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    Hello, I have a sound reinforcement business in Guayaquil-Ecuador South America.  I need to buy parts to repair an FP7000 LAB GRUPPEN AMPLIFIER.  Where can I find a dealer to sell me the parts?


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    • sonidoduarte
      KyleJohnson Hello, Kyle here with Music Tribe. Please contact our Parts team. To do so, click on Support and then Spare Parts to submit a ticket.
      • Nov 21
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    All my old email addresses and contacts at Gruppen get bounced?? Mind you its been some time requesting info.  Ive joined up the music tribe now do hopefully there is somebody is willing to help me.

    I run a service repair business in victoria Australia.
    I currently have a E-Series power amps from a church install from NSW which are obviously out of warranty. I have a temperature related issues where CH2 after 15 minutes begins to splatter and eventually cuts out.  Led signal indictors shows valid Signal although when the level is increased on the faulty channel the amber limit led flashes. Can hear the level although its very very low. I’ve tried freezing components on the signal board however i believe its Class D issue not confirmed as yet.
    I’m making a 8-way IDC signal input extension cable to swap channels to determine if its signal board is the issue or its the class D amp? Parts on order to do this.
    I was hoping to get a service manual to make things easier to track the fault down with the oscilloscope.
    Im happy to sign a confidentiality agreement if that works? Have done for many other brands in the past.
    Hope your able to help.
    Many thanks
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    • EightyHD
      Nigel67 Hi EightyHD. I am very sorry, but it is against Company policy to send out Service manuals to any one apart from our partners and repair centres. Australis Music Group in Sydney are our repair centre in Australia.
      • Nov 14
    • EightyHD

      Thanks Nigel67 for you answer. I was expecting some response to say we have one and only service centre for the whole of Australia. Glad this approach isn't upheld for an imported car as you'll have to transport it to Sydney and wait 6 months to have it repaired, I feel the ideology behind one service center "Music Group" for every known product on the music tribe list is short sighted and not in the best interests to the products customers? Then again, does Lab Gruppen or product X actually notify in writing if their product develops a fault 'out-of-warranty' it can't be repaired locally? Please reconsider, as I've expressed initially to indicate I'm happy to sign a CA on a service manual just as I did with FP series way back? In addition, why do I have to sign-up with Music tribe just to be able to communicate with Lab Gruppen..? I'll try my best to request the info from Music Group however I'm guessing a similar response, that they don't give service info to the public? Abet being a business and service tech for the last 30 years in the broadcast industry. Thanks anyway.. Failing this, I'll have to nut it on my own :-)

      • Nov 15
  • PeterH

    We are replacing the tried and trusted IPD series of DSP-controlled power amplifiers with a new, improved breed of raw power and ultimate control solutions. This move is part of a general strategic leap forward that will benefit you, starting…. Right now!  

    You probably know the feeling: You are planning some fundamental changes, but the time just never seems to be perfect for actually making the big move. But then something unforeseen happens, and suddenly everything aligns, which causes you to pull the trigger on opening a new chapter in your life. That was exactly what happened to us – both specifically when deciding to discontinue the renowned IPD series of power amps and introduce the IPX series, but also on a higher level, as we decided to turn our Swedish facility into a dedicated research and development power house that will be focusing entirely on what they do better than anyone: Design and develop unparalleled amplification and digital signal processing for the future!


    Making the Most of an Unfortunate Situation

    As is often the case, unfortunate events tend to occur in quantity. Obviously, 2020 was an unusual and challenging year on a number of levels. First and foremost, the global Coronavirus pandemic took us all by surprise and caused unfathomable human distress across the globe, yet the acute situation also taught many of us new things such as optimizing our collaboration-on-a-distance skill set.

    Fortunately, when entering 2021 it seemed like there was a good chance that things would gradually begin to move back to normal. However, the combination of the pandemic, natural catastrophes and a fire that had consequences throughout the pro audio industry caused severe supply chain problems and skyrocketing freight rates – not just for us, of course, but generally and globally.

    These were the elements that ‘suddenly aligned’ and gave us confidence that now was the time to make some real changes. Transition phases are always painful to some degree, but they are also necessary, and we felt wholeheartedly that it was absolutely the right thing to do – so why wait?


    The IPX Move into The Future

    While the IPX series looks very similar to the IPD series that it is replacing, there are indeed a host of improvements to be found under the hood. For instance, the DSP has been upgraded and is prepared to integrate seamlessly with future audio and control protocols.

    Along with sister companies such as TC Electronic and Midas, we have always been a first mover in terms of adopting new technologies, as well as developing them, and this case is no exception. We consider it as a huge benefit to audio professionals when manufacturers across the board agree on standardization and harmonization in order to make your job easier. Therefore, we are pleased to announce that IPX is your bullet-and-future-proof power amp solution. However, this fundamental change of the DSP design also means that IPX is not backwards compatible with the IPD series.

    Further, while specified at the same power ratings as the IPD series (1,200 W and 2,400 W), the new IPX series is more power efficient, and they deliver more power at lower impedance loads. And last but not least, they have a lighter environmental footprint due to their improved power factor load, making them more efficient in terms of sheer electricity consumption.


    The Collaborative Move into The Future

    As already mentioned, 2020 turned out to become a year of remote work optimization. However, since Music Tribe has been a global organization for decades, collaborating across country borders and time zones was definitely far from new to us. Along with other factors that pushed in the same direction, we decided to make the move for Lab Gruppen in 2021, ensuring that the engineering staff in Kungsbacka, Sweden, is now allowed to dedicate its every moment of attention to developing, refining, rethinking, improving and designing new products and cutting-edge technologies that will help you stay ahead of the curve.

    This means that production has started taking place in Asia, which may cause concern to some, but please rest assured that you will not experience any changes in terms of quality, sturdiness and reliability. The number one mistake Western companies make when moving production to Asia is more than anything to have missed out on doing their homework properly – on a cultural as well as a practical level. Well, Music Tribe has been present in the region for ages. In fact, far longer than e.g. Apple and other huge consumer goods manufacturers that we have all accepted as high quality vendors long ago. It cannot be stressed enough that this is not a new process of change for us, or a first attempt at dipping the toes in new waters – we have decades of experience with how to manufacture efficiently and reliably out of Asia. And perhaps most important of all, we have a proven track record of successful Pro Audio and MI brands to back our beliefs that this will indeed become very beneficial for all of our customers.

    At the end of the day, all that really matters is providing the finest audio tools imaginable, which in turn empowers you to focus exclusively on delivering stellar results as an passionate audio professional every single day – regardless of whether your field of work is within Touring, Venues, House of Worship, Corporate, Education, or other parts of the Live Sound and AV Install spheres.


    Check out our video here: 








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    I have 3 x IPD 2400 in a rack which had not been used since March 2020. When I set up last night the rack with the 3 amps tripped the circuit breaker for the ring main (32A) . I tried connecting each amp on its own but the fault persisted. Will these amps draw more current when they havn't been in use and the power supply capacitors will have discharged? I had to use the house powered speakers which is not ideal. I have used these amps in this venue many times before without any trouble. Has anyone else had this problem?

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    I have a problem with a LAB Gruppen PLM12K44 amplifier, it doesn't light up at all.
    I bought it in 2017/2018.
    I am looking forward to hearing from you about the procedure to follow.

    I am looking forward to hearing from you.

    Adrien Rouziere

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    Hey Team, 

    we are running in our theatre 6 IPD1200, all of them via Cat7 for Remote Control. After updating our system to MacOS Big Sur, the IntelliDrive won't let me control the remote. The IntelliDrive is crashing after starting. After checking the terminal I know now, that the IntelliDrive try to start with Python 2.7. But BigSur need Python, cause it is the newest one. 
    i cannot find any software for MacOS BigSur. 
    Is there any solution for this? 

    greets Marco Boulevard Theatre Germany

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    • BTDGermany1
      BTDGermany1 Hey Guys, I really need a solution for this problem. Is there no way for a workaround or a new Mac software update?
      • Oct 13
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    i buy lab gruppen d200 ta but i have some problem to find it on network. in tesira software i don't find it also in cafe i can't find it on network. in order to control it what i need. i'm tring to link it with eternet cable to pc directly

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    Hello, i have a plm20000q, dual module apmplifier and i have 8 adamson s10 cabins... i wanted to know how must i configure my plm20000q through the lake processor to be able to use both channels of my amp to reproduce full L/R stereo using both modules of my amp... when im recalling the adamson presets on my lake processor it allways collegates my A channel with my B channel. any one can help me?

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    • juanmperini
      NicJonesMT Hi Juanmperini.
      Could you please submit a technical support ticket (Click support at the top of the page) and a member of the team will then be able to advise you further on this.
      • Sep 14
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    so I just bought this 68.4 without knowing anything about it , I looked up specs and saw the power and that was good enough for me then I brought it home took a closer look and im like man I hope i didnt throw my money away so my question is simple do you have to use the software to control it and is it really only available on windows xp and 2000 and do i need this nomad hub thing any info would help thx 


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    • AlGoddard
      DavidKnighton Hello AlGoddard,
      The Lab Gruppen C Series are not smart amplifiers, meaning there's no active DSP within them. Likewise, since there's no DSP there's also no proprietary software. The NOMARDLINK and software is only for use as a remote monitoring network. For example, you have 100 amplifiers and need to network/manage them all from a discreet location within an installation. The Nomadlink will allow you to do this, but it is not necessary for smaller standalone installations. As for compatibility, I have the software running on Windows 10, but that shouldn't matter much as I doubt you'll be using it.
      • Aug 25
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    Hi there. Just looking for some help. I want to bridge channels A and B and also channels C and D together to effectively create a 2 channel amp (with more power). I have linked channels A & B and reversed the polarity oh channel B then connected to the +1 and +2 terminals of the speakon out for one side, then the same with channels C & D for the other side. Is this the correct way to do it?

    Also - how should I use the gain knobs on the front of the amp when in bridge mode in this way as gain knobs A and B both seem to affect the gain (same for C & D). I hope that I have explained this all ok. I am using the amp to drive 2 x Nexo PS15s in passive mode.

    Thank you for your help. If you have a manual for this amp I'd be very grateful as cannot find one online. 
    Best wishes,


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    • TobyWilson
      Nigel67 Hi TobyWilson. Well this has certainly perked up a few memories with some of the slightly older colleagues :). It seems as though this amplifier was an obsolete product in 2005, so its doing well. I am afraid that we do not have a manual, but three people have come up with all the answers for you. Its not pretty I am afraid, but better than nothing. Evidently, if you can find one, the 1300C manual was very similar
      • Aug 23
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