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    Hi Guys. 

    I want to get Behringer QX1002USB.

    I'm using it to do live streaming (audio and video using phone app) . I want to know if i'm using the USB output from the mixer, and go straight to iphone (lightning input), will it work? Or do i have to use irig? 


    If someone know about this, please please please let me know....


    Thank you so much!!! 

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    I am wondering if on the Behringer Flow 8, a firmware update is planned to include a Mix Minus setup to make it easier?
    This would be a wonderful addition for people doing Podcasts and taking phone or Skype calls that are not tech savy.

    Thank you,


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    Hello community. We have a Midas M32 and are live streaming for our church. We want to have separate EQ, Comp, etc. for various inputs for the live stream compared to in-house on the one board and send it out. Can someone walk us through how to do that? Thanks.
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    • skipweaver50
      Nigel67 Hi skipweaver50. Just to confirm, you want the M32 to be mixing the In House and also the Live Stream? The only way that you will be able to have separate mixes for some inputs would be to physically have two input channels set up for the one input. You would have to be extremely careful though that you do not send both channels to the same outputs. I take it that the In house audio would come from Main L and R outputs and your Live Stream would be derived from a couple of Bus Outputs. In which case, you would have to make sure that the input channel you are going to use for the stream is not assigned to the Main L and R outputs and in turn the input channel meant for the in house is not assigned to the stream busses. It could get complicated but is doable. To do this routing, select the input channel that you are going to use as a duplicate for the strream. Go into the Config tab for that input and you will see a Source option. Here, you can select where you want the input signal to be taken from. You will however be sharing the Mic Input gain across the two channels as the physical input is plugged into one input XLR which only has one mic amp. Therefore changing the mic amp gain on one channel will affect the other. It would be advisable that once set, any adjustments are made using the digital trim on the respective channel. Hope this is what you are looking for.
      • Jan 25
    • skipweaver50
      ccbw just a thought,
      i use4 busses (or 5 if i run house sub) when doing house and stream..
      2/3 busses for house, 2 for stream .
      This lets me set up ratios for both and have faders work properly for both simultaneously..
      Loud drums need to be 'upped' for the stream as they will be amplified less in the house and so on...
      so your eq and dynamics are a constant...

      Effects follow suit as enough or 'desired' fx in the house can be overwhelming on a stream mix if they are the same levels/proportions.
      • Jan 26
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    So I recently bought a xenyx 1202 mixer for a podcast. The issue I have is when I plug everything into the computer and change my sound settings to come back into the mixer I can’t hear the playback through my headphones which are plugged into the mixer as well. I have all the correct cables but for some reason the sound won’t playback from the mixer. Any assistance would be appreciated.

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    • Dcorc28
      Nigel67 Hi Dcorc28. Are you getting any audio back into the mixer from the computer, i.e to the mix outputs? Have you pressed the 2-TR TO CTRL ROOM switch or the 2-TR TO MIX switch. Depending on your requirements for the audio coming back in from the computer, you do need to have one of these switches pressed to hear the audio.
      • Jan 23
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    I tried going about an RMA process for issues that my GoXLR mini is having, but have yet to receive any response or confirmation for giving them the requested information to complete my RMA process and I'm starting to wonder if my replies just aren't going through. 

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    • lh7242
      Nigel67 Hi IH7242. I am sorry for the non reply to your ticket you have submitted. Can you advise the ticket number and I will look into it further. Many thanks
      • Jan 20
      • No response to email reply
        Nigel67 I have just found your case. It looks as though you have two cases for the same unit and issue. Looking at both cases you appear to be corresponding with a colleague and yesterday sent the information that he requested. I will let him know and I am sure he will be back to you shortly.
        • Jan 20
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    So, here is the full setup that I have. I have windows laptop audio coming in to my M32R mixer to aux 1&2. M32R itself is connected via usb to my mac using busses 11&12. I have routed busses 11&12 as user output 1 and 2, so that OBS will detect it. 

    Now, I also have other musical instruments coming in to my M32R, and these signals are also being sent to busses 11 and 12, as well as the signal from aux 1&2 (the laptop audio).

    Everything works fine FOH. I have clear sounds coming out of my main speakers including the aux 1&2.

    Everything seems to work fine for busses 11 and 12. I have clear signal coming through busses 11 and 12 to my OBS installed on my mac. I can hear all musical instruments and mics via live stream.

    However, the only sound signal that will not get through to OBS, is the aux 1&2. I look at my mixer, busses 11&12, and it tells me the aux 1&2 signal is getting through. I can hear aux 1&2 coming out of FOH speakers. I can also hear sound from aux 1&2 when I solo busses 11&12. But the problem is, the sound from aux 1&2 does not get detected in OBS. Other channel sounds that got bussed to busses 11 & 12 do get detected in OBS. Sounds from aux 1&2 will not. I have tried pre fader, post fader for aux 1&2 with no avail.

    Can anyone think of a solution to this problem? 

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    • JinWookEddieKim
      Nigel67 Hi JinWookEddieKim. If you are seeing the signal from Aux 1 and 2 on the Buss 11 and 12 meters, then it would appear that you are getting some kind of signal cancellation in your computer / OBS. Instead of sending the audio to Aux 1 and 2 from the computer, are you able to patch audio to them from the Aux Input jacks on the rear of the mixer and send that to the computer and see if it appears in OBS? I cannot think of any other reason for the audio not being seen in OBS if its on the meters.
      • Jan 10
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    What is the difference between DN32-USB WINDOWS driver and DN32-LIVE USB audio driver?


    Which software support connecting M32 consoloe usb port to  PC (windows)?

    I know USB card available console to audiointerface. 

    and I'm useing OBS streaming program. 

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    Hey guys, 


    Looking to connect my x32 to the Atem mini for livestreaming at church. Would anyone know how to do that? 

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    I am at my wits end.  I have the 1204USB and a MacBook Pro that I am using to record podcasts into Audacity.  I have tried setting up a mix minus for Zoom calls.  The audio from my mic and the Zoom call are registering in the mixer.  However, when I try and record into Audacity only my mic is recording.  I can hear the zoom caller, they can hear me, it is registering on the main mix.  




    My setup is mic in channel 1, mix minus is set through channel 7/8 and have the aux 1 as my out.  



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    As mentioned in the Subject, I am trying to broadcast music over internet with the help of UMC202HD and BUTT software, which is the software to connect to internet and send the music stream.

    First of all, BUTT detects the following peripherals :

    • PCM by default
    • Microsoft sound mapper - Input [MME]
    • IN 1-2 (BERINGER UMC 202HD 192K) [MME]
    • ASIO4ALL v2 [ASIO]
    • Realtek ASIO [ASIO]
    • UMC ASIO Driver [ASIO]

    It's very confusing ... What option is to be selected ???

    BTW I tried all options, but none of them worked, that is to say no sound is present on the internet adress where it sould be.

    Can you help ?




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      Nigel67 Hi ALIASJT. You should select 'IN 1-2 (BEHRINGER UMC 202HD 192K) [MME]'. Have you been able to determine whether you are getting audio into the computer? What version of Windows are you using? If you go into Sounds (right click on speaker icon in bottom right hand corner of screen) and click on the Recording tab, you will see the IN 1-2 option for the Behringer UMC202HD. To the right hand side of this is a bargraph. If you send audio from the UMC to the computer (via the USB cable), then the bargraph should light up. If it does, then you probably have a setting issue with your BUTT software. If you do not see signal on the bargraph then you need to check that signal is outputting from the UMC. Also make sure that you are using a USB2 compatible port on your computer (try all of them) and if you are using a USB hub, try plugging directly into the computer as some can cause issues.
      • December 15, 2021
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