        • February 27, 2021
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