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    I am trying to use a virtual (gotowebinar) interactive program on my laptop to communicate with people in attendence (Ballrom) and virtualy.

    I have a Behringer Ultra-DI6009 which enables the sound from my laptop to go through a mike input to a amplifier connected to the ballroom sound system.  People in the audience can hear the virtual people when they speak.  My problem is connecting the ballroom sound system to my laptop so that virtual attendees can hear what is happening in the ballroom.  Currently I am using a second laptop set up infront of a monitor speaker on the amp to broadcast the sound.  This is ok unless there is background noise in the room where the amp is. 

    Any suggestions to set up direct sound input to the laptop



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    I just received a new Mac mini. I have hooked up the Behringer via USB and the speakers are working but they are much quieter than they were when the interface was attached to my Asus laptop.  I have gone into the sound settings and adjusted the volume there but they are still much quieter.


    Has anyone else experienced this?  My operating system is Mac OS Big Sur 11.6. 


    I am not sure I have chosen the right Category and subcategory but there doesn't seem to be options to suit. 

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    Good Morning, 

    Ran into an issue witn a clients x32 that was new to me.  The scribble strips for the bus/matric/DCA/Stereo faders all light up but they will show the names of channels or change color.  Is there something that Im missing here. Or is there a problem with the mixer. Thanks for any help you can give me. 

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    • AVIMedia
      KyleJohnson Hello, Kyle here with Music Tribe. The first thing you could try is a Console Initialization. I'd backup all of the scenes first. Open the Setup>Global menu and select CONSOLE under the RESET/INIT heading. This will set the console settings to default but not erase any library/scenes/presets. If you continue to have issues I suggest you submit a support ticket. Click on Support and then Technical Support.
      • Tue at 8:14 AM
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    Hi all.  Would this mixer be able to be used ato push music through from an iPad to stadium speakers?  Or would it need an amplifier?

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    • ChadTallon1
      KyleJohnson Hello, Kyle here with Music Tribe. The outputs of the 1204 are not powered. If your speakers are powered then you can connect from the outputs of the 1204 into the speakers. If they are passive speakers then you would need amplifiers as well.
      • Mon at 3:25 PM
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    It seems the led in the channel view shows the input signal. Can it be changed to see post EQ or send to LR? I have looked but cannot find any information on how to set/change. This can be changed in other sections, but i can't see how in channel or LR view.





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    I recently bought a VL3X. I've seen a few demos but I like more on how to use the synth as a voice replacement. I think I've seen all the video demos, and they sound good, but don't tell you how to get those sounds. I need to know:

    1. Which presets will give me the synth/talk box sounds
    2. The set up for both guitar and keyboard, (even keytar), that will allow my voice to sound the synth for leads.

    Thanks for any help.

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    I have a rack with Iem sistem and a x32rack to run it. As monitoring. We are going to self control via smartphone

    The 8 xlr outputs of the x32 rack is connect to 8xIEMs.

    Our band spend 26 channels connected to DL32. 

    Also we have a M32 for FOH

    Well I need to know how I need to connect and routing to have gain channel control on FoH. Trim gain in X32rack. 

    I want a pre fader send to x32rack. 


    Is this correct? 


    Aes50a from dl32 to aes50a of M32

    Aes50b from M32 to aes50a off x32rack

    M32 internal clock

    X32rack aes50a clock


    Input routing (home)from aes50a 1-8....25-32

    Aes50a out9-16 ( for main LR on 15&16 to Pa on Dl32) 

    Aes50b out 1-4 & 5-8



    Xlr out  --> local 1-4 and local 5-8????? 

    And router WiFi on x32rack to control all? Is it correct? 




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    • Rocktambuls
      Nigel67 Hi Rocktambuls. There are a couple of things that I am not quite sure about in your description. You mention that you want a pre fader send to the X32 Rack which I am guessing is the 26 inputs so that you can mix them for the IEMs. In you set up description, you do not mention sending the inputs from the M32 to the Rack, but you do mention AES50B Out 1-4 and 5-8. What audio signals are you hoping to send from the M32 to the X32 Rack? If it is just the inputs (post mic amp, pre everything else, then you would assign AES50A Inputs 1-32 directly to AES50B Outputs 1-32 on the M32 and then assign AES50A Inputs 1-32 on the rack to the channel inputs. Unfortunately, there is only 1 mic pre amp per channel, so you would set these up with the M32, and then any make up gain would be controlled on the two mixers using the digital trim. This way, you would still have some kind of independent gain control on both mixers. You would use the HA Split function for this, so the analogue gains would only be controlled on the M32 via the LCD display and the main Gain pot on the surface of the M32 would be a digital trim. This is described in the manual.

      The clocking set up you have mentioned is correct.

      The Out 9-16 from the X32 Rack is the only unknown as I am not sure where you are mixing this audio, in the X32Rack or from the 8 outputs on the M32. I need some more information on this please. If it is the X32, then you would assign the 8 outputs to the Local 1-8, or if it is the 8 outputs being sent over the AES50, then you would assign the AES50 directly to the Local outputs, but this needs more clarity.
      • Sep 5
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    I need tech support for anXR18. I think mine just went bad. Is there a way to call?


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    If anyone can point me in the right direction, Im hoping it is you guys. In April I set up an in ear monitoring/ recording unit for my band's live performance. Im running an xr18 mixer into a windows 10 laptop ( I've tried 2 different ones) Im using reaper to send backing tracks and a click and using audio inputs 1-12 for the live instruments and midi from the drums. And recording those usb sends into reaper. However 2 weeks ago I can no longer do that cuz when I hit record, reaper freezes 9 sec in and goes into not responding. I have disarmed each of the 12 recording tracks down to 1 midi track and 1 L&R stereo track. That is all that will record without freezing... Any ideas?

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    • cheadcase915
      Nigel67 Hi cheadcase915. There should be no issues with our ASIO driver and Windows 10. This sounds like a buffer size or hard drive / RAM issue. Have you tried changing the buffer size to see if that makes a difference? There is no reason why one day it will work and next it will not if no settings have been changed. Have you downloaded the latest ASIO driver and are you running the latest version of Reaper? Have you uninstalled and then re-installed the ASIO driver? or even Reaper? What other external equipment do you have plugged in? Have you upgraded the monitor recently to a high resolution one? I am afraid that its going to be trial and error to identify what is causing the issue. Were you using both computers before this issue started happening, or did you bring in the second computer only when the issue started happening?
      • Aug 31
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    We have one active stage monitor set on its own bus.

    We have a lot of feedback on stage and I want to use the equalizer to try and cut this out.

    In beginners talk how do I achieve this please.

    Do I use the equalizer on the main bus or the monitor bus? What do I turn on and off to activate it please? Thanks in anticipation.

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    • GlynnHodges
      DavidKnighton Hello Glynn,
      If you're using a mix bus output, then use the mix bus EQ. Place the mic in a position in front of the monitor and on a mic stand, but not pointing at it. Engage the EQ on the bus, then start by boosting the mids about 5dB. Sweep the filter back and forth until you hear feedback. Yes, we're doing this on purpose. Once you hear the feedback, stop sweeping and cut the filter to -5dB. The feedback should now be gone, but there could be more areas in the frequency spectrum to check. Rinse and repeat with the other available filters. The bus has a total of 6 filters. Make sure they're all set to PEQ with a very narrow width (Q) which is a value of 10.
      • Aug 31
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