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    Hello everyone,

    I bought a new laptop (ASUS Vivobook15) I want to connect my mixer, a behringer xenyx2222usb to my laptop. I want to record voice and audio. I am using audacity to record. When I am recording i hear a echo in my speach. The laptop has no input. just a headphone entrance. Do i need to buy an audoi interface or am i doing someting wrong with connecting. 

    Please help!

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    • Philip1964
      Nigel67 Hi Philip1964. As long as you have installed the ASIO driver from the Software tab at this link, then all you require is a USB cable between the mixer and the computer. The X2222USB does contain an FX Processor, so it is possible that you are feeding audio through that to the mix/USB outputs. I would suggest that to start with, you use just one microphone plugged into an input channel. Make sure that the two red and one orange knobs are turned all the way down on that channel. Make sure that the 6 red and 2 orange knobs above the Main Mix, and Sub 1-2 faders are also turned all the way down along with the Sub 1-2 faders. Now talk into the microphone and record the audio on your computer. Listen to the Main mix Output on your headphones to check for the echo. Make sure the the 2-TR/USB To Main switch is in the up position. Hopefully this will fix the issue. If not, I would suggest filling out a Tech Support ticket where we can gather further information and fix the issue. This can be done by clicking on the support tab at the top of the page. A new window will open. Scroll down and click on the Technical Support tab and submit a ticket. Many thanks
      • May 9
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    I am trying to update an old system in a church. Currently it has two x-32 mixers and all audio to the mixers are analog. and run through a patch panel, so everything from the stage is in an analog snake into an analog patch bay where you go to the house mixer and to the broadcast mixer. The Broadcast mixer is in another booth and is probably 60-70 feet away from the patch panel. My question is can I remove that old analog patch panel and replace it with the s32 stage box and run output from the aes50 connectors to the mixers meaning the A output goes to my house mixer and the b output goes to my broadcast mixer and is that the easy way to do it? 

    I undertand that simply try and connect the two mixers then one mixer will have gain control over the other meaning the two mixers won't be independent of each other to create two true mixes. 



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    We have 2 of the speaker in our small church.  I'm getting reverb or an echo sound.  Can someone explain the A/B dials and how they work.  I've go them all the way down, but then I have to turn the volume wide open.  They are connected to a Allen Heath QU16 Mixer.

    Thanks for any suport you can provide.

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    On our lvestreams I've noticed that our piano sounds a little thin(?).  I'm not sure how best to describe it.  Maybe that it doesn't sound very full?  I think it has more high end than low.  I know mic and mic placement play a huge factor, but I'm rather stuck with what we have.

    Our room sounds good, but I want to improve the quality of our outside mix.  We're using a Behringer X32.  I assume there are some built-in FX racks that'd be good to shape piano sound(aside from an EQ rack), but I haven't had much luck.  I already have an enhancer inserted on our outside mix, so I'm not sure how to insert an effect on the piano that will only go out over the livestream.  Unless I'd setup an FX mix, that affects only the piano and mix that into the outside mix.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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    I have the GO XLR mini the upgraded to the full size. Is it possble to connect the full size the the mini to have more control over more faders from the full size 

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  • RobertLawrenceC
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    How to setup a x32 front house mixer and a x32 broadcast mixer

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    I am using the XENYX X1204USB and I am very satisfied with it.

    Now I want to start recording on my computer and want to sing into the XENYX X1204USB and than recording this on my pc.

    Actually my pc does not recognized the XENYX X1204USB. I guess I need some software to activate the audio interface. Where can I find this software?

    I have connected already the pc with the XENYX X1204USB. In the direction from pc to XENYX X1204USB it works already. But not in the other direction. For excample when I want to record my singing on audacity.

    Any suggestions to this?



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    Hi Guys. 

    I want to get Behringer QX1002USB.

    I'm using it to do live streaming (audio and video using phone app) . I want to know if i'm using the USB output from the mixer, and go straight to iphone (lightning input), will it work? Or do i have to use irig? 


    If someone know about this, please please please let me know....


    Thank you so much!!! 

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    I am wondering if on the Behringer Flow 8, a firmware update is planned to include a Mix Minus setup to make it easier?
    This would be a wonderful addition for people doing Podcasts and taking phone or Skype calls that are not tech savy.

    Thank you,


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    Hello community. We have a Midas M32 and are live streaming for our church. We want to have separate EQ, Comp, etc. for various inputs for the live stream compared to in-house on the one board and send it out. Can someone walk us through how to do that? Thanks.
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    • skipweaver50
      Nigel67 Hi skipweaver50. Just to confirm, you want the M32 to be mixing the In House and also the Live Stream? The only way that you will be able to have separate mixes for some inputs would be to physically have two input channels set up for the one input. You would have to be extremely careful though that you do not send both channels to the same outputs. I take it that the In house audio would come from Main L and R outputs and your Live Stream would be derived from a couple of Bus Outputs. In which case, you would have to make sure that the input channel you are going to use for the stream is not assigned to the Main L and R outputs and in turn the input channel meant for the in house is not assigned to the stream busses. It could get complicated but is doable. To do this routing, select the input channel that you are going to use as a duplicate for the strream. Go into the Config tab for that input and you will see a Source option. Here, you can select where you want the input signal to be taken from. You will however be sharing the Mic Input gain across the two channels as the physical input is plugged into one input XLR which only has one mic amp. Therefore changing the mic amp gain on one channel will affect the other. It would be advisable that once set, any adjustments are made using the digital trim on the respective channel. Hope this is what you are looking for.
      • Jan 25
    • skipweaver50
      ccbw just a thought,
      i use4 busses (or 5 if i run house sub) when doing house and stream..
      2/3 busses for house, 2 for stream .
      This lets me set up ratios for both and have faders work properly for both simultaneously..
      Loud drums need to be 'upped' for the stream as they will be amplified less in the house and so on...
      so your eq and dynamics are a constant...

      Effects follow suit as enough or 'desired' fx in the house can be overwhelming on a stream mix if they are the same levels/proportions.
      • Jan 26
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