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    My Flashback has a couple problems:

    • The rotary dial to select from available delay types is messed up. It is off sync with the labeling all of a sudden and it's like it's skipping one of the settings. So when switch points to DYN it's actually serving up MOD, etc. 

    • The input and output jacks short out if the cord is plugged too far in (you have to pull them out just slightly or the sound cuts out)

    Any ideas on fixing either issue or hopefully both?

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    • LURKO
      PedroRodrigues Hi LURKO, thank you for your post, in your case I would suggest updating your pedal to the latest Firmware version, by following the link below and test it again.

      When testing your pedal please confirm that you are following the steps below to correctly transfer TonePrints to your pedal as you see below:

      – Launch the TonePrint app on your smartphone.

      – Find the TonePrint you want to use.

      You can browse TonePrints by Artist or Product (i.e.,pedal type). You will also find Featured TonePrints.

      – Plug your guitar or bass into your TonePrint pedal.

      – Turn your TonePrint pedal on.

      – Turn up the volume on your instrument and set the pickup selector to one pickup.

      – Hold the speaker of your smartphone next to the chosen pickup and touch “Beam to pedal”.

      Thank you
      • 19 hours ago
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    I'm looking for a MIDI tap tempo pedal with a headphone out for an audio click to use with my Ditto X4. I'm pretty surprised that the only one that I've found so far that might fit my requirements is this Midinome from Ultra Palace:

    It would be great if it works but it seems really expensive and, again, I'm surprised there aren't more choices to fulfill what, I would think, is a very common need.

    I DON'T want percussion in my performances (hence I don't want something like a BeatBuddy).

    But I do want precise timing in my performances. Seems the right way to achieve this would be with a MIDI clock for the looper and an audio click for me. But I don't want the click to be audible to the audience for the same reason one wouldn't want the click track audible in a recording.

    I'm sure there are more choices like this one out there, right?

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    Hi everyone, Infinite Sample Sustainer looks great. Are there any plans to port it to Plethora X5?

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    • yavuz
      PedroRodrigues Hi yavuz, thank you for your post, at the moment we cannot make any comment on future features and developments for the PLETHORA X5, nevertheless we can confirm that some exciting new development are on the way, please stay tuned. Thank you
      • 19 hours ago
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    Anyone knows where to find spare jack connector for a Hall of Fame?




    Mikkel H. Nielsen

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    • Heitzmann
      WilliamR Hello, William from musictribe here. Please click on the support link above and submit a parts case. Someone will get in contact with you ASAP.
      • May 13
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    For all other boards, the Duplicate function works as expected on the Plethroa X5 itself (not the app); but when I try to duiplicate Board #1, which I've set up as my default board, it doesn't do anything. 

    Is this intended behavior, or a bug? Or what am I doing wrong?

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    • edoates
      PedroRodrigues Hi edoates, thank you for your post, regarding what you have stated on your post you have two options:

      First you can save your Pedal settings as a TonePrint and load it on every board you want to use it

      As alternative for creating new boards, you can duplicate the one with the pedal you required, then replace all the other effects.

      It is important to understand that this will only work when creating new boards, and not when they're already created, at this stage the best option for this process will be done via TonePrints.
      Thank you
      • May 13
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    Hi, i just purchased the Clarity M, and i am having issue to have it set up with the optical cable. I cannot use it in AES, because it's not available. I only option to Adat. Can Someone help please?

    It only says:"Optical No Lock". 

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    • jcave55
      PedroRodrigues Hi jcave55, thank you for your post, please ponder that the Clarity M via optical does not supports ADAT, the optical connection must be via S/PDIF . Thank you
      • May 11
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    I've been hiding under a rock for a couple years and just now discovered the G-System only to then discover that it's not shipping anymore?! It must be the most well designed piece of hardware I've seen from any company in recent memory. When is it coming back?! If the world comes to an end I'm pretty sure it will be because TC/power-that-be decided to kill it off! Give me some good news! Build the toneprint stuff into the g-system rack and let's go! In the meantime, Gotta scour the used market. 

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    Please let me know if you've tried those two together.



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    • jcbrotel
      PedroRodrigues Hi jcbrotel, thank you for your post, we advise that the TC RH750 to be set up with RS112/RS115/RS210/RS212/RS410. Nevertheless, the RH750 can be used to drive any cabinet combination of up to three RS cabinets, or any other cabinet combination with a 4 Ohm minimum load.
      • May 11
    • jcbrotel
      Dale_M It should be ok, the minimum load of the RH750 is 4ohm so you can connect anything above that. Usually you can go up to 16 ohm, however we normally recommend the RS cabs with the RH750 though but the impedance for these is the same
      • May 11
    • jcbrotel
      jcbrotel OK, thank you both for your replies.

      Of course, I know that RS cabs are the ones to be used with RH750, I actually happen to own both RS210 and RS212.

      My need here is different, I intend to get an easy to carry around mini cab and, before buying anything, I want to be absolutely certain about compatibility.

      I must say that reading the BC208 Quick Start Guide is not really reassuring...


      ! Make sure to use SPEAKER CABLES and not instrument cables for all connections between the amplifier and speaker cabinets.

      Please notice the following:

      • Impedance for BC208, BC210, BC212 is 8 Ohm
      • Impedance for BC410 is 4 Ohm
      • BC210, BC212 and BC410 use twist-locking professional connectors for both input and link, and so any connection between these cabinets and

      BC208 will require cables with a ¼" connector at one end, and a twist-locking connector at the other end.

      All TC Electronic bass amplifiers can run two TC Electronic 8 Ohm cabinets.

      Depending on the TC Electronic amplifier model, a BC410 (4 Ohm) cabinet can be combined with one or two other 8 Ohm cabinets.

      NOTE: Should you by accident connect a non-valid combination of cabinets to a TC Electronic bass amplifier, the amp’s protection mode may be invoked.

      However, the amplifier will not be damaged.


      • May 11
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    TC electronic IR loader can load ir file 24 bit 48k?


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    • Fabri8
      TC-Mike HI,

      Supported IR file formats: .uli files (proprietery IMPULSE format)
      .wav files, 16/24/32-bit fixed (PCM)
      .wav files, 32-bit float

      Supported rates: 44.1 kHz
      48 kHz
      96 kHz

      If the .wav file has more than one channel, only the first channel will be used for the IR
      IR of any length can be imported but 200msec is the maximum loader length.
      IR's with length longer than 200msec will be automatically trimmed and have a natural fade out applied by IMPULSE to match 200msec

      You can also drag and drop IR files directly into corresponding folders on IMPULSE but we recommend using the app for the best experience.

      These info can also be found in the README file of your Impulse pedal when product is in disk mode (connected to your computer via USB)
      • May 10
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    Je viens d'acheter la TC Electronic Impact Twin d'occasion mais dans le carton il n'y avait pas de CD-ROM pour l'installation donc finalement j'ai été sur le site pour télécharger la dernière version 3.6.1 et je suis sous High Sierra, mais une fois l'installation términé rien ne fonctionne.

    Comment dois-je procéder ? Est-ce que c'est possible de se procurer du CD-ROM d'installation ? J'ai vraiment besoin d'aide car je ne m'en sors pas du tout...

    En attendants un re tour de votre part, merci d'avance.

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    • Nuridu89
      NicJonesMT Hi Nridu89.
      I believe I responded to your technical support ticket earlier today. Can you please check your Spam/Junk email inbox for my email.
      • May 9
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