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    Does anyone know if something exists or is in the works that allows a monitor engineer to take advantage of the ultranet system? I know that the p16m exists and there is another model that allows two mixes per device, but is there something that allows you to use a m32 or x32 to mix and send out mixes to the whole band over the ultranet network? If there isn't it would be super handy! Not all venues want to use the personal mixing system and it would be nice to see a system that allows an engineer to mix the iem's for the band over ultranet.

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    I would like to start/ stop clicks (*.wav) with a footswitch (roland FS-5U for example) in the musicians in ears monitors. 
    I use an X32 Rack.
    How can I do?
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    • panetta_c
      RichG_ Unfortunately this can not be done with a simple footswitch like a Roland FS-5U. I've not tried this, but I believe it can be done using a Midi controller connected to the X32. The X32 will need to have the X-Live card (The expansion card with two SD card slots). Sending PC's on Ch 7 will load different 'Sessions', then different CC's on Ch 7 give you control over Stop/Play/Etc.
      • May 2
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    I'm sending Midi commands and Audio from an iPad to an X32. Is there a way to echo these commands on the X32's Midi Out?

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    hi everyone, I'm thinking of buying a X32 rack version for my live setup.

    my setup so far:

    Steinberg UR824 interface with Cubase on macbook pro and stems for each song (1xBD mono, 2x Bass stereo, 2x percussion stereo, 2x synthies stereo and 1x backing vocals mono). that's 8 channel out to FOH from the interface via multicore XLR cable. in ear monitor system via cubase sends to headphone for each channel.
    in addition to that, 2x stereo stage piano and 1x vocals to FOH, and via DI box & splitter to interface for monitoring.
    That's 11 channel to FOH (8x stems, 2x DI box stage piano and 1x microphone splitter), rest InEar monitoring by cubase.

    Why cubase - because I have also video screens for each song synced to the stems.

    nevertheless, I am always kind of afraid that the whole setup might crash etc. durcing the performance and the video screens are not that necessary than a solid audio setup.

    So that's why I was looking for a better solution and I want to ask if the X32 could be it.

    q1) can the X32 work as a live playback machine for the stems via USB stick or do I have to choose another live playback player with seperate outputs like cymatic's  Utrack24 or LP 16 ?

    q2) can I use the internal audio interface for some VST synths in cubase for each song?

    q3) does the x32 have DSP for monitoring (reverb/ compression) and a standalone monitor mixer?

    q4) can I use the IN channels for stage piano LR and Vocals and routing them for monitoring and also to FOH (more than the 8 channels for the playback stems)?

    q5) if I want to use video screens via a laptop or the (maybe than cubase free) macbook pro, can I trigger the videofiles on the macbook via the X32 - how could this work?

    kind of complicated ;)

    Thank you for your help!




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    Researching the Wing for an Upgrade from the X32.
    Is there a way to use the P16-M Personal Monitors.  With the signal going to the P16-D directly from the Wing.
    Or does this have to come from a Stage Box, such as the S32 or S16?

    There is NO Ultranet port on the back of the Wing.

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    • ChristopherWake
      KyleJohnson Hello, Kyle here with Music Tribe. The P16-D or P16-M can not be connected directly to the WING, you must use a stagebox with an Ultranet port. Options include the S16, S32, SD8 and SD16.
      • Apr 26
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    Hey guys

    Am brand new to Flow 8 & digital in general & wondered if there are any kind of video / document tutorials for the using & navigating the app in particular & also mixer, as having googled it I can only really find quick reviews & a few basic how to's etc. + the Sweetwater set up guide.

    I've a general understanding of analogue mixer basics so having bought the flow 8 to migrate to digital i've worked out a few thing on the mixer, but the app is another beast like I said am new to this side of things so any help for beginners would be a huge help to me personally

    Thanks everyone

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    Hello all, no audio output from the XLR jacks on my DL16.  The DL16 is connected to an M32 and the network link LED is green.  The DL16 is set to default config 1-8 and the M32 AES50 output settings are set to 1-8. 

    When I listen to each output channel on the DL16 using the headphone jack on the DL16 box, I can hear the M32 1-8 output channels in the headphones perfectly, but I am getting nothing from the DL16 XLR outputs. 

    The DL16 outputs are connected to several different monitors including 4 Yamaha CM12V monitors with Pro Co XLR Female to TRS Male cables.

    The DL16 is a new box and has not been used prior to this install and is being used to replace an old hard-wired snake system.

    I am not a pro, just trying to help my church set up for Easter Sunday services.  Any ideas?

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    I have a midi solutions foot controller im trying to use to control mute group 1 . So far all i've been able to do is mute and unmute channel 5 . I've been in touch with the foot switch people and they could help more if they new the midi message that the x32 needs  they are not familiar with behringer. Any ideas would be great.

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    • Riff63
      RobbyWingfield Hi Riff63, Robby with Music Tribe here, the MIDI Implementation of the X32 can be found on page 72 of the manual here:

      Group 1-8 mutes are on MIDI Channel 1, CC 40-47 respectively. A value of 127 needs to be sent to mute and a value of 0 to unmute.
      • Apr 18
      • I'm trying to find a Midi message to control a mute group on an X32
        Riff63 Hi Robby. i found that Midi channel 2 controls mutes. Channel 1 is fader control. I've tried different CC # but only been able to control channel 5 on the mixer.
        • Apr 18
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    Greetings all,

    So, three weeks ago I added an X32 Rack to our system, I'm using the Rack as a stage box and running everything to the X32 via AES50 cable. I noticed no issues our first week of running it. Week 2, the X32 power cycled twice during our worship service. Week 3 (today, April 10, 2022), it power cycled three times - each time slightly worse than the previous.


    Any ideas as to next steps? I can't really get rid of the X32 Rack anymore or bring all of our receivers back to where they previously were.


    Thanks in advance.


    (Pretty sure I didn't do this in the proper category.)

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    • iclonch
      Nigel67 Hi iclonch. The first thing that you will need to do, is isolate the X32 and run it on its own to confirm that the issue is in the X32 and not being caused by anything external, i.e turn off and unplug everything else connected to the X32. Its unlikely, but worth doing. If you don't have time to sit with the X32, maybe set up a camera and then you can fast forward the video while watching it. If the X32 does still reboot then its either going to be power supply related or possibly the MCU pcb that may need reseating. Can I confirm that the AES50 cable plugged between the X32 and Rack is CAT5E STP? Once the issue is identified, raise a Technical Support ticket and we will help you further. This can be done by clicking on the support tab at the top of the page. A new window will open. Scroll down and click on the Technical Support tab and submit a ticket.
      • Apr 11
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    How do I either factory reste an M32c or install an older version of the firmware

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    • kfineg
      Nigel67 To factory reset the M32C, you need the EDIT software and go into Setup - Mixer and Initialize Settings (Edit) and select 'Mixer' in the drop down box. To downgrade the firmware to an earlier version, go to the downloads page (, select the M32C under the Product tab, select Software in the Type tab and then tick the box labelled 'Show All Versions'. You can then download the software you require to backdate to. I would advise that you do not downgrade to anything earlier than 3.12, but preferably keep it in the V4.?? range. Then to upgrade the unit, follow these steps

      Make sure that the firmware is in the root directory of the USB stick.

      Plug the USB memory stick into the front panel USB connector with the unit turned off.

      Press, and hold in the 'SELECT' knob while switching the unit on.  This will cause the console to boot into the update mode.

      The unit will wait for the USB drive to become ready and then run a fully automated firmware update.

      If a USB stick fails to get ready, updating will not be possible and it is recommended to switch the unit off and then restart from the beginning.
      • Apr 11
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